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Friday, August 6, 2010

Perpetual Calendar 3 of 3 (Bind it All)

This is the last part of the Perpetual Calendar project.

I will show you how I put it all together to make it stand up on its own. So you can change Months and Days very easily. My Calendar out of thick chipboard. 12 x 6 so according to the instruction book, I need 22 holes.  But I made 24 for my needs.  The paper I used in by My Minds Eye "Oh La La" Mens collection.

If your just to my blog via this post, Then check out the first 2 of this post. Part 1 Part 2

For my Calendar, I used my Bind it All 2 (Pink) . Im going to be punching the front and back covers first.

For the covers, slide the black button to "C' Make sure you pull out the back brace.

Slide the first cover in till it meets up with the black slider. It the cover will just stick out past the end of the bind it all as you see in the picture, Make sure you hold it on top and push down while holding it, and press down the lever.  Make the first set of holes.
Next, Move the slider over to the "B" position. This will allow you to continue punching holes.

Your second set of holes, find hole #5 and line up with the tab on the back of the black slider. And move the slider to position "D" so that the tab goes through the hole, this will help you align your project.. Hold down the top, and presses the handle down.

Move slider back so you can move the cover, Now find  Hole #11. And move the Slider back to "D".  Making sure the tab is though  Hole #11 And hold down and punch 3rd set of holes.

Move slider to move down cover, Find Hole # 15, move slider back to "D" making sure it pokes though Hole #15.  And press last set of holes.

When done punching your 12 inch Cover. It should look like this, with a small space on each end.

Now, I never seem to make any thing the perfect size as stated in the book, So I figured out a way to get the holes punched where I needed. If you look at the red arrows in the picture, you see that my number tags are about 2 1/2 inches, So I just look at the top where the hole placement is. And see if it will line up with the holes spaced right on the ends. So this is how I did it, Lined up the end and punched.

And this is the results. the end holes are a little close to the ends. but it works just fine.
And of course my Month parts were not perfect size per manual. Mine were 6 1/2 inches, So I did the same thing, and lined it up and punched the first set, and moved the slider to "D" with the tab though the 5th hole. And punched the last set.

And this is what it looks like with this method. Looks just like the number tags. So all is good.
I started assembling like the book said, with my Months first, Then first set of numbers, (0,1,2,3) and next set (0-9) And in the right order. 0 on top 9 on the bottom. Looking at my Wires. They aren't long enough so need to use 2. Noticing that I would only have a section with a few wires, I decided to make 2 extra holes so that my extra section of wire wold have more then 4. How I did that was. Line the slider "D" position. Up with the hole to allow you to punch one on the very end. and turn around and do the same thing on the other end, and there you go, and extra hole on each end. See the arrows.

So now, I need 6 sections in stead of 4 so count the small eye section, to the 6th one, and cut in the middle of the back section with wire clippers. See red arrow.

After stacking like the book said, I decided that was not the way I wanted mine, as it will stay put on my desk. So I restacked it, so that all was the same, but the back is now on top and flipped over. So looking at the inside of the back on top.  This what, when you flip it over. The back will match the front. But if your planning to give this as a book. Then the front and back should be touching in back. So when you flip over, your looking at the front.  I for got a picture. but you just use your plastic measure tabs and use the size of your rings. Adjust the turn nob. and your ready to bind. You put hold the project straight up with open wires down, and press the handle. Starting on one end, and working your way to the other end.
Now to make it stay open with out falling flat. What I did was, use my Big Bite (cropadile) and used some large grommets with brads. My Big Bite came with a ton of these things. So Its about time I used some. I chose green to match my paper. As the ribbon is Orange.  And just cut a section of Ribbon, I used 6 inches.  And put it on the grommet. and pushed the teeth though the ribbon. 

Set the Big bite . The top on "B" bottom "2"  are touching,  So you would be looking at the side, at Top "C" bottom"3"   Put the Grommet with teeth side on the project, push down a little to hold it in place. Put under the Big bit and crimp all the way down, And the teeth go all the way through just to the other side. Do the other front side. Then turn over and to both sides on the back. And now, it will stay open with out falling.  If giving as a gift. with the top closes. You can still do this, just use longer pieces of ribbon and attach one end to all sides, and close the Calendar and tie closed. When Open. just tie a knot to keep open.

So here is my finished Perpetual Calendar. I decorated it with my Fancy Butterfly file and my 3D Flower Collection. To match my Wall Clock (All tutorials on my blog).  Mine is pretty good sized, its 12 inches long and 6 inches tall. All my Months were cut at 5x5 inches. So you know they will cut for any project bigger then mine. Like layouts, Or a Full sized calendar. Great for Christmas Gifts. You have 5 months till Christmas. So perfect time to start.

This is a side view so you see how the ribbon looks after attached.

If you don't have a Bind it all,  You can punch some holes with a hole punch or Cropadail.  And use some Rings to allow the Months and days to flip. 

I hope you have enjoyed my 3 part Project.  I love how it turned out. And you can purchase my Calendar files and all 12 months separately on tab (Perpetual Calendar) Or Purchase the 12 month collection and get the Calendar free.

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EDIT: Updated new store links for files

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