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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Perpetual Calendar 2 of 3 (Finished Pages)

Today, I will show you all my finished pages for my Perpetual Calendar.  All these files can be purchased in my store.  To make this Perpetual Calendar. Or you can use the files to make a full size calendar, Or just for a Year of layouts or cards.

I used Glossy Accents for the glasses to give them a glass look, On the party hats and Fireworks I used Sulyn Glitter glue(Swirl  Twinkling Sparklers), Ha, how fitting is that name for my Fireworks. LOL My friend Kristal  sent me one to try.  And I love it, but cant find the Swirl glitter here. But I did find the solid colors so bought 3 of those. And love how much you get in a bottle. and the Bling is just awesome.

               RM00097     Date: February 14    Theme: Valentines

Again, I used Sulyn Glitter Glue ( Lilac) on the pink Flowers. And used Pink round rhinestones and Square clear rhinestones alternated on the Heart.

On the pot of gold I used Stickles Yellow. And on the Shamrocks on the title I used Sulyn Opal (Clear with light Green Glitter) The Leprechaun is so cut, I drew him myself as I do all my designs. 

Okay, so you see I have an addiction to Glitter glue, And I just dont think any thing is finished unless it has a touch of glitter. So I love the clear ones with a touch of color. I used Sulyn Lilac on the little flowers on the pattern paper. and used Stickles Purple on the Lilys.  And Stickles yellow on the center of the flowers.

           RM00080    Date: May 09   Theme: Flowers / Mothers Day  (This file was in July Grab Bag)
This one I used Pink rhinestones on the flower centers, and Stickles Yellow on the petals. And Sulyn Opal on the whole May Title. LOL!

        RM00081    Date: June20   Theme: Lazy Summer / Fathers Day (This file was in July Grab Bag)
This one is manly so didn't think I should use glitter. So this one just has some Adirondack ink as shading on the pants to make them look dirty. Although he didn't mow very much of the yard. LOL! Just used a Black Micro pen to squiggle the lines on the news paper.

RM00082    Date :July 4   Theme: Summer BBQ/ 4th July (This file was in July Grab Bag)

I used Sulyn Twinkling Sparklers on the Smoke from the grill,  And drew the burn marks on the steak, hamburger and hot dogs.

RM00083    Date: August      Theme: School / Teacher Class room (This file was in July Grab Bag)  
     This one is pretty standard, But I love how the August title looks like it was drawn on the chalk board.

   RM00100   Date: September 23    Theme: First Day of  Fall

I drew this cute little scarecrow, I just love how he turned out. I draw all my designs, so I take a lot of pride in my files and try to make sure they are the best possible for you.  The Crows are just to cute, Used some Glitter Glue for their eyes.

          RM00101   Date: October 31  Theme: Halloween
I used Stickles yellow for the eyes and windows, I added shingles and framing around the windows. I also added bats to the moon, the moon with bats cuts in 2 layers, Ain't that Cool!

           RM00102    Date: November 25  Theme: Turkey Quilt

For November, I didn't want to do the full Thanksgiving thing, because September had the Fall them. So I made this quilt pattern, My first one. And added my Turkey file to it, I think it turned out Super cute.  And of course there is Yellow Stickles on the feet and part of the quilt.

            RM00103    Date: December 25   Theme: Snowmen Winter

And I have to think this is my favorite month, next to September and November. Oh, Wait, March, April, Okay, So I love them all. LOL!

I only do White and Blue Snowman Christmas every year at my house, So it was only natural that I do it for my Calendar. LOL!  So I made this little snow man with branches for the arms. Ear muffs, Scarf and mittens.  And then you have this cute little penguin I drew.  And I put him in a slow drift around some water. I used Glossy Accents on the water, then Sulyn Opal on top to make is Shiny and sparkly.  And also used it on the snowflakes.  I just love this little guy so cute.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed my Perpetual Calendar Month by Month.  I love how it never expires, Just flip the months and days.  My husband just thought this was the coolest thing. He cant believe what I make out of paper. He always tells me, I guess you need a bigger machine, I just look at him and say for what, I can make any thing I want on my KNK Groove. LOL!.

Perpetual Calendar (Purchase Here)
Each Month can be purchased on the Perpetual Calendar Tab above. 
Calendar Months Collection w/ Bonus Perpetual Calendar file (Purchase here)

EDIT: Updated Store links for files

 The last part. Will be showing you how I used my Pink Bind it All 2 and Big Bite to bind this.

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Anna said...

Wow Sharon you did an awesome job on this. Just beautiful!!!

Dawn said...

OK...I can't wait any longer...off to purchase the files. I think these will be great gifts for some of the people I work with.

RickeyJ said...

You draw too! Goodness but I guess that's why your designs are sooooo cute. I think you may be giving me your addiction to the glitter glue -- You're giving me such great ideas, I never would have thought to use the glue on some of the things you are showing. Thanks for sharing.

Sharon said...

Thanks for the wonderful comments.

Dawn, Thank you for your purchase. You should have 13 files to download so let me know if there is any issues.


When I say I draw my own designs, I really do, but I use the pencil tool in my KNK software. I can make any thing I want with a shape, Nodes, and moving some lines. You would be surprised what you can make starting with basic shapes. I do not trace any thing.

Thanks for the comments.

K Andrew said...

OMG this is AWESOME girl! I love it--yes I love drawing my own designs too--but we have been doing it so long, I think we could draw in our sleep---but seriously girl--you put ALOT of work into this and it shows--it's absolutely GORGEOUS.
Do I get a discount? heehee

All the best-from my hands to yours,
Giveaways, Tutorials, Free cut files,
Reviews, Ideas & Fun!!!!

Kelly S said...

This is absolutely fabulous, Sharon! All the details are amazing. Is there an alternate way to bind it if you don't have a bind-it-all? I would love to make one, but I don't own a binding machine.

Sharon said...

Hi Kelly S

Yes, You need the months and day numbers to flip. so if you dont have a bind it all. You could just punch hole and use small rings. It would then flip.

I'm thinking these will make great gifts as they never expire. You use what ever color combo-nations you like to match the person your giving it to , Room, Office, or that ever.