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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Perpetual Calendar 1 0f 3 (New Files)

Last week I posted my Wall Clock for my soon to be scrap room. So I decided to make Perpetual Calendar.

I have always love these but never made one so this was a fun project. And I love how it turned out.  I will show you this in 3 post.

This is the first post. I will show you the files I created for the Calendar.

 2nd post will show you all the pages of the finished Perpetual Calendar. With my finished files.

3rd post will be a tutorial on how I used the Bind it All 2 (Pink One) And the Big Bite! To put it all together.

So, On to the first of 3 post.  I will show you the Files I created for this project.

                  Perpetual Calendar RM00093 (Click to Purchase)

This file contains 4 layers (One section for Months, and 2 for days) Also has all the numbers you need (0,1,2 & 3) for the first part. And 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9) for that last section. Remember to resize the numbers to fit the first layer (Cream color in picture) if you resize the Calendar parts.

Now for the 12 months.  (4 of these Months were in the July Grab bag) So if you bought the July Grab bag, You can purchase just the individual Months. Or you can buy the whole set as a Year Collection RMCOL104 and get Perpetual Calendar Free.  Also, These Months represent Holidays and Events so they can be used for Cards or Full page layouts and other things.  So many uses.

                       January New Years RM00096
This file has 6 fire works, 5 streamers, 2 party hats, double glasses and January Title.

                            February Valentines RM00097

File includes 4 double Flowers, Flower chain overlay and solid mat and  February title.

                            March St. Patrick's RM00098

File includes 2 layers grass, Pot of Gold. Rainbow, 6 Shamrocks, Leprechaun and March Title.

                             April Easter RM00099

File includes Grass, Brown Rabbit, 4 two layer Eggs, 4 Lilies and Stems and April Title.

           May Flowers RM00080 (This file was in July Grab Bag)

File includes Flower boarder with 4 four layer Flowers, Picket Fence, May Title with 2 more Flowers.

       June Lazy Summer (Fathers Day) RM00081 (This file was in July Grab Bag)

File includes 2 grass boarders. (One with a mowed section)LOL! Tree , Old man sleeping under the tree with news paper on face and Lawn mower with catcher bag and June Title (Cuts in 2 layers)

    July Summer BBQ RM00082 (This file was in July Grab Bag)

File includes, Picnic table, Cooking tools, Ketchup & Mustard, Cooler of Soda. BBQ Grill with Steak, 3 Burgers, 2 Hot dogs and July Title ( Cuts in 4 layers)

       August School RM00083 (This file was in July Grab Bag)

File includes Teacher Desk & Chair, Stack of books, Apple, Chalk Board, Chalk & Eraser, August Title. This would look great on a Teachers Card, Project, Or Class room  Board and change out the months.

                         September Fall RM00100

File Includes Grass mound, 2 Straw Grasses, Side bare tree, 4 matted leaves, Scare Crow paper piecing, 3 Crows and  September Title.

               October Halloween RM00101

File includes Haunted house Overlay, with Bats in trees. Shingles on Roof, Trick or Treeter Ghost, 3 Pumpkins, Room with bats (Cuts in 2 layers) October Title. I cut this at 5x5 inches, So can be a full Size Overlay as well.

                     November Turkey RM00102

File includes Paper piecing Cute Turkey, Quilt patten file (Cuts in 7 layers) November

                       December Snowman RM00103

File includes, Snowman with Mittens, Scarf, Ear muffs, 2 layers of Snow, Snow ring about frozen pool, Sliding Penguin, Tree, 5 Snowflakes and December Title.

You can click the link above each picture to purchase Perpetual Calendar and  each month. (Remember, May, June, July and Aug. were in July Grab bag)  So you only need the other 8 for the Collection.

Or you can Purchase all 12 files as Year Collection  RMCOL104 and get Perpetual Calendar RM00093 file Free.

I hope you like my files, Next, I will post each month of my finished Perpetual Calendar. So you can see a few possibilities for uses for these files.

Thanks for stopping by!

EDIT: Updated new store links and pictures


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Dawn said...

What a great idea!!! Love your files too.

Sharon said...

Thank you for the comments. I showed it to my Hubby, and he said, How do you know when it expires, I said, It dont, you just flip months and numbers, He thought that was the coolest thing. LOL!