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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

NIS: Wedding Invitationn Set

I have had a lot of request for my Wedding Invitation file I made for my Daughters wedding.(This was an idea she seen and loved, I added several thing to it to make her happy) She finally gave me permission to sell the file now that her Wedding has passed.  And of course, she didnt want any one to have one like hers until after the wedding. 

So with that now passed. I finally had time to get it all together and get it together and converted.  To AI, GSD, KNK, SVG and WPCv14 file types.
             Wedding Invitation Set RM00105 (1,2,3)
This file includes all the parts you need to cut to make this folded Invitations.  It has a pocket inside that holds the 4 staggered cards (We printed, MAP, Reception, RSVP, Bridal Registry) on these, but you can use what ever you want on them.  Each one has 3 layers.  So get creative with your paper choices. We used a beautiful Satin paper, its shinny with a swirl pattern.  

I blurred out our information on these.  This file does not include the printed information as you will want to customize it for your own needs.  I found all our templates free on the net.  Check some of these. Wedding Wording   You can change the wording to fit your needs when you print it.  I includes instruction on how we did our printing.

You can see how the inserts stack in the side pocket, We added an Engagement picture of the happy couple on the flap, I used SCORE TAPE (Down on the bottom of that page) on the one side of the pocket.  I will be ordering more from StampingScrapping.com.  I tell you, I totally love Score tape, its super strong, but yet easy to rip off the roll with just your fingers, It wont gum up your scissors.  And it does not have static clink like the red line tape does. So its an all around win. Love it.  I used a whole roll on my daughters Wedding Cake Card Box. And it help perfectly and still is.

You can see that I created a beautiful Swirl looking lace design frame for the Wedding announcement.  And created a matching frame for the front mono gram.  This file also includes the full set of monogram letters and frame set. To complete your Invitations.  

You can be super creative with these. My daughter wouldn't let me. She wanted them super plain and simple. I finally got her to let me add the beautiful frames and matching boarder to the front flap. In this file I have also included a added accent to place under the fancy boarder flap.  Not in this picture but is in the file.  

We used 2 ribbons and score tape along the whole piece so it wraps around the card ans stays nicely when opened. We also used a velcro dot to hold it closed.   I wanted to use either rounded corner punch to give it a softer look but daughter wouldnt have that.  So be super creative, use some corner punches, and embossing folders to make these your own.

Hope you like them.  You can purchase the file RM00105 which will have 3 down loaded. RM00105-1 Monogram set, RM00105_2 Insert set & RM00105_3 Cover set  in the download, so make sure you grab all 3.

If you decide to resize these.  You will need to copy and paste the inserts in the same file as the Cover and resize all at one time.  To resize the Monogram.  Select the frames and letters and resize at the same time.  With the mono gram, You can also choose to use 3 letter Initials. just resize Bride and Groom first Initial smaller then the Last name Initial and place on the sides.  It will look beautiful. 

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K Andrew said...

Very pretty--looks like too much work for my lazy self! hahah! You go Sharon--this is just gorgeous--another hot seller, hot mama!

Caroline said...

This looks gorgeous Sharon, you have put such a lot of work into this collection, fantastic!!

was just looking at your expected Grandchild ticker... hasn't time flown already, seems like it was only the other day your daughter was only 6 weeks pregnant and now she is more than 10 :)

Sharon said...

Thanks for the comments yall.

Yes, Caz, Time is flying. She goes back to doctor next week I think for another sonogram, so hopefully a new baby picture. They have already started buying baby stuff. Have a beautiful Sleigh baby crib that converts, and today bought a swing and bouncy thing. So they are on their way.