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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'm Sad! Lost my book!

I was already to start on pages for my DD Wedding album today after I spent the weekend cutting 20 Double Matted titles for it.

So I got up this morning and was pulling out every thing I bought for it. And was looking for my Sketch book. And spent the whole day looking for it.  And coudn't find it.  I mean, its not like a have a big craft area to look for it in.  As my craft area is my dinning room. (One wall and table).  

I checked every bucket, cubbie, drawer, box, scrap bag, you name it, I looked.  I even asked my Daughter and Husband.  And they said, I know I have seen it before but not recently. I even called my friend Jill to see if I left it at her house.   And nope, No one has seen it.

This sketch book is special to me because it was the first thing I made when I started scrapping 5 years ago. I had no clue to do pages, Well, still dont, LOL!   So I made a sketch book.   I printed out over 600 Becky Fleck Sketches from the Pagemaps website.   And I sorted them by how many pictures were on the layouts, and put them in a book I made.  And used tabs with numbers on them.   So when I did a layout with lets say 5 pictures.  I just flipped to the tab #5  and picked a sketch and worked with it. 

I also had Becky Fleck cards and tag sketches in there. Only BF Sketches in my book.   I never do a layout with out that Sketch book.  So now that I cant find it.  Im going to make a new one.  I printed out all this year and 2009 and will start with those and get a few pages done.   I already see several that are giving me a ton of ideas for layouts. 

So wish me luck on getting some of these Wedding pictures scrapped.  I will post my done pages on my blog when I get them done.  I usually done one and let it grow for a few days. LOL!  Im always adding to them for a few days till I think they are done.

Do yall know of a good sale on Prima flowers in all sizes from small to large in Sage and Cream colors.  I need a bunch for this wedding album.

 Also, Dont forget to go check out the August Grab bag.  Im in this month as well.  And there are some really cute School files and Game files as well.   Its only $7 until the 15th.   I will give you a hint on one of my files.  "First Day of School" Picture frame.   Thursday, I will tell you what my next file is.

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