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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Do You Use MTC Software?

Im considering getting this MTC software as I like what I see from it so far. But im playing with the Demo version to see what I can do with it first. And at the same time, it tells me what you also see with my files when you "Import" my SVG's.

I create in KNK and convert out though Adobe Illustrator for all my file types. So with this new software. I wanted to also make sure my files work great for you.

So in playing with it. I have some questions for yall that use MTC.

1. My SVG layered and separated imported just fine, But I like the separated group better. It was really easy to layer and recolor. Which do you like better? Layered or Separated SVG?

2. I see the Split is a better option then break, as it leaves the centers attached to the outer letters. Thats Cool! But do you like the group of "lets say" numbers grouped (Join) after, so that they all move at one time?

3. After all the layers are done, and recolored. Do you like them relayerd so that you see what the finished file looks like? Or left as flat layers on the mat?

4. And if relayered. Are you able to cut by layer. I cant cut from this software so Im not sure how that works.

Im just trying to get information for me on this software and to see what you work with when you import my SVG files. So I can make them the best I can for you.
And help me learn about this software at the same time. So far, its really easy to work with.

So Leave me some comments with the answers to my questions above and if you would like to take a look at my Converted MTC file. And I will pick one person to receive my Perpetual Calendar File in SVG and MTC format. And you can tell me what you like and dont like about it.

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Lisa Avolio said...

You asked a lot of questions! I don't think I can hit all of them in 1 comment!
I use MTC and SCAL2. I like to have all the pieces on the mat at the same time if I am going to resize the design- and I almost always do that. Sometimes layers work best, and it is nice to have a stacked version so I can see where the layers belong, but often the jpg is great for that. It's easy to click to shut the "eye" on a layer so it won't cut.
What I don't like is having to split and/or break and then try to join to recombine just the parts I want, then move them and join another group of cut lines, etc. Sometimes parts of a file are so close together that's it's impossible to get just the ones you want in another color so you can move them out of the way. For that, either importing the separate svg's (with the "use actual size" button checked) or else the separated svg version works better, since you've done the work for me.
One day this week, I will play with the files I bought from you and see how it goes. I may post back at VDBC, if it gets too wordy!

Sharon said...

Ha, thanks Lisa, and posting back to the VDBC is fine as well.

beanie said...

I use PDF creator and save as .SVG through that then the file comes in with each color separated when you ungroup in SCAL you can download them on my blog for free if you want to check them out

Dawn said...

Sharon, I tend to agree with Lisa. I much prefer the layered SVG's versus the layers all on one mat. I like not having to keep a separate png file just to see what the project will look like when finished and layers allow that as well. It's also much easier to re-size a layered file (at least for me). You asked about having several shapes on a page grouped. I find this is important for exporting and resizing the objects to keep them proportional. I'm not a designer and am far from an expert with any of these programs, so I am giving you input from a frequent user of others' files.

Sharon said...

Thanks for the information. That is what im looking for. Just to see what the end users like to see in a file. This helps me give you the best file I can.


Dalis said...

1. separated, but it doesn't make too much of a difference if the image is simple enough.
2. I wouldn't want them joined because then if I want to cut out lets just say the number 4 I need to either cut or put all the other numbers in new layers to I can "close the eye" so they do cut out, kwim? So I would put them all in different layers in a case like numbers or alphas. It would be even better if you could make them into an ttf file. Much easier if you are thinking of numbers or something like that.
3. Yes, all set up like the final product is going to be, because sometimes if there are small pieces is hard to figure out what goes where.
4. yes, you can cut turning on and off the layers, but it takes longer because you have to keep getting in and out the mat to change the cardstock. For me the reason I like them layered is two things one, that I can see where all the pieces go before I start cutting and assembling and the other reason is that I can easily resize the cut and see how it is going to look or if any pieces are way too small to cut and I need to make the image bigger.
I hope that helps!
Would love to see the file in MTC.
-- dalis

KathyB said...

1. I personally like the layered files the best, then I don't have to worry about having a picture of what the file is supposed to look like as well. Also it makes it much easier to resize if need be.
2. I would not want them joined. I prefer to use break myself but you are seeing something on one of your files that split worked better. It depends on the file as to which works the best. I use break more often than split.
3. I put all my files into layered and colored files, it makes it so much easier to see the final look and I can play with color coordination this way. All SVG files that I purchase or download from others get converted into a layered and colored MTC file. I find these so much easier to work with.
4. MTC is so wonderful in the use of cutting by layer! I love, love, LOVE this program and it's user friendly features - especially the cut by layer!
Love your files Sharon! Using your 3D roses to decorate a wedding reception in a few months!

Sharon said...

What I found with break and Split in MTC, is Break, does break them all a part, but you have to select both the center and outter letter to move it. If you use Split, it will make every thing individual, but the centers and outers are still one. Does that make sense. I have only played with MTC one time, and like it so far. Cant wait to see what else I can do.

Im super excited your using my roses to decorate your reception. I would love to see a finished picture. Thanks for using them.


Sharon said...


I selected you to receive the file.

Can you please email me at rsmobley85@gmail.com So I can send you the file.


Teela said...

Well, I've not ever "created" a file from anything into MTC. So sorry, I can't help w/that. But I really do like the MTC. When I look at what others "create" is amazes me, knowing there is so much talent out there. I would like to see your file you created if you would. Blessings, Teela

Heidi said...

Yes I do! I love MTC. I also own SCAL2, but switched to MTC because I find it's user interface so much more friendly. I don't think you can go wrong with it as it seems to be moving faster with updates than SCAL anymore... Seems like everyone already answered your questions so good luck with what you decide. :-)