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Friday, August 13, 2010

Bandits New Kitten!

This has been a rough year for us with our pets.  We lost our 15 year old cat to heart failure,  Then a month later our 11 year old Shelti had 2.5 lb tumor removed from his chest. Was doing good, but then he had a stroke in May and passed away 3 days later. And we found a stray kitten "Smokey" but he passed away 4 days after we took him in, the ER vet said he had so much infection from roaming the streets. He wouldnt make it. So we lost him as well.

Well, we still have 2 older cats Lizzy Bell is 10 and Rusty is 11,  and Bandit was my daughters dog, but her new husband dont like him so he is ours, as we take care of him 24/7/365 any way, and really you can tell he is my hubbys dog.  Well, little Bandit, our barley 4 lbs.  Chi.  Has been so lonely since my Sheltie passed.  He wont eat or go out in the back yard.  So he really needs a new pet to keep him company. 

So here is Bandits new Kitten!

I have been trying to get this kitten from the neighbor kids for over a week. My neighbor told me, they wanted to get rid of the kitten. So I asked and they told me No, we are keeping it, so 2 days later, I asked the kids how the little kitten was doing.  They said, we dont know, we threw it out side last night and cant find it.  So I told the neighbors to keep eye out for the kitten. 

So today, One of my other neighbors down the street comes and tells me, she found the kitten and took it back to the owner and they said, we dont want it so she took it home with her but didnt really want it, and one of my other neighbors knew I wanted it, so He went and got the kitten and brought it to me today.  She is such a cute little kitten.  And Bandit was so excited when he saw the kitten, he was wagging his tail and they rubbed noses.  So I think he is happy,  I actually seen him eat his dog food today,  So that is a good sign, maybe now we wont have to hand feed him.

So, she knew right where to go for a sleep.  Right where the other cats and Bandit lays.  On the top of the back of the Micro fiber feathered pillows. And there are beds up there but she laid under this one. 

My hubby took right to her, I told him the other day I was going Kitten hunting, He said, Okay, have fun.  So he knew there would be one here sooner or later. LOL! And she follows hubby all over the house. Wow she is a ball of energy, Only in the house 15 mins and was already trying to get in the fireplace, Climbing on the living room tables and playing with the fringe tiebacks on the curtains. Man, its been years. Like having a baby in the house.

Here she is eating some can cat food and Bandit is just watching her. You can see she is tiny.  Right now they are playing, Bandit is chasing her and she is swatting at him from under the couch. He better watch out, She has nails.

So as you know, I have Bandit, and wanted a "Smokey" to go with him,  But Smokey1 didnt make it, so this one is "Smokey2" My daughter says that is wrong, But the kitten and Bandit wont know any different right. So Smokey2 it is.

Hey, Dont forget about the August grab bag.  Im in this month as well.  And I will be showing your my files maybe tomorrow.  But how about another hint.  My last file is A cute title, :Skate Night with a disco ball, 4 different color lights and a pair of roller skates.

UPDATE:  I just went to get the link for you all to the grab bag, and guess what?  They are already reveal so you can see the cute files your getting for only $7. So click the August grab bag link and go see them NOW! 

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Caroline said...

I am so happy to read yo uhave a new kitten, it was really sad to read of all your pet troubles. I hope the newest addition to the family cheers you all up! Easy to see he has already stolen your hearts :) cheers, caz

Sharon said...

Thanks Caz. We do love her. She is so cute, and a ball of energy, Bandit and Smokey have been playing really good, chasing each other. She jumped on the living room table and Bandit looked at me like, "Mom she ain't supposed to be up there". LOL

I was trying to type in a chat, and she kept jumping on my keyboard and pushing all the keys. So funny. TO have a kitten in the house again.


Ginger (Games) said...

Cute! Enjoy her!