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Monday, August 30, 2010

Taking a Short Break

Hello Everyone.

I just wanted to let yall know, That several life issues have come up and im taking some needed time away from file designing to deal with these life issues.  As im just not feeling so crafty these days.  I do love to design files and use my cutter.  But when Im in a depression mode. I just cant create.  

You see, One of my 24 medical problems is Bipolar.  I have been doing really great for the past year on my prozac.  But when a lot of things come up.  I still have a hard time handling all the stress.  So im dealing with depression, stress, and lots of other issues at the moment.

My Dear Husband, has been sick for several months, and we now know what his problems are.  He was diagnosed with a small tumor on his left kidney, they are pretty sure its benign as they usually are, but its causing a lot of trouble while its there.  Causing high calcium levels and lots of large kidney stones in both kidney.  Doctor called today, Said he needs to have them removed as they are to large to remove on there own.  So then Last week, We got confirmation, that my hubby has Diabetes.  Which explains a lot of his problems.  And he is not a happy camper. He as been denying he has if for several weeks.  And after repeated testing, The Doctor tells him, he can no longer deny it.  The proof is in the test.   So he is feeling bad like he is falling apart with all his medical issues. Which these are just the newest ones. But he still feels bad this is just another added expense to the already tight budget.   But we will do what we can do and take one day at a time.

But in the mean time.  Im trying to move all my crafting stuff to the now spare room since my son moved out.  And its a slow process.  As im not really in to it right now. And man is my dinning room a mess.  As I had to take every thing off the shelves to move them.  So may be that will motivate me to get it all moved to the bedroom faster.  

Kitten Smokey, Wow, what a ball of energy. I have never had a kitten that gets in to as much stuff as she does.  I took a picture of her last night in one of the cubes in my new craft room.  I will post that later in the week.

I will be checking in every once in a while at the forum to see whats going on.  And maybe posting a few updates here.   Also, As promised, I will we working on my email to past customers with a coupon code just for you.  As a thank you for your past purchases.  To use in Sept.  So be watching for a email from me if you have purchased from me in the past.

Hope yall  understand my needing to take a break, I promise to be back soon.

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Is The Weekend Over Already?

Wow, Its already Monday morning.  Where did the weekend go?

Saturday we didnt do a whole lot. Hubby mowed the yard and that was about it.  He hasn't been feeling good lately.  Sunday we went to visit my SIL, MIL and FIL.  Yes they live in the same state, and about 2 hours away. but we havent seen them in 3 years.

It was nice to catch up. But it was a long drive and long day.

Smokey Kitten is doing good.  Man, is she a hand full. Lord, It's like having a 2 year old in the house.  I think she is only about 2-3 months. But she is in to every thing.  Chews up paper, chases the other cats around the house,  Plays with Bandit.   But she also gets a little ruff with me. She likes to bite and and she chews on your fingers, or your shirt.  Not sure if she is playing or not, but man she gets rough.  We are also having issues with her getting in to your food plate.  And caught her getting in the trash. Not sure if this is from her being played with rough by the kids down the street before they threw her out or what.    So we have to do some work with her.  So off to google  how to work with this kitten and teach her some manners.  From what I have read so far.  This is the nature of a Gray Tabby to play rough. I trimmed her front nails, And give her a sock with a knot when she wants to play rough.    She is a true Gray Tabby with the top of her nose brown and the middle pink,  Yellow eyes, Black stripes and defined spots.     If yall have any suggestions on how to stop her bitting.  And keeping her out of food plates.  Let me know.

Few last notes:  You only have one week left to get the August Grab bag.  So make sure you stop by the forum and pick it up.   If you havent noticed, Its still only $7 for this month only.

Also, Starting Sept 1st.  If you purchase from my part of the store in August, You will receive a coupon code from me to use on your next order in September, and that purchase will qualify you for a coupon code to use in October. And so on.  So make sure you visit my store before the end of August.

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Wedding Layout 1 , 2, & 3

Here is the first of hopefully many layouts.  I'm not the greatest as layouts.  I'm a card maker.  But I'm going to attempt to do a wedding album for my DD and new SIL for a 1st anniversary present.  So have to have it done by next March.   And shortly after that my first grand child is due so I better get busy on this one.

So here is the first layout, I think it turned out pretty good, No matter how I try, my layouts always seem to be lacking some thing. I think that is just my style, Nice and Neat.

My Daughters wedding colors were Sage, Tan and Ivory.  So these are the colors I'm using in the Wedding album.  The Ivory frame is a Spellbinders Nestabilitie Curved Rectangle . I used 2 to get the frame, just place both on the paper at the same time.

The tan is just a mat and used the EK Success Corner Adorner Slot Wrought Iron (Heart)
and the used a Half pearls in the corners.  The pattern paper in these layouts is DCWV Luxury pack. I'm using only the browns, creams and greens from this stack. I bought 2 of them when they were on sale for $10 so I would have enough with the 2 packs.  I will use the Pinks and Blues from these when we find out what we are having for our first grand child.

Next, in the set is "Getting Ready"  I'm not super happy with this one, I think because I have a lot of pictures and the way the pictures were taken, they are up close so I couldn't trim some of them down. 

Same Luxury pack papers and sage bazzill for the mats.  I need to add some thing to this, so added some silk flowers I found at dollar tree, Just pulled them off the stem and use a gold brad. and zots. The fancy ribbon in also from Dollar tree. I picked up several there. Even one with beautiful cream roses and sage leaves. I will use on a different layout.

Page 2 (Right side)  I used a stamp from Clear Stamps Journaling  in Oregano Ink from Adirondack inks and matted on sage bazzill and bazzill bling.

I forgot to add that I used the Idea from Becky Fleck Sketch May 2010 for the idea. I altered my layout a little to fit more pictures. Its the second one down with the butterflys. I don't know how to add the picture to the one I used. So the link above is to the pdf you can save.  I love BF sketches (Page Maps) I made a new book of them as I lost my old one.

I will have this Set of Wedding Album titles in store soon.

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

NIS: Wedding Invitationn Set

I have had a lot of request for my Wedding Invitation file I made for my Daughters wedding.(This was an idea she seen and loved, I added several thing to it to make her happy) She finally gave me permission to sell the file now that her Wedding has passed.  And of course, she didnt want any one to have one like hers until after the wedding. 

So with that now passed. I finally had time to get it all together and get it together and converted.  To AI, GSD, KNK, SVG and WPCv14 file types.
             Wedding Invitation Set RM00105 (1,2,3)
This file includes all the parts you need to cut to make this folded Invitations.  It has a pocket inside that holds the 4 staggered cards (We printed, MAP, Reception, RSVP, Bridal Registry) on these, but you can use what ever you want on them.  Each one has 3 layers.  So get creative with your paper choices. We used a beautiful Satin paper, its shinny with a swirl pattern.  

I blurred out our information on these.  This file does not include the printed information as you will want to customize it for your own needs.  I found all our templates free on the net.  Check some of these. Wedding Wording   You can change the wording to fit your needs when you print it.  I includes instruction on how we did our printing.

You can see how the inserts stack in the side pocket, We added an Engagement picture of the happy couple on the flap, I used SCORE TAPE (Down on the bottom of that page) on the one side of the pocket.  I will be ordering more from StampingScrapping.com.  I tell you, I totally love Score tape, its super strong, but yet easy to rip off the roll with just your fingers, It wont gum up your scissors.  And it does not have static clink like the red line tape does. So its an all around win. Love it.  I used a whole roll on my daughters Wedding Cake Card Box. And it help perfectly and still is.

You can see that I created a beautiful Swirl looking lace design frame for the Wedding announcement.  And created a matching frame for the front mono gram.  This file also includes the full set of monogram letters and frame set. To complete your Invitations.  

You can be super creative with these. My daughter wouldn't let me. She wanted them super plain and simple. I finally got her to let me add the beautiful frames and matching boarder to the front flap. In this file I have also included a added accent to place under the fancy boarder flap.  Not in this picture but is in the file.  

We used 2 ribbons and score tape along the whole piece so it wraps around the card ans stays nicely when opened. We also used a velcro dot to hold it closed.   I wanted to use either rounded corner punch to give it a softer look but daughter wouldnt have that.  So be super creative, use some corner punches, and embossing folders to make these your own.

Hope you like them.  You can purchase the file RM00105 which will have 3 down loaded. RM00105-1 Monogram set, RM00105_2 Insert set & RM00105_3 Cover set  in the download, so make sure you grab all 3.

If you decide to resize these.  You will need to copy and paste the inserts in the same file as the Cover and resize all at one time.  To resize the Monogram.  Select the frames and letters and resize at the same time.  With the mono gram, You can also choose to use 3 letter Initials. just resize Bride and Groom first Initial smaller then the Last name Initial and place on the sides.  It will look beautiful. 

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lots of Exciting New Things Going On at VDBC!

There are so many new things going on I will try and list most here in one post. So I do over whelm yall  with blog post.

1.   Newsletter has gone out, Did you miss it, Don't worry, You can still go and read it and grab the freebie files as well.  But make sure you sign up on the from page. So you don't miss any. They come out on or about the First and 15th of every month.

2.    Have you seen the new things going on at the forum, We are now selling finished Items. Kristal  of KAndrew Desings has the first item up in store.  Scrappy Sand. She has a video tutorial on her blog on how to use this after you purchase.   Be looking for more finished items up for sale in the store. So send all your friends that dont have cutter. This this is a great way for them to get finished stuff for their projects.

3.  Current Weekly Challenge  Is to post your holiday decorations and ideas. For an early start.

4. Next Weekly Challenge Is Show us your August Grab bag.      Post your finished layout or project using the files in the August grab bag for a chance to win Next Months grab bag free. Make sure you post August grab bag files in the link above.

5.  2011 Planner Swap still has a few openings.  You sign up for a month for one or 2 planners. You make your pages, send them in and in return you get a finished year planner. These make awesome gifts for Chrismast and Birthdays.  The July Grag bag is perfect for this or if you missed it,  You can use my Year Collection for this as well. Or check out any other of the designers files in store. Lots to choose from.

6.  Starting Sept. 1 I will start issuing a discount coupon code to my customer from the prior month as a thank you for your purchase. You will get one Coupon code that will be good for 2 weeks. To use on your total purchase.(some exclusion files not included) So if you purchase in August. You will get a code to use in Sept. If you purchase in Sept.  That purchase will get you a new code to use in October.

Also for all my past customers (If you didnt purchase in August) I will issue you  special one time use coupon code as well. I will be working on this in the new few weeks. So be looking for a email from me.  I promise to only send one email at the begging of the new month if you purchased in the previous month, if not, then you wont get a email.  So no worries there.  

Okay that is all I can think of right now. Im working on several large projects at the moment, so really busy along with lost of life issues.  So I will be back soon with some updates and new files in store.

Have a great day,  and check out some of the links I posted for you above.

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Playing Together!

Things are going pretty good with the new kitten in the house. Old man "Rusty" still don't care who is in the house, that is just how he is. He's like "What Ever"!  all the time. LOL.  Lays in the middle of the floor and expects you to step over him instead of him move. LOL!

Lizzy Bell was a little upset yesterday.  She would hiss and growl at the kitten to show her who was boss.  And Lizzy about freaked when she was laying on top of the recliner, swinging her tail and it caught the kittens attention.  Kitten Smokey jumped on her tail. And Lizzy freaked and hissed at her.

Last night, we bought the kitten some balls with the bells in them. Hung some of the balls on yarn on the know on the entertainment center drawer, so it swings.  And let me tell you, Lizzy thinks all the toys are hers.  She has been playing with them none stop.  So finally the kitten got to play with them.
Today, they played together, Lizzy is still laying on the scratch pad.  But she offered to hold the string for the kitten to play with.
Bandit usually plays with Lizzy and the string.  So he is wondering what is going on here.
Smokey2 was worn out after playing and needed a nap. She tried out sleeping inside the cat bed today. LOL!

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Bandits New Kitten!

This has been a rough year for us with our pets.  We lost our 15 year old cat to heart failure,  Then a month later our 11 year old Shelti had 2.5 lb tumor removed from his chest. Was doing good, but then he had a stroke in May and passed away 3 days later. And we found a stray kitten "Smokey" but he passed away 4 days after we took him in, the ER vet said he had so much infection from roaming the streets. He wouldnt make it. So we lost him as well.

Well, we still have 2 older cats Lizzy Bell is 10 and Rusty is 11,  and Bandit was my daughters dog, but her new husband dont like him so he is ours, as we take care of him 24/7/365 any way, and really you can tell he is my hubbys dog.  Well, little Bandit, our barley 4 lbs.  Chi.  Has been so lonely since my Sheltie passed.  He wont eat or go out in the back yard.  So he really needs a new pet to keep him company. 

So here is Bandits new Kitten!

I have been trying to get this kitten from the neighbor kids for over a week. My neighbor told me, they wanted to get rid of the kitten. So I asked and they told me No, we are keeping it, so 2 days later, I asked the kids how the little kitten was doing.  They said, we dont know, we threw it out side last night and cant find it.  So I told the neighbors to keep eye out for the kitten. 

So today, One of my other neighbors down the street comes and tells me, she found the kitten and took it back to the owner and they said, we dont want it so she took it home with her but didnt really want it, and one of my other neighbors knew I wanted it, so He went and got the kitten and brought it to me today.  She is such a cute little kitten.  And Bandit was so excited when he saw the kitten, he was wagging his tail and they rubbed noses.  So I think he is happy,  I actually seen him eat his dog food today,  So that is a good sign, maybe now we wont have to hand feed him.

So, she knew right where to go for a sleep.  Right where the other cats and Bandit lays.  On the top of the back of the Micro fiber feathered pillows. And there are beds up there but she laid under this one. 

My hubby took right to her, I told him the other day I was going Kitten hunting, He said, Okay, have fun.  So he knew there would be one here sooner or later. LOL! And she follows hubby all over the house. Wow she is a ball of energy, Only in the house 15 mins and was already trying to get in the fireplace, Climbing on the living room tables and playing with the fringe tiebacks on the curtains. Man, its been years. Like having a baby in the house.

Here she is eating some can cat food and Bandit is just watching her. You can see she is tiny.  Right now they are playing, Bandit is chasing her and she is swatting at him from under the couch. He better watch out, She has nails.

So as you know, I have Bandit, and wanted a "Smokey" to go with him,  But Smokey1 didnt make it, so this one is "Smokey2" My daughter says that is wrong, But the kitten and Bandit wont know any different right. So Smokey2 it is.

Hey, Dont forget about the August grab bag.  Im in this month as well.  And I will be showing your my files maybe tomorrow.  But how about another hint.  My last file is A cute title, :Skate Night with a disco ball, 4 different color lights and a pair of roller skates.

UPDATE:  I just went to get the link for you all to the grab bag, and guess what?  They are already reveal so you can see the cute files your getting for only $7. So click the August grab bag link and go see them NOW! 

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Scotch Scrapbookers Glue W/2 way Applicator Review

Im always on the hunt for a great scrap booking glue, at a great price for a good amount.  And I think I have finally found one I'm really happy with

This is Scotch Scrapbookers Glue W/2 Way applicator.  I love how it has a fine tip on one end and a sponge applicator on the other end.  This glue is photo safe.  I have tried others like Zip dry, and they are okay, but They tend to clog the nozzle and dry up before you can use it all.   I have been using this one bottle of Scotch for a few months now.  And it has not clogged up at all.  And It last forever.  

I love how you don't need a lot.  You just tip it upside down, with the fine tip on your paper piecing.  And barely squeeze.  And a super tiny amount comes out the tip and you can either dot it on or swirl it on.  The key is Less is More.  If you use to much it will squeeze out of your paper piecing.  But its super easy to remove. I just put my finger on it and pick up the glue.

I used it on a super tiny title I made for a scrapbook layout.  It was about 2 inches long, and it was a very thing title. It sticks and dries fast.

One thing I did find, is, when it dries, your title has a tendency to bow a little. So what I do is use a telephone book on top till its dry, and its nice and flat. 

So if your at Joanns.  Pic some up.  Im sure you will love it.  Right now its on sale,  Scotch Scrapbookers Glue

If you try it out. let me know how you like it.

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

August Grab Bag (2nd Hint)

I almost forgot this is Thursday and I told you I would tell you what my next file in this grab bag is.  So I will tell you now what it is.   "Pep Rally"   its really cute layered letters, with pom poms and mega phone. 

I know my Daugher always went to these to support her school spirit.  The great thing about these files is you can cut them in matching colors to your kids school. 

I Cant post the picture till the 15th reveal day.  But you can grab it HERE and see it now.  For only $7

On Saturday, I will tell you want my 3rd file its, Its really cute, I know yall have been to one of these School events.   And then on the 16th is the reveal.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Its Wet Outside!

We have a storm over our area for a few days.  So how do you get your little 4lb. Chihuahua to go out and pee in the rain. Well,  You put a little rain coat on him and he goes out.  That keeps the top part dry.

  But when your legs are only 3 inches long. You bottom half still gets wet.  So you dry him off with a towel and put "His" King size comforter in the dryer for a few minutes.   And he crawls right in and gets warm.
Little Bandit is now 3 years old.  And we are looking for a new kitten for him.

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I'm Sad! Lost my book!

I was already to start on pages for my DD Wedding album today after I spent the weekend cutting 20 Double Matted titles for it.

So I got up this morning and was pulling out every thing I bought for it. And was looking for my Sketch book. And spent the whole day looking for it.  And coudn't find it.  I mean, its not like a have a big craft area to look for it in.  As my craft area is my dinning room. (One wall and table).  

I checked every bucket, cubbie, drawer, box, scrap bag, you name it, I looked.  I even asked my Daughter and Husband.  And they said, I know I have seen it before but not recently. I even called my friend Jill to see if I left it at her house.   And nope, No one has seen it.

This sketch book is special to me because it was the first thing I made when I started scrapping 5 years ago. I had no clue to do pages, Well, still dont, LOL!   So I made a sketch book.   I printed out over 600 Becky Fleck Sketches from the Pagemaps website.   And I sorted them by how many pictures were on the layouts, and put them in a book I made.  And used tabs with numbers on them.   So when I did a layout with lets say 5 pictures.  I just flipped to the tab #5  and picked a sketch and worked with it. 

I also had Becky Fleck cards and tag sketches in there. Only BF Sketches in my book.   I never do a layout with out that Sketch book.  So now that I cant find it.  Im going to make a new one.  I printed out all this year and 2009 and will start with those and get a few pages done.   I already see several that are giving me a ton of ideas for layouts. 

So wish me luck on getting some of these Wedding pictures scrapped.  I will post my done pages on my blog when I get them done.  I usually done one and let it grow for a few days. LOL!  Im always adding to them for a few days till I think they are done.

Do yall know of a good sale on Prima flowers in all sizes from small to large in Sage and Cream colors.  I need a bunch for this wedding album.

 Also, Dont forget to go check out the August Grab bag.  Im in this month as well.  And there are some really cute School files and Game files as well.   Its only $7 until the 15th.   I will give you a hint on one of my files.  "First Day of School" Picture frame.   Thursday, I will tell you what my next file is.

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Do You Use MTC Software?

Im considering getting this MTC software as I like what I see from it so far. But im playing with the Demo version to see what I can do with it first. And at the same time, it tells me what you also see with my files when you "Import" my SVG's.

I create in KNK and convert out though Adobe Illustrator for all my file types. So with this new software. I wanted to also make sure my files work great for you.

So in playing with it. I have some questions for yall that use MTC.

1. My SVG layered and separated imported just fine, But I like the separated group better. It was really easy to layer and recolor. Which do you like better? Layered or Separated SVG?

2. I see the Split is a better option then break, as it leaves the centers attached to the outer letters. Thats Cool! But do you like the group of "lets say" numbers grouped (Join) after, so that they all move at one time?

3. After all the layers are done, and recolored. Do you like them relayerd so that you see what the finished file looks like? Or left as flat layers on the mat?

4. And if relayered. Are you able to cut by layer. I cant cut from this software so Im not sure how that works.

Im just trying to get information for me on this software and to see what you work with when you import my SVG files. So I can make them the best I can for you.
And help me learn about this software at the same time. So far, its really easy to work with.

So Leave me some comments with the answers to my questions above and if you would like to take a look at my Converted MTC file. And I will pick one person to receive my Perpetual Calendar File in SVG and MTC format. And you can tell me what you like and dont like about it.

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Friday, August 6, 2010

Perpetual Calendar 3 of 3 (Bind it All)

This is the last part of the Perpetual Calendar project.

I will show you how I put it all together to make it stand up on its own. So you can change Months and Days very easily. My Calendar out of thick chipboard. 12 x 6 so according to the instruction book, I need 22 holes.  But I made 24 for my needs.  The paper I used in by My Minds Eye "Oh La La" Mens collection.

If your just to my blog via this post, Then check out the first 2 of this post. Part 1 Part 2

For my Calendar, I used my Bind it All 2 (Pink) . Im going to be punching the front and back covers first.

For the covers, slide the black button to "C' Make sure you pull out the back brace.

Slide the first cover in till it meets up with the black slider. It the cover will just stick out past the end of the bind it all as you see in the picture, Make sure you hold it on top and push down while holding it, and press down the lever.  Make the first set of holes.
Next, Move the slider over to the "B" position. This will allow you to continue punching holes.

Your second set of holes, find hole #5 and line up with the tab on the back of the black slider. And move the slider to position "D" so that the tab goes through the hole, this will help you align your project.. Hold down the top, and presses the handle down.

Move slider back so you can move the cover, Now find  Hole #11. And move the Slider back to "D".  Making sure the tab is though  Hole #11 And hold down and punch 3rd set of holes.

Move slider to move down cover, Find Hole # 15, move slider back to "D" making sure it pokes though Hole #15.  And press last set of holes.

When done punching your 12 inch Cover. It should look like this, with a small space on each end.

Now, I never seem to make any thing the perfect size as stated in the book, So I figured out a way to get the holes punched where I needed. If you look at the red arrows in the picture, you see that my number tags are about 2 1/2 inches, So I just look at the top where the hole placement is. And see if it will line up with the holes spaced right on the ends. So this is how I did it, Lined up the end and punched.

And this is the results. the end holes are a little close to the ends. but it works just fine.
And of course my Month parts were not perfect size per manual. Mine were 6 1/2 inches, So I did the same thing, and lined it up and punched the first set, and moved the slider to "D" with the tab though the 5th hole. And punched the last set.

And this is what it looks like with this method. Looks just like the number tags. So all is good.
I started assembling like the book said, with my Months first, Then first set of numbers, (0,1,2,3) and next set (0-9) And in the right order. 0 on top 9 on the bottom. Looking at my Wires. They aren't long enough so need to use 2. Noticing that I would only have a section with a few wires, I decided to make 2 extra holes so that my extra section of wire wold have more then 4. How I did that was. Line the slider "D" position. Up with the hole to allow you to punch one on the very end. and turn around and do the same thing on the other end, and there you go, and extra hole on each end. See the arrows.

So now, I need 6 sections in stead of 4 so count the small eye section, to the 6th one, and cut in the middle of the back section with wire clippers. See red arrow.

After stacking like the book said, I decided that was not the way I wanted mine, as it will stay put on my desk. So I restacked it, so that all was the same, but the back is now on top and flipped over. So looking at the inside of the back on top.  This what, when you flip it over. The back will match the front. But if your planning to give this as a book. Then the front and back should be touching in back. So when you flip over, your looking at the front.  I for got a picture. but you just use your plastic measure tabs and use the size of your rings. Adjust the turn nob. and your ready to bind. You put hold the project straight up with open wires down, and press the handle. Starting on one end, and working your way to the other end.
Now to make it stay open with out falling flat. What I did was, use my Big Bite (cropadile) and used some large grommets with brads. My Big Bite came with a ton of these things. So Its about time I used some. I chose green to match my paper. As the ribbon is Orange.  And just cut a section of Ribbon, I used 6 inches.  And put it on the grommet. and pushed the teeth though the ribbon. 

Set the Big bite . The top on "B" bottom "2"  are touching,  So you would be looking at the side, at Top "C" bottom"3"   Put the Grommet with teeth side on the project, push down a little to hold it in place. Put under the Big bit and crimp all the way down, And the teeth go all the way through just to the other side. Do the other front side. Then turn over and to both sides on the back. And now, it will stay open with out falling.  If giving as a gift. with the top closes. You can still do this, just use longer pieces of ribbon and attach one end to all sides, and close the Calendar and tie closed. When Open. just tie a knot to keep open.

So here is my finished Perpetual Calendar. I decorated it with my Fancy Butterfly file and my 3D Flower Collection. To match my Wall Clock (All tutorials on my blog).  Mine is pretty good sized, its 12 inches long and 6 inches tall. All my Months were cut at 5x5 inches. So you know they will cut for any project bigger then mine. Like layouts, Or a Full sized calendar. Great for Christmas Gifts. You have 5 months till Christmas. So perfect time to start.

This is a side view so you see how the ribbon looks after attached.

If you don't have a Bind it all,  You can punch some holes with a hole punch or Cropadail.  And use some Rings to allow the Months and days to flip. 

I hope you have enjoyed my 3 part Project.  I love how it turned out. And you can purchase my Calendar files and all 12 months separately on tab (Perpetual Calendar) Or Purchase the 12 month collection and get the Calendar free.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Perpetual Calendar 2 of 3 (Finished Pages)

Today, I will show you all my finished pages for my Perpetual Calendar.  All these files can be purchased in my store.  To make this Perpetual Calendar. Or you can use the files to make a full size calendar, Or just for a Year of layouts or cards.

I used Glossy Accents for the glasses to give them a glass look, On the party hats and Fireworks I used Sulyn Glitter glue(Swirl  Twinkling Sparklers), Ha, how fitting is that name for my Fireworks. LOL My friend Kristal  sent me one to try.  And I love it, but cant find the Swirl glitter here. But I did find the solid colors so bought 3 of those. And love how much you get in a bottle. and the Bling is just awesome.

               RM00097     Date: February 14    Theme: Valentines

Again, I used Sulyn Glitter Glue ( Lilac) on the pink Flowers. And used Pink round rhinestones and Square clear rhinestones alternated on the Heart.

On the pot of gold I used Stickles Yellow. And on the Shamrocks on the title I used Sulyn Opal (Clear with light Green Glitter) The Leprechaun is so cut, I drew him myself as I do all my designs. 

Okay, so you see I have an addiction to Glitter glue, And I just dont think any thing is finished unless it has a touch of glitter. So I love the clear ones with a touch of color. I used Sulyn Lilac on the little flowers on the pattern paper. and used Stickles Purple on the Lilys.  And Stickles yellow on the center of the flowers.

           RM00080    Date: May 09   Theme: Flowers / Mothers Day  (This file was in July Grab Bag)
This one I used Pink rhinestones on the flower centers, and Stickles Yellow on the petals. And Sulyn Opal on the whole May Title. LOL!

        RM00081    Date: June20   Theme: Lazy Summer / Fathers Day (This file was in July Grab Bag)
This one is manly so didn't think I should use glitter. So this one just has some Adirondack ink as shading on the pants to make them look dirty. Although he didn't mow very much of the yard. LOL! Just used a Black Micro pen to squiggle the lines on the news paper.

RM00082    Date :July 4   Theme: Summer BBQ/ 4th July (This file was in July Grab Bag)

I used Sulyn Twinkling Sparklers on the Smoke from the grill,  And drew the burn marks on the steak, hamburger and hot dogs.

RM00083    Date: August      Theme: School / Teacher Class room (This file was in July Grab Bag)  
     This one is pretty standard, But I love how the August title looks like it was drawn on the chalk board.

   RM00100   Date: September 23    Theme: First Day of  Fall

I drew this cute little scarecrow, I just love how he turned out. I draw all my designs, so I take a lot of pride in my files and try to make sure they are the best possible for you.  The Crows are just to cute, Used some Glitter Glue for their eyes.

          RM00101   Date: October 31  Theme: Halloween
I used Stickles yellow for the eyes and windows, I added shingles and framing around the windows. I also added bats to the moon, the moon with bats cuts in 2 layers, Ain't that Cool!

           RM00102    Date: November 25  Theme: Turkey Quilt

For November, I didn't want to do the full Thanksgiving thing, because September had the Fall them. So I made this quilt pattern, My first one. And added my Turkey file to it, I think it turned out Super cute.  And of course there is Yellow Stickles on the feet and part of the quilt.

            RM00103    Date: December 25   Theme: Snowmen Winter

And I have to think this is my favorite month, next to September and November. Oh, Wait, March, April, Okay, So I love them all. LOL!

I only do White and Blue Snowman Christmas every year at my house, So it was only natural that I do it for my Calendar. LOL!  So I made this little snow man with branches for the arms. Ear muffs, Scarf and mittens.  And then you have this cute little penguin I drew.  And I put him in a slow drift around some water. I used Glossy Accents on the water, then Sulyn Opal on top to make is Shiny and sparkly.  And also used it on the snowflakes.  I just love this little guy so cute.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed my Perpetual Calendar Month by Month.  I love how it never expires, Just flip the months and days.  My husband just thought this was the coolest thing. He cant believe what I make out of paper. He always tells me, I guess you need a bigger machine, I just look at him and say for what, I can make any thing I want on my KNK Groove. LOL!.

Perpetual Calendar (Purchase Here)
Each Month can be purchased on the Perpetual Calendar Tab above. 
Calendar Months Collection w/ Bonus Perpetual Calendar file (Purchase here)

EDIT: Updated Store links for files

 The last part. Will be showing you how I used my Pink Bind it All 2 and Big Bite to bind this.

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