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Friday, July 16, 2010

Reveal July Grab bag! Shh!

Hey yall,  I know we havent go to the reveal of the July Grab bag yet,  But I wanted to show you mine.

So here are my 4 Month files from the July Grab bag.  It will only be available until July 31, Then its gone. So you better grab it while you can.

 My first one is "May"  And has a cute gate, grass boarder, and several layered flowers. May is Mothers Day, This would make a beautiful card. With a new title.

Ha, I love this one, "June" title, Double grass boarder, with a flat section (Already Mowed!) LOL.  Tree, Lawn mower and A man sleeping under the shade tree with a paper over his face, instead of mowing the yard. I think this is just to cute. And June is Fathers days, So this would make a perfect card as well.

My favorite thing to do is, BBQ!.  So this one is "July" Summer BBQ!.  Has a picnic table with tools, Ketchup and Mustard. A grill with smoke, steak, burgers and hot dogs.  And of course the cooler of soda. HA!.  Nothing better then summer bbq, These would make great, Invitations and scrapbook pages.

And my last one is "August" Which most schools start in August. So I had to go with a school them on this one.  So you have your Chalk board, with August wrote on it, LOL,  Chalk and eraser, The teachers desk with Chair, and a stack of books and of course an Apple.  This would be super cute on a Teachers wall, change out the months, Or make a card for the teachers gift.

Well, y'all know I'm a card maker, So I test cut almost all my designs small to make sure they fit and still cut great.  The project I'm working on, Includes these 4 files.  So you know, I did cut these to fit a 5 inch Square, so they should cut just fine for a 5x7 card. 

Hope you like my reveal of my files. Be looking for the reveal of the other 8 soon.  And remember,  You only have 2 weeks left to pick up this awesome deal.  you can get it here.  JULY GRAB BAG!

Or you can always click the picture of the current grab bag up top on the left. I post the new bag every month there. So you always have a easy way to find it.

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