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Friday, July 23, 2010

Lots of Changes Going On!

You may have noticed a few changes. Like, my blog, Im changing the back ground, and not really liking this one.  I tried to make my own and well. Im just not good at that digital designing stuff.  So Im on the hunt for a new Free back ground.  So this one will be changing again soon.

Im changing the way I design my files. Not the quality, so do worry about that. Just the way I come about making files.  I dont scrap much and haven't had time to make cards since I started at the store. And really miss it, So im going to start scrapping and making cards, and see what ideas that brings me for files.  So I will be working out side of the holidays. For a change.  Next week, I start the task of working on my daughters wedding album. So im sure, you will be seeing some wedding files real soon.

You may have also noticed, Im posting more pictures of me and my family. This was a hard one for me, but hey, if yall visit my blog, you might as well know how your visiting, Right?  So, I figure, I better go get a hair cut and color if Im going to be showing yall pictures.  So will work on that next week as well.  Hm, Thinking of going shorter and darker to cover this gray. LOL

I also have been working on a few projects for my new craft room I will finally get. In a month or so.  So Come First of Aug. I will start posting that project.

Okay, Now for the biggest change.  You may have noticed the baby ticker up top under the heading.  We are so super excited to announce that our Daughter and her new husband are expecting their first child and our first grand child due in March 2011.   She is only 6 1/2 weeks, but her frist doctor appt was this week, and the doctor (the same one that delivered Melissa 21 years ago) says, he can see the baby's heart flickering already.  So that is a good sign.  So of course, I had to put a ticker on my blog. lol.

So, I made my first baby file.  If you want this file. I will email it to any one that becomes a follower and leaves a comment letting me know you did along with your email. So I can email you the file.  If your already a follower, let me know if you want the file so I can send it to you as well.

                            All my files are available in AI, GSD, KNK, SVG and WPCv14

  Looks like I will be working on baby files as well. So if you have some thing in mind you need. let me know, I will be happy to send you the file free if I use your idea.  As, I havent had a baby in the house in 21 years. I need some ideas. LOL!

EDIT: This file is now in store. RM00095

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Ginger (Games) said...

Awesome News! So let me try this again, not sure what happened. Anyway, I'd love your freebie. I have a baby boy album I really need to work on. My friend must think I'm a total slacker.

Well remember to make little things, toys, clothes, and doc visit items. I'm so excited for you all!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for offering the file. I became a follower.


lisa said...

I have had your blog as one of my favorites for a long time. I check your blog reguarally for inspiration! Thanks for all the inspiration and ideas. I just had my first grandbaby so I will put this file to good use. Thank you!!

Sharon said...

Thank you for the comment Lisa, Can you send me your email so I can send you the files. rsmobley85@gmail.com


Caroline said...

well here's hoping you already know my email LOL Congratulations Sharon, we will be able to exchange grandbaby stories :) so looking forward to that ! cheers, caz

Sharon said...

Ha, Caz, your so funny. Of course I have your email. I sent you the file.

I also sent the file to Ginger, Sharon, and Lisa.

momof5 said...

I would love the file since I have several baby scrapbooks to do for my kids still (someday). I just became a follower as well. Thanks for the offer. You are awesome!

Sharon said...

Hi momof5 wow!. LOL

I need your email so I can send to you. mine is rsmobley85@gmail.com

Thanks for becoming a follower,Im sure there will be many more baby files.


Lisa Avolio said...

I signed up as a follower. Thought I had done that weeks ago, but apparently not. Love the idea of wedding files to buy from you. Don't forget the calla lilies!

Sharon said...

Hi Lisa A. If you want the baby file I need your email.

Im starting on the Wedding album this week, So I will be working on wedding files, And Oh yes, I will have calla lilies. I already have one file made, but will be working on a 3D version. As my daughter had these in her wedding.


Pam said...

Hi Sharon,
I signed up on your blog. Congratulations on becoming a grandma!! My email is pomland1@charter.net Thanks, Pam