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Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy Monday! Is it Really?

Happy Monday y'all!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I had a good time at the beach on Saturday, spent sunday doing laundry and working on my Clock and Calendar for my new scraproom. Hopefully I will be moving in there in a few months. 

This clock is taking me a while, As Im figuring it out as I go. And of course Im designing files for it as I go.
Im also trying to get over my fear of Pattern paper.  And By George!  I think I did. LOL!

Im working on the last stages of it now, and putting it together.  And I made  first Butterfly file and its super pretty.  I think Im going to post it for free for you all as its my first one. So be on the look out for it in a day or two. 

Im also working on my Calendar at the same time.  Still have a ways to go on it, But I have my 4 month pages done from this months July Grab bag.  I just love how they turned out. So After the Reveal on the 15th, I will post those here.  (Maybe sooner, Shhh!)

Oh,  Just so you know.  You can still get the grab bag for only $7.  If you purchase before the 15th.  After that, Its only goes up $1. So your still getting an awesome deal.  This one has 12 files. One for every month of the year including a title for the month.  That's only $.63 cents a month file. I cant even tell you how many files parts are in each month. But there are a lot, so this is an awesome value.

Think about how awesome this will be. for those Christmas gifts. Or birthday gifts. You name it.  This grab bag will have every thing you need to make those home made Journals, Monthly planners, Calendars. Birthday Card keeper, The list can go on and on.   As a matter of fact. We have made a list for you of just a few things we can come up with. LOL!   So head on over and pick up the July Grab bag.

Some of the ways you can use these files.. Ideas offered by the Contributors and the "More Team"...
1. You will already have the files for the 6x6 DayPlanner Swap being hosted in August/September.
2. You can make calendars as gifts this year for the holidays.
3. You can finish a scrapbook album by month this year.
4. You can use the files to make digi-scrap desktops for your computer by month.
5. You can create a mini-album for your non-scrappy friends to fill with pictures.
6. You can make the months into magnets for your fridge door. keep for your own or give as a gift.
7. You can use the months to make a journal for yourself or your journaling friend.
8. teacher gifts calendar or month magnets for the school boards.
9. Best Homework and Artwork by Month Binder for your Child's Keepsake from the year.
10. A paperbag album of months
11. An organizational binder/folder of stickers/embellishments filed under each month
12. A Year of Recipes
13. A Year of Cards--You can make cards using the embellishments for each month and then have them ready
14. Babies Year Book!
15. A year in review gift
16. Photos of the garden growing and harvest or flowers.
17. Use the titles for grandkids or your kids artwork and best work book. They get to pick a piece of artwork and their best story or page of work to file each month. The titles will be put on dividers that go in their Notebook, then at the end of the year, then take them all out and  bind with the binding machine.
18. How about a Monthly file organizer for Coupons or receipts.
19.Make a birthday/ anniversary altered project with the names of important friends and family.
20. Use with Velcro and a painted glass square to make a never ending calendar.
21. Cut the files in fabric and fuse to squares of muslin - have the kids and/or family embroider or use fabric paint to make a calendar quilt or wall hanging.
22. Cut the words in vinyl to make home decor projects,on a vase for spring, a glass frame filled with pressed leaves for fall, a beverage bucket for summer, a bucket filled with fire starters for winter, etc. Could be used to etch items as well as just the vinyl itself.
23. Separate Pictures by month.
24. Monthly Appointment book.
25. How about a journal to document the books you read each month?
26. Or journal of what craft projects you did each month?
27. Or things your kid says each month--those precious quotes?
28. Monthly family bulletin board/white board/magnet board design.
29. Or for the Martha Stewart fans--all the "home projects" you do each month--like holiday decorating, which closet/drawers/rooms you "special cleaned" to make an organized "schedule" of when to organize which room?
30. Teacher Bulletin Boards
31. Church Bulletin Boards
Well, Im dealing with another headach today, so off to take some meds. And clean up  a little. 

Thanks for stopping by! Sharon

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