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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Can you be a tourist in our own state?

Ha!   I think I was yesterday. LOL!

Y'all know I don't leave the house much. But my nephews are here visiting they dad for the summer, and they leave next week, So last week we went to the Lido beach with them and have a wonderful time. I can wait to go back there.

And, Yesterday, We took them to Tarpon Springs Sponge docks.
You know, Its only 35 miles from me.  But I have not been there in 31 years.  Man, It sure looks different. LOL.  I felt like such a tourist in my own State. I have lived here 42 years. And still so much I have not seen.  Working on fixing that.

It was so unbelievably hot. It was 103 there, I have asthma so couldn't breath well. And the walking just kills me. And my husband has a bad muscle around his heat, that contracts in the heat. So he was having chest pains.  So We pretty much sat in the shade while the rest of the family walked the street and went in every shop.  We did joy some shaved Ice. But ended up going back to the car and sitting in the AC while they finished their shopping. 

But, I did snap a few pictures to remember the trip while I was there.

We parked in the very first parking lot. Did you know all the lots there charge you $3 to park. Jeez! Any way, this is the first store you come to, Its pretty cute, but I never mad it in there.   I really loved these Vase sponges that had Air plants in them. Just beautiful. But didn't buy one. My cats would eat the plants.

 This is a beautiful tile wall mural we were looking at while sitting on the benches in the shade. The mural is huge.

This is another one a little more ways done the road, At least you have nice stuff to look at while sitting in the shade.

I had my nephew snap this picture of us while we were waiting for them to finish all the shops in this middle center.

After we left there, We went to check out Howard Park its just around the corner.  Never been there, It was nice, But not our kind of beach, The long road over the water to the island is a dog beach, so that is cool.  but when you cross over to the island. Its for people only, We didn't check out the beach, there was no shade at all.  So we went back across to the park, which I have to say is really nice. Most of the pavilion's are reserved for the day.  But it was late 5:30 when we got there, so most were done with them.  So we found a nice one, and got out the coolers and made sandwiches and had a nice late lunch.

We then left there, headed back to Tampa and stopped several place to fish on the way home. We don't go any where with out our fishing poles. LOL!

All in all, it was great day, And we fell like tourist.

I need to stay home the next few weeks, and finish my projects. Hopefully the kids get the closing on their house. So I can set up my craft room. I need to start on my daughters wedding album, I'm off schedule on that. But I'm trying to get to it.  And May be soon, I can tell y'all about some news.

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