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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Adirondack Ink Pads Oh My!

I love these ink pads. And have been collecting them over the past 2 years.  Some how I ended up with several duplicates when I was buying them in lots. So will have several of those to sell.  I had ended up with 20 of the neutral colors.  Only needed the last 4 of those. But still needed all 12 lights and all 12 brights. To have the whole set of Dye inks. I dont use pigment inks.

So, Last week, I finally bought the bullet and when Joanns had a sale, these were 2.39 each, plus free shipping. I just couldnt resist. So I just went ahead and bought all the rest I needed so I now have the complete set. Woo Hoo!  Man, Every color in the rainbow for sure!

So, I printed out the Adirondack Ink list online. Then I take this cute little Hershey Kiss stamp on a stick,  and stamp the color by each name.  Then trim the sides,  and cut in strips of  3 names and run though the Xyron 150 (X).   And Apply to the case. 

This is how I store them, On my wall in the dinning room.  This is a wooden Cassett tape holder, it works perfect,  I removed a few of the bottom rows to hold the reinkers, Distress inks, and paint daubers. Hmm!  I think I have a thing for Tim Holtz inks, What would you say. Oh yeah. The entire set of Alcohol Inks are in a special case. LOL!  Those are some cards I made on the top, That I couldn't part with.

Here is a close up so you can see the stamped color on the tags.

I think my Pitch black is packed in my roller bag in the closet, Have to go look for it.  Also, the 4 on the bottom are the ones that have 4 colors each in them.  Pretty cool for back grounds using a brayer.
So, Tell me this.

How do you store your Adirondack Inks?  
Alpha order (All)
Alphs order (By Brights, Lights, Neutrals)  How I have them above
Or by matching colors. 

I would be interested in knowing how you store yours.

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1 comment :

K Andrew said...

HI Sharon--this is so incredibly beautifully organized! I absolutely LOVE your system. I only have a few dye based ink pads--distress--and they are only 4 stored--as they stack on top of each other. The others are stampin up' and they came in boxes. They just sit there in the boxes--I never use them....ever.
I do use chalkbox inks--but they are soooo tiny that they fit in this little bitty drawer.