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Monday, July 26, 2010

3D Flower Collection Tutorial 4 (Rose Bud)

I have had so many questions and comments about my 3D Flower Collection.  And request for more.  That I am slowly working on a few different flowers.

Someone has asked if my 3D Flowers can be cut on the Cricut Cake.  Im not 100% sure, as I havent tried it, But, I really dont see why it would not work on a cricut cake or similar machine you cut fondant on.  So if any one tries it and has a finished picture of my flowers cut out of fondant, I would really love to see it. So I will know as well.

Some one else asked if these could make Small Rose buds or partially open roses.

Well, what I love about a Cutter file, is that, there are so many things you can do with them.  And with my 3D Flower Collection,  you can make them smaller or Larger.  Which is what I did in my clock picture.

The dark Orange Rose and the Lighter larger Rose are the same file, Just different sizes.

So about making a rose bud or partially opened rose.  This is what I did.

I used Adirondack Cranberry ink on this one.  To  make a bud, I chose to ink both sides as this one will be rolled inside, so you will see the out side as you wont be curling the petals.  I inked this side dark.

I inked this side a little lighter and only on the edges at the beginning.
With the full rose, you would curl the petals out. But since this will be a Bud or semi open Rose Bud.  You wont curl the petals out.  So just start rolling the tip, and remove the stick or paint brush tip, and roll it really tight. 

You can roll as much of the strip as you like for a small or bigger rose bud.  I used about half of the strip. This looked good to me. So I just cut it off there.

Another view of how it looks.  I cut it off here. As this was a good size for me.
Still holding the Rose Bud tight. I added adhesive to the last petal and attached it.   And that is all there is to making the Rose Bud. Next is the leaves.

 I cut 3 small leaves (Inked with Adirondack Bottle , Explains the green thumb. LOL) and glued them together to make a little cup for the rose bud to sit in. 
Put some glue on the bottom sides of the Rose Bud and sit inside the leaves.
Another view from the top.   And there you have a small Rose Bud from the same 3D Flower Collection. 

In this collection, You get 3 flowers, Leaves and my Bonus Fancy Butterfly file.

EDITED: Updated store link and pictures

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FileKutz said...

Sharon, That is so cool!! Love the flowers!!

Sharon said...

Thanks LisaJane,

Im working on some new one, they wont be swirl, but will be 3D for sure. LOL!


K Andrew said...

SHARON! These are gorgeous girl! Absolutely GORGEOUS and briliant--your file cuts like butter too! It's super easy to make these--you did a great job with this tutorial and file!
PS Love the new look!

All the best-from my hands to yours,
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Sharon said...

Thanks Kristal.

Im not sure, I like this new look yet. LOL!