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Thursday, July 15, 2010

3D Flower Collection Tutorial 3 0f 3

Here is the last tutorial of this series of my 3D Flower Collection.

This tutorial is on the Daisy Flower. I colored mine to look like a sunflower.

What I love about these paper flowers, You can cut them out of pattern paper, for any color cardstock, or even like I did. I cut out of cream cardstock and used Adirondack Inks to color it.
I used Adirondack Ink Sunshine Yellow for the petals and Expresso brown for the center.  And used SU spounges for the coloring.  Now that I have all the Adirondacks I need to buy more sponges. LOL!

I colored both sides of the center (Rectangle end with the lines) This you roll first. To create your center.

I used Score tape, (I love this tape and need to order more as well.) I order from Scrappy land, I love ordering from them, get my stuff fast.  Any way, You put the score tape or any other adhesive on one side, and fold over the top.

Use a skinny paint brush so skewer To roll the center. I used adhesive on the center so when it was rolled it stayed tight to form the center.
Continue rolling, you can leave it tight or set on table and let it bloom, for a looser look. 

And that is it, when your done, turn over and apply glue or use a glue gun. You can also roll your leaves to make a softer look. I did that after this picture was taken.

Now think about all the different colors. This would be pretty with watermelon colored petals and brown center. To look like a Gerber Daisy.   So may options for these flowers.

Im thinking about a new set of 3 D flowers.  If you have a special one you would like to see if I can make. Leave me a comment.  And I will See what I can do,  I can tell you one of them will be Calla Lillys. My daughter had these at her wedding, So want to try and make some of these.

Hope you enjoyed my tutorials.

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