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Thursday, July 15, 2010

3D Flower Collection Tutorial 2 0f 3

Today, Im going to tell you how to do the flower with the Heart Shaped Petals. And how to do the leaves and give them some veins for texture.  (this was going to be tut 3 but I have had several ask about this one so moving it up in the series)
For this one, I used Cream paper, and use Adirondack Dye inks, Pink Sherbet  and Purple Twilight on the edges and the center.

You can see I used the darker on the edges and I inked both sides of the end part. It helps to rub the ink on when you want a more solid color.

I missed a picture here,(actually its in the other tut) but the end part, that has the lines. You just fold it over in half and adhere the top to the bottom. And you start rolling it, I did glue the center as I rolled it so it stayed together.

Then,You roll the petals, either both down, or one to the left and one to the right. , Doesn't matter. Its just how you like it. Its real important that you roll this one tight. Because of the shape of the petals. They want to line up so it don't look right.

But, After you roll it tight. You will sit the flower on the table and let it "Bloom"  You will see that it will unwind a little and the petals will pretty much fall in place,

You can twist it tighter or looser to how you like it. Then hold it in place by the center front and back, flip it over, and squeeze glue or hot glue in the center and on the end petal to hold in place.I use Scotch Scrapbookers 2 way glue. Love it. It has a pointy end and a dauber on the other end. Love it

Now for the Leaves.  I cut these in 2 sizes for my project.  But this is how I gave it veins for texture. I used my Score Pal. And the small tip on my Stylus tool, I lined the leaf up on a center line, and scored it.  Then I moved it over to where the 2 lines are closer together, turned the leaf side ways a little and scored both, Turn and score the other side, Making sure you dont cross the center line.

I then used Adirondak Bottle ink and lightly drag the sponge over the leaf so it shows the veins, then run the inked sponge on the edges to give it a darker edge.    You can see the beginning and ending example above.

And that's it for this one. Here is a close up of this flower and leaves in my finished project. I ended up making these flowers in Orange as well for my project. they are the lighter flowers with the bright orange centers in the picture below.

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