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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

3D Flower Collection Tutorial 1 0f 3

Here is the first of 3 tutorials on how I made these cut Flowers for my project.

Okay so off we go on the first of 3 tutorials. This is to make the Rose and you will also see in this picture. My first butterfly, I have added that file as a bonus if you purchase the 3d Flower Collection.
Now, you can decorate them any way you wish. You can cut them out of pattern paper, or any color cardstock you wish.

I used a light cream color (I have a bunch of this color, so trying to use it) also its neutral color so you can ink and color it any way you like.

First I cut my file, in a couple different sizes.

I used my favorite Ink pads. Ranger Adirondack Dye inks (Remember a few post back, I just got the complete set, Woo Hoo!)

I use Stamping up Sponges, that I cut each in to 8 sections, use the SU tab punch and staple the color of the ink on the sponge.   For this Rose, for my project, Which is in Orange and Greens. And My favorite real rose color is Orange as well.   I used Cream color paper, Peach Bellini to lightly color the flower petals. And used Sunset Orange on the edges for contrast.

 Next, I took a small paint brush and put some adhesive on the end to help hold the paper as I roll it.

Use the paint brush to roll the edges of the petals.

 With the adhesive on the tip, start rolling inward and making sure the rolled under stay rolled as you continue.

After you roll a few times. its easier to remove the paint brush, and use your finger and thumb to just roll it. Roll it semi tight. 

 This is what it will look like when done. Now, I found that, you can use adhesive on the first petal you roll to keep the center tight,  But the rest, I found, that if you don't use adhesive, when your done rolling, you can twist and turn the flower to get all the petals how you want them.

When you have it how you want it, You can use any kind of glue you like to adhear it. You can use a hot glue gun, but the glue gun and I dont get along to well,  So I choose not to use it. I used Scotch  Scrapbookers 2 way glue, which I love. I love the pointed tip on one end, and the dauber on the other end. Perfect!  Any way, you can just squeez some in between the layers. I put a small piece of tape on mine, to hold it while it tried.

 After it was dry, I used my Tweezer Bee's To tweak  the petals and Center petals.

  I think I will try some glimmer mist on some as well as some stickels or Sulyn swirl glitter. My friend Kristal of K Andrews sent me a bottle to try out.

Okay, so that is it for the first one.  Super easy, and they turn out beautiful. Be creative. With colors, paper, Inks, Stickles, Sulyn glitter, Glimmer Mist, You name it. try it.

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