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Friday, June 25, 2010

Heads Up!!!!!! Challenge and 3 Free files

I tell you, I'm just so busy, working on other things, I don't have time to blog about them. So my post are about a week apart.

But I'm staying active on the VDBC forum. I have to tell you, that is the best bunch of Ladies I have every chatted with. On and off the forum, LOL!  You really should join in the fun. And just the general chat we have going on all the time.  And not to mention the power bingo we have going on, Man, is it on a roll. The next one starts around July 15. So be watching for sign up soon.

Okay, You really want to register at the forum as a member, so that you can see all the places that are for members only, and be able to download files and tutorials, and such.

As you know, I post my freebies in the VDBC newsletter and the forum. I do this, because It helps support Chris and the forum. She has helped me so much, its the least I can do for her. And support the forum.

So here is a heads up for you. "3 Parter"

1. Im hosting the cutter files for the "July Sketch Challenge" Which is such a great honor for me. I love Becky Fleck Sketches. Rosalie picked out 2 for me to choose from, and one of them, just gave me so many ideas. So If you join the forum, You can get the July Sketch Challenge file. That will have several parts to make a 2 page layout designed for 4th of July. Lots of Stars and stripes.

Okay, so here is my layout using this My July Sketch files, and my other two cutter files.
Woo hoo! this make layout 3 and 4 for me this year. LOL!  Think I only did 2 last year. LOL!

In the first picture. Those are just sickers placed there for this picture, I dont have pictures to put there yet)

2. Im hosting a free file in the July 1st. Newsletter. This will also go with the Sketch Challenge file.So make sure you sign up for the VDBC Newsletter.

3. I have another freebie I will post in the forum for members only. And it will be available only for July 1st and 2nd Only. This will also go with the other 2 files. So make sure you register on the forum so you can download.

Now, if you collect the July Sketch Challenge, My Free file in the July Newsletter, and grab the free file in the forum.

You will have every thing you need to scrap a 2 page layout using your 4th of July Pictures.  And please make sure you post your finished layouts in the Sketch Challenge so every one can see them.

Here are some close ups of things I used. Micro glitter, Stickles, Ribbon, Silver Brads, and Silver Star Brads, Extra stars. Extra photo mats (Not included in the file)

Hope you enjoy the files. And post your creations in the forum.

Thanks for stopping by!

1 comment :

Jill said...

This is a beautiful layout Sharon- Your files are wonderful and they are easy to cut and design with. This one is a "must have" if you have pictures of Memorial Day or the Fourth of July!