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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Foam Dots!

Im running out of foam dots. And getting ready to order some.  But I see there are some square ones. 

Okay, so which do you like best.  The round or Square. And what size do you use most often.

I find that I dont use the Mico, Not big enough, not thick enough.  I like the small round ones and the 1/2 round ones, I can always cut them in half.

But Im thinking of trying the square ones.  What is ya'lls Opinion on these. Let me know before I order.



Caroline said...

I use both and it depends on the shape of the item I am trying to raise. I tend to use square ones for sharp cornered items and round for .... yes you guessed it!! rounded items LOL I also tend to use round one for smaller items as they don't show through as much!

Lynn said...

I love the square ones because they fit the corners better than the round ones. I usually use the big ones. I like the round ones to put in the middle of bigger files. Sometimes I use the small ones on letters to pop them up.