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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wedding Keepsake

My Daughters Wedding was beautiful.  And the Cake was gorgeous. And we wanted to keep part of that to remember. 

So I talked to the lady that made the cake,  and asked her how we could keep the gum paste Calla Lily's.  She told me the best way to do it, was to clean all the frosting off with out using water.  And let it dry,  Then put them in a Shadow box and they will keep.

So I went to Michael's and this week, the frames and shadow boxes were 40% off, and a extra coupon for additional 25% off.  So I picked up this nice shadow box that is made to hold 3 baseballs.  I twisted the little holder cups off.  And used a nice piece of matching scrapbook paper that matches the Wedding album.  And adhered it to the bottom.

I then took a white foam cone, cut half off, and stuck the flowers in as they had wire on them.  I used some ribbon from the wedding to wrap around the foam.  And make a bow in the wedding colors.

I then hot glued it down so it wont move. And also glued 2 of the candles from the wedding on the side.  And added some of the silk flower petals from the wedding as well. 

I think it turned out really nice,  And some thing she can display in their new house.
There is a mirror in the back of the display so your seeing double candles, there are only 2. 

And here is a picture from the top, you can see the paper and the petals.

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jordiegirl said...

Brilliant idea.

I still have flowers from my wedding cake from 1988 but they are just in my display cabinet. Also have the little iced baby from my son's christening cake.

Sharon said...

Wonderful. You should do a display case to keep them in.


TonyaKaye said...

Very pretty. Wonderful keepsake.

Caroline said...

What a wonderful idea!