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Friday, May 21, 2010

Sadness and A Mending Heart!

Sorry I have been blog slacking for a while. My post are getting farther apart. Some of you may like that. LOL!  But I'm working on it.

I have been dealing with a lot of stuff going on at my house. And just trying to work through it. The best we can.  Dealing with our sadness.

I took a break from my file designing for a few weeks, I just didnt have a creative flow.  But in trying to keep myself busy. I did manage to get several sewing projects for the pop up camer done.  And Hubby got the lift system fixed on the camper. So its now ready for out camping trip. Which we are dedicating to our 25th Wedding anniversary. We canceled our Beach Hotel stay as we are always at Ft. Desoto, or Fishing on the pier when we go to St. Pete beach.  So we figured, Why pay $130 a night to stay in a hotel.  When we could just book the same week at Ft. Desoto Campground and be on the water, and fish and every thing for $40 a night. So that is what we did.  Looking forward to this trip, We really need a vacation.

On Sunday May 9th,  A stray kitten showed up, which is not any thing new. We have a lot of strays here, and most just hi tail it when you see them.  But not this one. He was sitting on the front porch step. I seen him, said hello, and he Meowed so loud,  I called him and he came running. WOW!  That was odd.  So he rubs on my leg, I pet him, and he is so skinny, you can feel his spine and his hips.  I go in get him so food, and he is so hungry.  I think he must be about 3 months old.  So Monday he is still here.   feed him again.

On Tuesday, My Shelti  Pepper, had a stroke.  He turned 11 this month.  We took him to the vet.  They gave him a shot to stop the swelling in his brain, Gave him a shot to make his muscles stronger, as his hind end was now weak.  They put him on Medication to help his Kidneys and Liver that suffered some damage.  And They thought he would be fine.

He was doing a ton better, Wanting to run after the birds, but we tried to keep him quiet for a week to rest.  He started eating the next day and was doing great.  Wed-Saturday.  Saturday night, I said good night to him about 11:30,  My Daughter and Hubby came home about 2 am, and said he was fine.  Then my husband got up around 9 am,  and Pepper had passed in his sleep.  So On sunday we lost our beloved Shelti  and camping buddy of 11 years.   We are still trying to deal with his loss. Its hard when your used to them being right next to you all the time.   Im sure it will take a while, as we went though this with the passing of our 15 year old cat a few months back.

Loving Memories of Pepper (Our Shelti, Friend and Camping buddy of 11 years)

All the girls at the VDBC and Jill have been wonderful helping with this. My friend Kristal (Digi Kitty) Says the kitten was sent to me.  And So did my friend Jill.  They said the kitten will mend my broken heart. 

Well, I guess they are right.  My husband took right to this kitten, he says, feed that kitten, Take him in, he is getting wet, and he keeps calling the kitten in the house.

Well, today, it rained again last night, and the kitten was wet.  So I got a towel and dried him off, brought him in and fed him,  The other cats checked him out, Bandit, our 4 lb. Chihuahua seems to be okay with him. 

I have to tell you, Im not used to lap cats, Mine never were. They let you pet them but that was it.  And this kitten, just wants to be held. wrapped in a towel. and lay on your lap,  Bandit is have a little bit of issue with that as he is my lap dog.  

Here is a picture of the 2 of them, Kitten in the towel, and both on my chest. I think they are pretty dang close dont you.

Okay, here are some other pictures. Of what looks like to be our new kitten.  Have to take him to the vet, get him checked, and fixed. But, man, what a loving kitten.  He has been laying on my lap for the past 2 hours. And seems very happy.  Have to see if we can clean him up and treat his fleas. 

This is the Kitten earlier in the week, when he was out side,  He had pretty green eyes.  Not sure of his hair coloring, It's dark but when you move it its tan.  I know there is a stay Siamese  running around here, so could be one of his. 

Here is Lizzy Bell checking him out.  And Bandit watching.  No one seems to have a problem with him,  They have been smelling each other though the front door window for the past week.   Rusty my other cat, dont seem to care at all, That is just him, Leave him be and he is fine. LOL! 

You can see his coloring better here, and see how skinny he is, You can feel his spine and hip bones. Poor thing.  He found a good home. We will take good care of him.

Okay, What kind of cat, likes to lay like this, He was so content. LOL! 

Okay, Yall,  We need a new name for this Kitten,  Dont know much about him other then he is a lover, wants to be held and snuggled, and lay on your lap.  So now, I have bandit on one side and Kitten on the other. 

I have been working on converting some files, and have 10 new ones to add to store this weekend.  That go good with the last 2 grab bags.  Make sure you get this months before its gone, Click the picture at the top left. to take you to the store.

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Sharon said...

OK how about naming the kitten "Smoky" as he looks to be "Bandits" new buddy.


Ginger (Games) said...

Sorry for your loss. Does seem you have a new family member to help you heal. So cute! My Smokey is black with a grey undercoat. Odd colored, lol. He looks like a lover.