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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Kitten "Smokey" Update and New files in store

Well, I think the Kitten is happy. He has done nothing but sleep the past 2 days. He sleeps, gets up eats, uses the litter box and goes back to sleep. But he is already putting on a little weight, and he isn't as dehydrated as he was.

I did notice that he dont jump. When he wants to get up on the couch, he climbs. May be he is just still weak. His legs look so long compaired to his skinny body but Im sure being a kitten, he will out grow that. Its been 10 years since we have had a kitten in the house. And this one just wants to be held.

I got this picture of him today sleeping in the Bandits dog bed.

Now for VDBC Store stuff.  I have spent the past few days converting old files since I still am having a hard time creating, But I do feel it coming back.  I uploaded 4 to the store yesterday, one was a freebie in the news letter.  The other 3 are new ones yall havent seen before.  3 Recipe files. I have a few more to convert.  If you need a file for a recipe,  let me now, I would be happy to create one for you.

                          RM00065  National Scrapbooking Day Title

                          RM00066 Chicken & Dumplings Recipe

                           RM00064 Hot Beef Dip Recipe

                          RM00065 Orange Delight Cake Recipe

This makes 6 recipe files I have in store, and dont for get about the file I made for the front of my Cook book, "My Favorite Recipes" This was a bonus file in the April Grab bag, So if you missed it, you can purchase it now in store.  I think I have a few more recipe files laying around. I will have to look for those and get them converted.  If you have a request for a Recipe file. Let me know, I would be happy to make one for you. You get the file free, before I add to store.

 And dont forget about the May grab bag, You only have a few days left to get it.

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Caroline said...

Smokey looks quite settled in there :) Have you got the recipes for these lovely Cutter files :) if so, you should post them on your Blog!

Sharon said...

Thanks Caz, Yes, Smokey is pretty settled, I think he is pretty happy to have found a nice home. He is sitting next to me snuggling now.

I do have the recipes for these, I posted some layouts with the file and recipes on the forum as a extra picture so yall can see that when you go to the file in store. But I will see if I can get them big enough to post on here.