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Sunday, May 30, 2010

"Kitten Smokey" Sad Update

Well, its been a tough week for the kitten and me.  We brought the stray kitten in the house last week, We have been loving him, and feeding him.  And he was doing good the first 2 days, but then we noticed he was doing nothing but sleeping.

I would wake him up and take him to the food bowl. He would use the potty and go back to bed in Bandits little bed.

Then he was pretty alert after 4 days, Bright eyed, walking around, meowing, we thought he was going to make it. Although we did notice he could not jump, He tried to climb up things but had trouble.

After the first 4 days, his belly started getting bigger, we thought maybe it was just because he was eating,  Because he was skin and bones. Then yesterday afternoon, we noticed his belly was wet, but didnt seen any thing, so thought he just threw up and laid in it or some thing.   Last night it got worse, so put some doubled up paper towels on his belly with a ace bandage.  This morning he was even worse and very hot, So we took him to the Emergency Vet.

Well, they checked him out, he had 105 fever. And just full of infection.  They think he had a cyst that ruptured from a massive infection all though him.  he got before we took him in. And they didnt think he would make it though any treatment.

So sad to say, We tried to help this little guy, he was so sweet and loving even though he was sick.  We had no choice but to put him to sleep, So he didnt suffer any more. 

My poor hubby is sad, He said, this has been a bad year for us with our pets. Morris our 15 year old cat passed last June, Pepper had a 2 half lbs tumor removed from his chest the next month, Then 2 weeks ago, Pepper passed from a stroke he had a week before.  And now, the little stray kitten didnt make it.  And Hubby says we need to go adopt another kitten from our vet. As we know it will be healthy, that is where we got all our other pets from.

So I think we will do that when we get back from our camping trip in 2 weeks.

So hard to believe how attached you get to a animal you have only known a week. We will miss you Smokey.


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