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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy 25th Anniversary!

25 years ago today on April 6th, 1985.  I married a wonderful man, I had only know a few months.

We met in  January 85' were engaged 3 weeks later and were married 3 months from the day we met.  Which was  1 1/2 weeks after I turned 18.  We couldn't stand to be away from each other from the start. And every one kept telling us it wouldn't last. 

The story of how we met.  I ran in to a old friend in the store.  We were catching up, since it had been a couple years. She said,"Do you have a boyfriend".  Me being only 17, Nope wasnt allowed to have one.  So she said, " I have the perfect guy for you".  Boy! If she only knew how right she was.

So she set up this blind date.  My first date.  And here I was getting ready, had my hair in curlers (yes we used those in the 80's) and was in my old run around the house cloths.  After all, I still had 3 hours till the date.  Well, I hear a knock on the door, Im thinking who could that be, I wasn't expecting any one, yet any way.  Well, to my surprise, I opend the door and see my friend standing there. She said, "Hi, this is your DATE"!  I panicked, said " What are you doing here, isn't our date at 8, She said, yes, but he couldnt wait to meet you, LOL! 

Oh man, I was so embarrased.  No make up, In my old shorts and tank top, and curlers in my hair.  I yelled, "Hang on a minute" Slammed the door, and ran though the house like a crazy woman, ripping curlers out of my hair, threw on my clothes, and put on some make up, opened the door, and Yep! He was still there. So that was a good sign, LOL!  And low and behold, I still had one curler in the back, so said, I would be right back, and went and took it out, and finished my make up.  And Life took off from there. 

Come to find out, My husband Robert, went to school with my older brother Robert, they had the same friends, and knew each other, and hung out with the same people.  And, I just happend to go to school with Roberts Sister, we had the same friends, and hung out together.  And this went on for years.  When ever we moved, they moved like 2-3 streets over.  But yet, Robert and I never met, not once, untill a mutual friend introduced up. 

We had planned to wait a year, but we couldnt stand being a part. So every week, we would move the date up a month, and before you know it, we were talking March, My aunt said, you cant get married till your 18.  So, we waited, 1 1/2 weeks after I turned 18 we got married. 

Here is a picture of us on our Wedding day April 6th, 1985

And here we are 25 years later at our Daughters Wedding just a few weeks ago. Man, what 25 years, lots of medical problems can do to. But still love each other as much as we did back then, if not more. 

Now we are at the point we always thought we would be.  To have our kids early so they would be grown by the time we are in our 40's.  And that is were we are now at.  And now will have to get used to taking vacations by our selves as the kids are grown.

We have planed our 25th anniversary, but not taking it till June. We always take our trips in June. for one, Spring break is over, and the hotel prices at the beach do down alot after Memorial day. Looking forward to the vacation.

Now, our daughter has been married for 4 weeks today, and the funny thing is, She and her husband are the same age we were when we met, Melissa went to school with Hectors sister for many years, and Hector went to school with Melissa brother.   The only difference, is, they waited 3 1/2 years, we waited 3 months. LOL!  I wish them as many happy years as we have had.  They just got a closing date on their first house, and will be moving in about 5 weeks, but thank goodness, they are moving only 2 miles away. 

My son (24) is still looking for the right girl, and hope he finds her soon. He is such a wonderful sweet person. And works hard, since he was 13.  To bad he cant find a hardworking independent (local) young girl.  I keep telling him, if he don't look so hard, one will show up. So we will see.

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Lynn C. said...

Congratulations, Sharon and Robert. Not many couples today make it to 25 years so it is wonderful to hear that you did. You were very young to get married without dating others, etc. Life may not be easy but it should always be fun. Having a wonderful life mate sure helps.
Best wishes for another 25 great years.

Val from Oz said...

Congratulations on silver wedding anniversary and many more. I have been totally blessed to be married to my soul mate for 38 years this year and was married young so I know exactly how you feel ENJOY!!!!

Sharon said...

Thank you very much Lynn and Caz. And wow. 38 years. Congrats to you as well.

I cant wait to see what the next 25 years hold, with the kids now grow, and may be grand babies in the next year or so.

Thanks again,

Ginger (Games) said...

Congrats! Great love story.

Sharon said...

Thanks Ginger.