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Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Wedding was beautiful

Wow, what a fun time, The bride was beautiful, The groom and grooms men were so handsome in their western wear.  And the Brides maids and Maid of Honor, were absolutly beautiful. You get a bunch of young country kids together and your bound to have a fun time. Man, the photos and videos are so funny.  And those country boys can dance.  Melissa was in there with them full wedding dress and all,  After the reception, all the kids went to one of the kids house and had a huge party. I glad every one had a great time.

Im really worn out, and what I feared would happen, did  happen .  I fell yesterday, right before the wedding started and now have a sprained right ankle and a broken toe on the left foot, so in lots of pain today,  So keeping it short.

But I wanted to post the link to the pictures already being loaded, There will be more and more added so just keep checking back . Lisa Hunt Photography

Have a great day,


Caroline said...

So sorry to read you hurt yourself, but happy to read that the Wedding went so well, now you can relax and take some time for YOU and rest that foot!

Caroline said...

Had to come back :) checked out the photos, what a beautiful group! Your Daughter looked gorgeous :)

Sharon said...

Thank you Caz, Check that link later, they are still being uploaded.


Cathie in UT said...

Shew! I can see it was a fun time and so very sorry you hurt your foot! After all the work too.
Your DD was beautiful and everyone looks like they had a great time. I have to say I love the yellow, black and white dresses two of the girls wore. So cute and modest too.
Enjoy a bit of rest and have some fun just for yourself