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Monday, March 1, 2010

Creative Team Blog

Do you notice some thing different on the Right side bar.  Maybe a new Button.  Yep. There is a new one with a touch of pink. I put this one there for now, till I figure out how to make a new pretty one.

I created a new blog just for my Creative team to submit their submissions to.  So they will all be in one place, and easy for you to check out.

I haven't been at this that long, so there are only a few post there so far.  But this will grow. So keep watching.
I currently have 3 Creative team member, Jill C,.  Aussie Caz,  Elizabeth (Scramper 75).

You can click the picture on the left  to take you to the CT Blog. Or you can click this one.  So you know what it looks like.   

                           RSMobleys Designs Creative Team Blog
So what do you think of the new CT Blog.  What else would you like to see here.

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Caroline said...

Hey Sharon, the link to the Creative team blog doesn't work. Clicking on the picture works but not if you click the link you have posted above it!

Sharon said...

Thanks Caz,

Got it fixed. I didnt know if I could get the picture to link, so I put both and guess it didnt like that. Its working now.


Cathie in UT said...

I like to see different takes on the files you have for sale and maybe a sneak peek of what's in the current file?
Just an idea