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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Blogger Reading List and Followers

Have yall heard about the new Blogger Reading List feature?  I just read about it and its pretty cool. 

If your have a blogger ID then you may have it. (not all Blog ID's have it yet) But you can check by doing this.  Click on the orange Blogger button to take your to your Dashboard.

On that page, You used to see, the blogs you own, and the blogs you follow. Well, they are adding this new feature to some blogs.  And now you will see on your dashboard.  Reading list, and some tabs. (Blogs im following, Blogger Buzz & Blogs of Note)

On the tab "Blogs im following" You now longer have to go to each one,  If you have the Reading List feature. Then all the blogs you follow, now post directly to that page, so you just scroll and read. You can read a good part of the post and a picture of what was posted.  And if you want to read more, then you can click and go to their blog.  All from your Blogger Dash board.  How cool is that.

Think I will be following more blogs how. How about you.

Have a great weekend, Oh, Just a short reminder, My sale ends tomorrow night, Read post below for details.

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