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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

CT Sample RM00044

Oh My Goodness!  How cut is this. Aussie Caz made this adorable Easter bag using my file RM00044.
She tucked the ears behind the head to keep it closed.  How clever was that.

To read more about this and how to get this file, you can visit my Creative Team blog
Thank you so much Caz.  Another beautiful project.


Monday, March 29, 2010

New files in Store and Store News

Hello everyone,

I hope your enjoying this beautiful weather and this now arriving.  And let me say, "It's about Time"! LOL!  I hate cold weather, Love the spring, sound of the birds, and the beauty of the flowers.  Wow!  Just makes you want to be out side all day. Which I have been for the past 2 weeks. I will post about that on my Camping and gardening blog in a few days.

So now I'm trying to get back in to the groove of the store and the forum. So I spent the last week, designing new files. And just got them all converted. So here they are.

                                          Bunny Bag 2
 This is the Second Bunny bag, great for those little ones for Easter, Also would work for School Class rooms or Sunday School kids.  This one has fewer pieces then the first bag. Includes Bag front template, File fold at neck line on top flap.
Also, Bunny Bag one is now also in store, So if you missed the freebie you can get it here. Bunny Bag 1

                                          Easter 2010 Layout
This file contains every thing you need for a 2 page layout for your Special Easter Layout.  File includes every thing you see here.

                                           Easter Lily Card
This is a cute Easter Card with Lily's that contains 3 different leaves. I cut this card to the size of A2 (4.25 x 5.50) and it cuts perfect. So will cut nice for larger cards or layouts.

With all pictures, you can click the file name above the file picture to take you to store.

So now on to other store news.  Make sure you snag the March Grab bag You only have 2 days left go grab it.  Because the new April Grab bag comes out on the first.  And again, I have the pleasure of being on of the designers in the April Grab bag,  So be watching for the Image in the top left to change to the new image.

Now, For the NEW Store Newsletter. Did you notice some changes last month?  There are more changes coming.  Im also giving away a Free Easter file in this newsletter,(some other free files on here as well) but you have to sign up to receive the newsletter to get these free files.  So if your not already signed up you can do so here. VDBC Store Newsletter.

I think this is all for now, have to get back to trying to catch up on Forum challenges. Forum Swap I need to mail.

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Blogger Reading List and Followers

Have yall heard about the new Blogger Reading List feature?  I just read about it and its pretty cool. 

If your have a blogger ID then you may have it. (not all Blog ID's have it yet) But you can check by doing this.  Click on the orange Blogger button to take your to your Dashboard.

On that page, You used to see, the blogs you own, and the blogs you follow. Well, they are adding this new feature to some blogs.  And now you will see on your dashboard.  Reading list, and some tabs. (Blogs im following, Blogger Buzz & Blogs of Note)

On the tab "Blogs im following" You now longer have to go to each one,  If you have the Reading List feature. Then all the blogs you follow, now post directly to that page, so you just scroll and read. You can read a good part of the post and a picture of what was posted.  And if you want to read more, then you can click and go to their blog.  All from your Blogger Dash board.  How cool is that.

Think I will be following more blogs how. How about you.

Have a great weekend, Oh, Just a short reminder, My sale ends tomorrow night, Read post below for details.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me and You Sale!

Happy Spring every one.

Today, I posted a new sale just for you.  Since its my Birthday, and I stopped counting a couple years ago.  Some one needs to celebrate it.

So just for you all,  I posted a sale. All my file in my part of the store are on sale. With a purchase of $5.00 you will get 43% off your total.  (Must have $5.00 in your cart for it to show you discount).  I will leave this sale up untill sunday night.  You can find my part of the store here : RSMobleys Designs

Have lots to do, so keeping this short.

Have a great weekend.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Creative Team Sample RM00023

Did yall see the beautiful Digital card Caz made using my RM00023 "My Heart Blooms For You" file.

I love how she can use my cutter files as digital files. I just have no clue how to do that. 

You can see the card on the RSMobleys Designs Creative Team Blog. (On the right) Or just click the link. And make sure when you get there, to either follow, or subscribe  to get updates to the creative team.  And make sure you leave these girls some love.  

Read the next post for a free file.

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Free Bunny Bag Easter File

Happy Sunday to every one.

I just posted a free file on the VDBC.  Its a cute Easter Bunny head that fits a Brown Lunch Bag. (File also includes the template for the bag front and top if you would like to use it.

The file can be used for either a boy or girl with just a few simple changes. Here are some sample pictures.
This is the little Girl Bunny bag.  I gave her a pink easter paper bow, then I punched two holes on the side of the ears and tied a cute purple ribbon.  Then I turned the eyelashes up and used a pencil to curl them.

This one is the little boy.  I gave him a green Easter paper box.  And after this picture.  I just flopped the eyelashes so they point down, and sat them straight.  And he looks cute as well.

In this picture. You can see how the ears sit on the top flap.  I used pop dots on the white and pink part of the ears and also on the nose.  They turned out so cute, But I dont have any little ones to give it to. Looks like Hubby is getting a easter bag, LOL!

File no longer available for free download, Can now be found in store. Bunny Bag 1

I posted this to the Cutter Venting, and KNK groups. So please pass the word to other groups to go to the VDBC to download the file.

File includes. AI, GSD, KNK, WPCv14 and SVG Sets. & Terms of use.

Hope you enjoy it.
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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wedding Invitations

Do you all remember my posting about making my daughters Wedding Invitations, But I couldn't post the pictures untill after the Wedding.  Other Blog post about the Wedding.

Well, the Wedding is now over, by like 2 weeks, and Im just getting caught up with stuff. Or working on it at least.  And thought I would take a few pictures of the Invitations I made.

Hector and Melissa requested a small wedding with only very, very close friends and select few family members. (parents of the bride and groom, and Uncle of the bride) They wanted this to be a true celebration of those that they love to spend time with and support them every day of their life.  I truly think that is the way to celebrate a wedding. With those that matter the most.  So that means we only had 20 invitations to make. And of course, we had several show up un invited. but you just make the best of it.

Melissa invited her Grandparents in TX. But Grandma has Alzheimer's so they weren't able to make it. Hector invited his Grandad in AZ but he is also very sick and couldn't make it, but they wanted them to know they were invited as one of the special few so we sent them an Invitation as well.

Okay, on to the Invitation. My Daughter wanted some thing no one else had. So here it is!

This Invitation is a trifold(?) type of invitation.  It has one main card that folds in half and has a flap closure.  My daughter was very specific on it not being to girly. But it still turned out beautiful.  Every one loved it.

The 2 Green cardstocks are from SU. Outside Card is Mellow Moss.   Layered mats inside are  Always Artichoke .
The lace edge is a Fiskars Lace boarder punch. 
White frame is a KNK file I made to match the boarder punch.
 "R" monogram is also a KNK file font.
Cream paper is by Paper adventures "Bisque Satin"
White is White Card stock from Georgia Pacific
Ivory Ribbon and Sage Ribbon from Joann's and Michaels

Here is the flap open. You can see we used a small Velcro dot to hold it closed. Ribbon wraps all the way around the card.  Held on with Score tape.

Here is the inside of the Invitations. The announcement has 5 layers. (White, AA SU, White Frame KNK, Bisque Satin paper, AA SU)

Cards on side have 3 layers. (White, Bisque Satin, AA SU )
4 Cards ( Bridal Registry, RSVP, Reception, Map & Directions)
Picture of the Bride and Groom to be, (Picture and one mat)
Photo by Lisa Hunt Photography.   (13 of my Daughters wedding pictures are on the home page slide show)

Here is a close up of the cards.  I cut every thing but the outside card on the KNK Groove. And I used Word and Sandys Reverse print and cut technique to print these and it worked perfect. I blured out information on these pictures.

I have to tell you, I wouldn't of been able to do all this cutting by hand, So have to thank my KNK for helping me out so much. It worked so hard and never let me down. And we got a beautiful Wedding invitation in the end.

For 20 invitations we used:

30 sheets of 8.5 x 11 White Card weight cardstock (Georgia Pacific)
 You get 100 sheets for about $5.00. So for 30 Sheets. $1.50
48 sheets of SU 8.5 x 11 cardstock (Always Artichoke) $11.00
20 sheets of SU 12 x 12 cardstock (Mellow Moss) $7.50
20 sheets of Bisque Satin paper $2.00 (biglots deal)
3 rolls of Organza ribbon "Sage" $3.00
2 rolls of Satin ribbon "Ivory"  $4.00

Total cost: $29.00  And lots of hours of love. And My daughter knowing I made them by hand makes them extra special.

You can see some of the other decorations, Center pieces, Flower bouquets, Wedding Cake Card box, Guest frame and other things in the wedding pictures in a video slide show on Lisa Hunts website.

Okay, these are country kids. so you will be looking at a Southern Wedding,  and yes, you will see the guys in jeans, boot, and a nice dress shirt. The girls are dressed in beautiful dresses we ordered with out seeing in person, glad that worked out.  And yes, the girls even the bride changed into their boots durning the reception. Those kids sure know how to dance. We all had a great time and will remember it for ever.

I will be adding new Wedding files to store in the next few weeks. Includeing this Wedding invitation file. Have a lot to package up for you on that.

But in the mean time. If you didnt get the Store newsletter, you need to sign up to get it HERE. We are changing it and adding a bunch of stuff. There is a free file in this one.  And I also posted my sale.  Which if you didnt get the newsletter.

Here is the sale.  You get 40% off all my files in my part of the store. Untill March 27th.

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Monday, March 15, 2010

New Store Newsletter!

Have yall seen the NEW Store Newsletter.  Its just Awesome!  I love the new look, and it will get even better in the coming months.  There is a free file on this one.  So make sure you go get it, and sign up to subscribe to the others.  Right now, we have 2 news letters a month.  You dont want to miss any, so sign up.

Also, Today is March Grab Bag Reveal.  So stop by the forum to check it out the images.  And get ready for the next weekly challenge "Show us your grab bag" projects using this months grab bag files.

Im keeping this short today, Im really trying to get caught up so I can post some other things. Like the Wedding invitations I made.  Right now, im weeding 22 items for Champaign glasses. Man, do I hate weeding small stuff.  Its so hard to keep the tiny centers.  So let me get back to that.

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

What a beautiful Weekend

The sun in shinning bright, and the weather is just right.  I am trying to get caught up on a few things im behind on, so I can work on other things. 

I helped my hubby get the garden ready for planting in a week or so.  We are going to try raised beds this year.  Every year we try some thing different, so this is the 4th year, and 4th thing we are trying.  I still plan to use the home made Self watering containers for a few things like tomatoes, peppers, herbs. 

We tilled the garden by hand as the gas tiller had a pull cord issue.  We cut down 2 small trees.  Then moved a Crape Myrtle that was in the corner of the garden, and moved it next to the pool.  So we have about 30 square feet more in the garden.  Then built the super easy raised planters.  We are now going to extend the size of the boxes so tomorrow have to get a 8 more boards.  to make 2 raised beds 3 feet wide by 18 feet long. Then put down the weed cloth, and mulch, and order a truck load of soil and compost.  Then plant. Woo hoo!  Hopefully will have a weed free garden this year.

 I also spent the spent the past 5 days helping my friend do a special project.  But I will wait for her to tell yall what that was.  So proud of how hard she worked this week. 

Now, im creating files for my SIL sons wedding, and cutting the vinyl for the Signs, and Glasses.

And trying to catch up on some stuff for the forum. Man, I so need a vacation.

Sorry its been about a week since my last post, just trying to get caught up so I can start working on a ton of new files. 

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Wedding was beautiful

Wow, what a fun time, The bride was beautiful, The groom and grooms men were so handsome in their western wear.  And the Brides maids and Maid of Honor, were absolutly beautiful. You get a bunch of young country kids together and your bound to have a fun time. Man, the photos and videos are so funny.  And those country boys can dance.  Melissa was in there with them full wedding dress and all,  After the reception, all the kids went to one of the kids house and had a huge party. I glad every one had a great time.

Im really worn out, and what I feared would happen, did  happen .  I fell yesterday, right before the wedding started and now have a sprained right ankle and a broken toe on the left foot, so in lots of pain today,  So keeping it short.

But I wanted to post the link to the pictures already being loaded, There will be more and more added so just keep checking back . Lisa Hunt Photography

Have a great day,

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Busy Day and CT Sample

Did you all see the creative team blog today,  Aussie Caz posted her latest creation using my file. RM00043.
love the colors she used.  You can check out the card on the RSMobleys Designs Creative Team Blog.

Wow what a busy few days.  Monday, we had to run around town and find a puffy Crinoline. You see, 6 months ago, when my DD got engaged, she ran out and bought a wedding dress.  And it just happens to have a full skirt with a big traine. And I thought it needed a big crinoline. Well she says, NO, I dont want it puffy.  Well. this week, I had her try on the dress so I could alter it and make it bustle as it didnt.  And had her try it with some tule under there, and she saw how nice it looked,  So the hunt was on.  We called all over town no one had one as this is prom season. We found on the next city over, and ran to get it, she only had one left. Whew. It fit. And my DD tried on the dress with the crinoline and wow. what a difference  it made, She just stood there looking in the mirror.  I don't think she wanted to take the dress off, LOL! 

So then on Tuesday, We did a few things like, Getting glasses for the drinks, and then came home and filled all the Wedding favors with candy and tied the ribbons on.  Then, ran around the house, getting every thing we have been storing for 6 months, and put every thing in the corner of the living room, so its all in one place when Friday comes.

Today, I spent the day over at Jills helping her organize and sort her stamps, Next week, will be helping her finish or Totally finish her new scrapbooking room. I told Jill today, By next week she will be organized whether she likes it or not, LOL! 

Now tonight, we are putting together the 50 bows we ordered the other day. And getting ready for last minute stuff tomorrow.   And Friday is set up and decoration day,

Saturday is the big day! 

Whew, Im pooped.


Monday, March 1, 2010

March Grab Bag

Do you know what today is?  Yep,  It's March 1st.  That means it time to change out the Monthly Grab bag.  (as always,) you can click the picture up in the top left corner, to take you to the store for the Grab bag if you ever need a fast link. There it is. 

Here it is... Get it early at $7.00!! Filled with some titles, cards, borders, bunnies, flowers .. fun fun.. a great mix and extra to add to your collection of cutter files. Some of these cutter files will give just the right finishing touch!!
March's Theme is
Flowers & Bunnies
and more...
This months designers are..
Card-i-ology Creations, Little Creations,
and  Chris Durnan.
There are 12 zips to download that are packed with cuts.

Lots of potential!
There are no basic boring shapes in this set..
lots of layers and cuts in each file.
Three designers each month from the "More" Team
will collaborate in a different themed grab bag.
You can purchase this grab bag filled
with files for $7.00 until the 14th of the month.
This set will only be offered together for one month.
Retail value for individually
purchased files is $29.00 !!!!
On the 15th of the month, we will reveal the package
and increase the price to $8.00
This set will never be wrapped and bundled
together again with different designers
 after the month of February!
So get it at such a great value before the end of the month.
Files are immediately ready for download.
Files offered by Card-i-ology Creations are in the following formats
Files Offered by Little Creations are in the following formats:

Files offered by Chris Durnan are in the following formats

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Creative Team Blog

Do you notice some thing different on the Right side bar.  Maybe a new Button.  Yep. There is a new one with a touch of pink. I put this one there for now, till I figure out how to make a new pretty one.

I created a new blog just for my Creative team to submit their submissions to.  So they will all be in one place, and easy for you to check out.

I haven't been at this that long, so there are only a few post there so far.  But this will grow. So keep watching.
I currently have 3 Creative team member, Jill C,.  Aussie Caz,  Elizabeth (Scramper 75).

You can click the picture on the left  to take you to the CT Blog. Or you can click this one.  So you know what it looks like.   

                           RSMobleys Designs Creative Team Blog
So what do you think of the new CT Blog.  What else would you like to see here.

Thanks for stopping by,