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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What a day! Got a lot done!

Im trying to get the last few things done before the Wedding next weekend. Wow, 6 months goes fast.

So today, I had to do some running around to find a tent for the Caterer and food. If we are going to pay a lot of money to rent one, I might as well buy one and use it later for like either our boat or Pop up camper right.
So I did some searching online last night, and found the perfect thing. But with only a little over a week left, I didnt want to take the chance on some thing happening so I ran around town today to see if I could find it and I did.  And a lot cheaper.

So this is what we got for the caterer.  We are having a back yard wedding, and the reception is in side, a huge building.  But we want a big dance floor inside as its an evening wedding so need covered space outside. That is covered and we can close the side walls if need be.   So what do you think about this, We love it.
Shelter logic Canopy with Extensions.  It expands from a 10 x 20 with 2 side walls to a 24 x 20 open covering, and you can put down the sides if need be.

I went to Pep boys and got the top 10 x 20 canopy on sale for 89.99 with a $10 rebate, then the Expansion kit  for 89.99,  Then I went online and pirnted out a $10 coupon so only paid   $159.  And no shipping. And I can use it after to cover the boat and camper.  Woo Hoo! Score. LOL!

So then went and got some other things we needed for the location, We are using a extended family members house, they have lots of weddings there, and in exchange for the use.  They only ask that you do the yard work, as they are both old and cant do it.  So we went and raked last week, and pressure washed, and this weekend painting the pergola and swing and putting in new mulch and it will be beautiful.

Then, thanks to Auntie Jill, We were able to get all the bows out of the way, Even more then we had planned, we needed at least 19 bows, Ivory color, at least 8 inches wide, with lots of loops and the ribbon at least 2 in wide. .  All my daughters requirements.

  So we bought a bowdabra, and were going to try and make them tomorrow, but got to thinking about how much the ribbon would cost. So I asked Jill if she knew where to get Pull string bows,  In town, we were going to drive around and look tomorrow,  but she found what we needed online, So we got them all ordered. and wow. what a deal,  If you need bows, You need to get them from this place.  Paper Mart . 

We got every thing we were looking for, Ivory, 8 inch bows with 20 loops, and 2 3/4 wide ribbon.  We needed 19 sparingly.  But we got 50 pull string for $24.95.  And we ordered the matching ribbon 100 yards ( 300 ft) for $5.25. So now we can go bow nuts in the decorations. LOL!

And if you don't know what pull string bows are,  they are super cool, really pretty, and so fast to make,  You just hold the ends, and pull the sting, and BAM!  You have a beautiful bow.  You can watch a video from the place we bought it here "Pull String Bow Video". I bought some at Dollar tree last year,  I love them.  And the shipping wasnt bad either, Fed ex $9.  So for $44.00,  We are getting 50 - 8 inch bows with 20 loops and 600 feet of ribbon.

I also ordered the Corrugated White Sign blanks 18 x 24  & post and the Vinyl for to make the wedding sings.  Will be here in a couple days.  I only order from H & H Sign Suppy. Love them and their customer service, and cheap prices. 

Now I have a free play day tomorrow to work on my challenge for this week at the VDBC,  Stay tuned.  I will post it on Thursday.

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