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Saturday, February 20, 2010

What a day at Stampfest!

Wow!  Just got back from Stampfest by the Bay in Clearwater Florida,  Man, It was packed, I havent seen that many people there in a few years.  We got there 20 minutes after they opened and there was no where to park.  We parked out in a grass lot, and walked a little ways. 

We got in and oh my!  People every where.  So if you have ever wondered what its like to go to Stampfest.  Well,  I will tell you.   Its like a trip to a theme park.  You work your way though the crowds, wait your turn to see things up close.  And spend all your time standing in 3 lines.  The only thing different is, no actual rides and every thing there is for rubber stamping, inking chalking, bling, cuttle bug stuff and spellbinders.

The first place we always go to is Marco's Paper.  The have the best prices, great deals, really cool stuff. Lots of give aways, and drawings.  We never stay long enough for those. But it is always the first place we go.  Man, Took us about 20 minutes just to make it to the spellbinders part of the store. Bought one spellbinder and got a free pack of paper with 100 pieces in it. Nice! Then we must of stood in one of the 2 lines for over 30 minutes if not more. When we got out of there, we felt like we had been though the ringer.  Wow!  And that was just the first place. 

So we did a walk though of most of the store,  and actually stood in line most of the day at the 3 places we bought stuff from.

So, what did I buy.  I had my list in hand, and only found one thing on it, so im going to be shopping online this week. 

At Marco's I bought one of the new dies, Lables 13 spellbinders die     It was 20% off and an additional 2.00 for bringing in the flyer from the mail.  So not to bad, I just love the oddness of this die.  Its beautiful.

I bought the really cute Rabbit stamp. #3641 (Click the picture to see it better) from Rubber Cottage for 6.50 unmounted. It's 5 in X 3 inches.  Beautiful! Love the old, realness of the Rabbits,  Not cutesy at all.

Next we went to  Heartfelt Creations.  I had seen these online a few weeks ago, so was super excited to find them in person and check them out.  The thing about these stamps that makes them special is that, they are designed to fit the spell binders dies. Matching Nestabilities Stamps.  So instead of stamping and hand cutting them out,  You just use the Spellbinder dies.  For the perfect cut and then emboss. 

I bought 2 sets today, . I already have the Blossom die.  And I got this set to go with it. HC 226B Roses 
You can stamp, emboss, color then cut and do several layers like you can with the Holly Berry House Stamps.  Which, I also love and have several of.  Okay so the 2nd set I got was HC227D Pansy Flower and figured I would just order the matching Peony die online, but we stopped at Joanns's to return a hand punch I bought that would not punch,  And Jill had seen they just got in spellbinders, Yes, at Joanns.  so we looked and they only had one left, and yep, it was the Peony.  So Jill let me get it, as I had the stamps for it, and the 50% coupon and whats mine is hers and vise versa.  So I got it for $13.  That was great.   Wonder how long before they put you can use coupons on those, Jeez! 

Then, when I got home.  There was happy mail waiting for me.  Yep.  The Justrite "Breath of Spring" stamp set and oval block I won on the Justrite Stampser blog came. These also fit the spellbinders dies as well. There is a compatibilities chart on their blog.  Woo hoo!  Awesome day, 

Now back to working on wedding stuff, Only 2 Weeks left. Then design more files, And some test cutting. 

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Jill said...

Glad your just rites came! I'm just WHUPPED! I came home and painted my scrapbook room!

Sharon said...

Cool! On your way to a organized scrap room. Let me know if you need help, You know I will be there for ya! After the wedding that is. LOL!


2KutiesGrandma said...

Is there a way to get on an email list or something to find out about this for the next time? I am not all that far away (over on the other coast in NE Florida) and I would have loved to come over for something like this. Sounds like it was great fun!!!

Sharon said...

Just for Fun is the Stampfest information center. Contact them, and ask to be added to email list for Stampfest, I dont see it on the site to get newsletter.


The next stampfest is in Orlando, June 18-20, More infomation will be posted a few weeks before, with class sign up and shopping information. I will also post about it when the time comes.