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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Won!!!! I Won!!!!

I am so over joyed right now, one because, I won my first blog candy, and second, because its JustRite Stampers.   Woo Hoo!

I was planing to buy this set this weekend at Stampfest, but now I have it.  And couldn't be more excited.

I just started buying these stamps after watching them for almost a year.  And got them all organized in my DVD cases. JustRite Stamp Storage     I have only had them a short time, and been busy with starting my cutter files in store.  But I have made  one card, and a tag for a wedding layout using the stamps unmounted.  That was cool.       Post and cards with JustRite stampers here.   I have now scheduled a free play day for every week, so you will be seeing more things with these stamps.  Just love them!

Okay, so here is what I won, Breath of Spring set and Oval Stamper

I was to leave a comment with my favorite Valentines gift, And how we are celebrating this years. Here is my comment.

"My favorite valentine gift was. About 20 years ago. I had taken a job when my youngest was about 1 year old. To help pay her medical bills. I worked all the way across town. And one day, I was leaving work and went to get in the car, and on the set was a gift, and a note for Valentines day, It was a beautiful gold bracelet with aquamarine heart. My birthstone for the next month. I was so shocked he would drive all the way other there and leave that in the car for me. It was so sweet.

We opted not to do valentines this year as we are planning our daughters(same one from above) Wedding in 3 weeks, Then my birthday 2 weeks later, then our 25th Wedding anniversary the following week. So Just going to celebrate them all at one time."

So Excited,  And stamp fest is this weekend. Wowzer! What a great week.  Thank you JustRite!

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Caroline said...

Congratulations ! what a win! Love your Valentine's story :)