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Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Freebie

Wow, Is it Friday Already?  Where did the week go?

I apologize for the delay, I have been so busy and then cutter blade issues.
I got my new blades yesterday, and let me tell you,  When you try every thing you know,  from changing pressure several time, several different kinds of paper, Blade depth several times, new mat, and double checking nodes in the file.  And using the same original blade, several times a week, for who knows how many thousand cuts in 14 months.  Its just time to order a new blade.  And let me tell you, What a difference makes. 

I have been unhappy with the same paper I have been cutting for a couple years, and now I know why, I needed a new blade, and it now cuts like butter like it used to.  So I now have 2 new blades, and the old as a back up.  So I should be good for 2 more years, Right! LOL!

Well, I just couldn't sleep, thinking about this file I wanted to get out today.   So I worked on this file. I knew there was one part, that wold be tricky and wanted to make sure it cut great for you all.  So I ended up redesigning this one section, and re-cutting it 6 times. and it now cuts perfect.   

So here is your freebie file.  I made this for my DH for Valentines day,  Here is the file,  But I cant post my card yet as I don't want him to read my blog and see the finished product.

Can you figure out what part was the tricky part.  Yep,  the chain,  I didn't want to loose the detail so I kept reworking it till it cut perfect.

This is the actual picture of the cut file so you see it cuts.  I always use actual cut file for my pics.  I used black in this so it wasn't so girly. But im rethinking the paper,  But that is a surprise.

I usually cut my cards to fit A2 size cards (4 1/4 x 5 1/2).  I do this because, if it cuts fine to fit a small card, then it will cut even better the bigger its cut for either a larger card or even a layout.

To show you this will fit a A2 card, here is a picture of the smallest parts of the file.  The chain, Key and Heart with Key hole.  You can see how small these cut,  The hear is 5/8 x 5/8,  the key is 1 3/8 long and smallets is 1/8 and biggest is 4/8,  The chain I cut at 3 1/2 x  3/8.  I cut this out of cardstock but I bet the chain cuts super out of vinyl. That would be a cool look.

Here is a little tip for you,  Cut the small part  Slow. And when you cut out the chain, remove from the mat very carefully.  If you have some little parts still stuck,  Turn it over, and take a emery board and sand the back sill you see a good outline of the cuts.  Then just pick it up and use your finger to flick it, and all the pieces will come out.  It works good.

I will leave this file up for free until Midnight Saturday as Im posting it late today and my feed don't go out till after mid night tonight.  So every one will have a chance to download it.  So pass the wordk, and tell your friends.


File includes AI, GSD, KNK, WPCv14 & SVG Sets

Hope you like the file and are able to make some last minute cards.

Thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

That chain is awesome. Thanks for sharing the cute vday file. Games

Nicole said...

I discovered the same thing about blades not too long ago. I was so cheap, I didn't buy a new blade. Now I'm kicking myself for all the ruined paper I wasted!

Lisa said...

Oh wow, this chain is great! Thanks so much for sharing!

Caroline said...

gorgeous file Sharon, as always!

Kerry Stanek said...

Beautiful work! TFS!

Sharon said...

Thank you so much for the awesome comments.

I cant wait to show you the finished card.


Lisa Avolio said...

Thanks for the great file with so many pieces. The chain looks especially interesting.

Sharon said...

Thanks Lisa, And you know, When I cut this file, I said to myself, Hmm! not many pieces in this file, compaired to the rest of my files. LOL!

And dont be afraid of the chain, I promise, I cuts fine. Its only in two parts, the top black and the bottom gray.

Read my tip on getting the pieces out.

Post if any one has any questions.


moovet said...

Thanks so much Sharon! This file is perfect for my last minute valentine for my man.
And I loved the wedding card box you posted the other day. I want that file and I will be checking vdbc for that and all you new files (I already have most of the ones there now LOL)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Sharon for a perfect file!! It cuts like a dream and fits the quarter cards which I prefer. Where did you find the font Gillibld? I would like to get this font as it cuts so nicely.


cal8007 said...

Hi Sharon,

I love your svg file; but when I went to download it, I received an alert that a Trojan was downloading. I had to abort the download. Would you be kind enough to send it to me? I appreciate it very much!

Thank you for you hard work, I appreciate it!


cal8007 said...


I forgot to add my email in case you want to send me the file.


Sharon said...

Hi Carmen, I sent you the file. I got that message from one other person, but I scaned the file with 3 different programs, and it didnt find any thing.

I also got some reports that there was trouble downloading the file from 4 shared. But it is working.

Any one know of a better free download site?


Cathie in UT said...

Oh shucks I just got the message about the file. Oh well gonna put your blog on my favorites and hopefully not miss the next one! LOL