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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Font used in Friday Freebie RM00043

I wanted to thank every one for the awesome comments every one has left on my blog, and the yahoo groups and Visual Designs by Chris Forum.  It sure does make a person feel good to know their hard work is appreciated..  And I promise, I will leave more comments on blogs I visit. 

I want to thank Joan, for leaving a confirmation comment below, that the file cuts like a dream.  I know several are a little scared of the details in the Chain.  But I promise you,  I removed thousands of nodes by hand, and re drew lines.  Just to keep the detail and make sure it cut well. 

Being a card maker, My files are usually designed to be cut small enough to fit a A2 card.  Which is the small cards.  But that also means, they will cut perfect for any thing larger then A2.  So thats good all the way around right?

About the fonts: I do add the font used to the KNK files as a note as it will not cut,  But I take it out of all the other file types as im not sure how to make it a note with out cutting, I dont want that to be a problem.   So those that use the KNK file you can see what font I used.  Also,  I almost always use a font in KNK studios.  So its easy to find if you need to make a matching title. 

Now. Some fonts, I really like but they are just to narrow is some spots.  So If I alter the font any for reason example.  In my wedding cake card box.  That font is in KNK studios.  But it is really skinny in some places.  So I Weld the word, and fix any thing like jogged lines from where the weld is.  (Yall know what im talking about)   and then I select the word, Tranform, Outline, One time. (is usually enough)  then I delete the original word.  And its perfect.   And I do add notes to the font.  like,  ("Font name" x outline .02,  Mat 1 outline .06, Mat 2 outline .06)  So that meants, I used the font after outline as the first font..  and then the first mat was outlined 3 times which is .06,  and same for the 2nd mat. 

This way,  It tells you what to do if you need a matching file.  (or you can just email me and let me know which file and the title you need made)  I would be happy to do that for you.   And it also remindes me what font I used, so when others ask, I know.  LOL!  I also almost always edit the centers of letters.  Usually making them bigger or change the shape or some thing.  All for a better cutting file.

In this Freebie friday Valentine file.  The font used was in KNK Studio.  Gillibld,    (in the script drop down)  but I did a google search and found one to match,  For all yall that dont have KNK software,  So you can download it for free.  Gillies Blod

Thank you so much for loving my file.  I promise to have more added to store and occasional freebies for you all once we are done with the wedding,  Its only 3 weekends away, so only 2 left to get every thing done. 

Just ask if you have any more questions or need a special file made, I always take request. 

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