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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Spellbinders Nestabilities Storage

If you have been following my scrapbooking storage organization, (label on the left or click here) You may have seen I have been putting my only 8 sets in the PSB.  And it was working great.  But with the amount of Cuttle bug folders and dies I have in there, its getting really heavy with the embossing plates and all.

So decided to move my Spellbinders to a different storage that I already use and really like.   Do you remember my stamp storage for all my Unmounted stamps and Justrite Stampers.  I like it so much, that, I ordered more DVD cases, and am going to store the spellbinders in there. And if I decide to change, I can just move the magnetic sheets to different PSB (Paper sticker binder).

So to start go to Sleeve City to order these DVD cases. ( 8th one down on this page. Super Jewel Box DVD Cases King-the more you order, the cheaper they are)  Order lots, you will love them.

Next, Go to Lowes, and get these Magnetic Vent Covers, made by frost king,  you get 3 heavy duty magnetic sheets in a pack for $4.60.  (Look where the AC vents are) These measure 8" x 15" and you get 3 per pack.

Next, Cut to the size you want.  I laid then out on the magnetic sheet to get perfect fit.  I tried with the cut side down so I would have the flat side to write on, but they didn't stay to good, so flipped them over so the flat side is touching the magnetic sheet, now they don't fall off. I was able to get 2 oval sets, 2 scalloped oval sets, 2 rectangle sets and 2 scallop rectangle sets on one sheet. So that's pretty good.

Then, I used a fine tip sharpie, and marked the dies, starting in the center and going larger in size,  S for Small, L for Large and the number in the set. This is what the Justrite Stampers blog suggest so it matches the new chart.

I used Score Tape to put 4 strips on each side, for the magnetic sheet to stick to. This is how it looks with score tape on the right, and already stuck on the left.  And the case closes and stays closed with the locking tab on the case. 

With the Thick DVD cases,I was able to fit both small on one side, and both large on the other side, so you have the whole set of 4 in one DVD case.  On bigger sets, one sticks to the side, and the other just lays on top, but still able to get all 4 sets in one DVD case.  Then Label the spine, and sit on your shelf.  Then just look and grab the one you need .  And these are easy to take with you like this.

I think I need a bigger shelf to hold all my DVD cases, between the SU stamps in their boxes and all my unmounted, and now the Nestabilities, My shelf is now full.   Actually, I need my own scrap room.  One day I will have that, but for now, Im still in the dinning room,

Have a Happy Crafty Day.



Caroline said...

what a great idea! Thanks for sharing :)

Amity Knight said...

Do you find it frustrating getting them out of the case each time to use them?
I love the idea and think I might need to do something similar. Where do you store the cases?

Sharon said...

No, not at all, I love this system. It keeps they all together. The magnet isn't super strong, just enough to hold them in place.

And the DVD cases I use. have a push button so the case just pops open.