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Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Cutter Files In store

Im  trying to get a head on some files as the next 2 month will be busy with Wedding preparations.  So I loaded to store today. 3 Different Valentines Cards. Also adding pictures of the cards I made with these files.

Click the red title link above picture to take you to the file in store. 

                                 Valentines Card 1 RM00039

The first card has A swirly Mesh back ground mat, That overlays on your card. A large Heart with a Scalloped heart mat, and comes with 2 titles for you to choose from.  "Happy Valentines Day" & " Be My Valentine" .  Here is my card sample with this file.

Note, in this file, I made this file, then changed the back mat and welded it to the red frame. Its now one piece so it cuts easier for you.   Used stickles on the scalloped mat.

                                 Valentines Card 2 RM00040

This card has a cute heart mesh back mat. With 2 hearts and 2 Scalloped mats.  Also comes with 2 titles for you to choose from.  "Happy Valentines Day" & "Be My Valentine".   And here is a sample of the card I made using this file.

I turned the mat and hearts side ways for this card . Stitched the edges, and used stickles on the edge of the scallped hearts.

                                  Valentines Card 3 RM00041

This is card 3 Has the heart mesh back mat, but also has a pink mat, one large Heart, and a very detailed, Eyelet lace Scalloped heart.  Also includes 2 titles for you. "Happy Valentines Day" & Be My Valentine".  Here is my card sample.

As you can see in this picture sample, the file cuts fine, but know that the circles are very small, so cut slow, and check your blade depth and pressure. Also note that white takes in more moisture, so use a heat gun or hair dryer to dry your paper first. You will be amazed how much better cut you get. 

Hope you like these valentines for your special some one.  If you have a request for a special file. Or some thing you need.  Let me know, I would be happy to create it for you, And you will get that file free.

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Anonymous said...

Your timing could not be better. I saw these come into the store last night and bought them immediately. I will be putting them to good use for Valentine's Day. Thanks you so much!!!

Sharon said...

Your welcome and Thank you so much, for your comment, I hope you enjoy the files. Would love to see your finished products.


Caroline said...

These are gorgeous Sharon! I love them all!