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Friday, January 15, 2010

January Grab Bag Reveal!

Woo Hoo!  I can finally tell you about what is inside the January Grab bag.  I'm one of the 3 designers for this month and have really enjoyed the first run. It has been a success.  And we will have a new one every month. With a mix of 3 new Designers and a few from Chris. How exciting is that?

As you know, This grab bag has been a secret except for a few clues left in the comments of all 3 designers blogs.  So you may know what 3 of the 11 files are.  And yes, There are 11 files in this bag, and the market value of those 11 files is $27.00.  And you have been getting this for only $7.00.  What an awesome deal.  But, With the Reveal, the price goes up to $8 which is still an awesome price.

These files will never be sold as a set ever again, they will go on individule sale in Feb. at a higher store price.  So you should "GRAB" them now.  Before the end of January.

Oh!  If you want to get them before the prices goes up, you better hurry before Chris gets up in the morning and changes the price.

Thanks to every one that bought the grab bags and made this a success.  I cant wait till its my turn again.

Okay, now for the Reveal!  Here is a picture of all the files in the Grab Bag!,

  I bet you love then and want them now. LOL!  And in case you didnt find the link on how to get the grab bags.  You can find it here.  "January Grab Bags".

UPDATE: Here are bigger pictures of my files in this grab bag. These files are only available in this Grab bag for now. 

This was cut to fit a card for the Happy Couple for either Engagement, Wedding , Or any thing. Can also be used for layout pages.  Has Title and 2 Doves holding Ribbon with hearts on the ends.

My Heat Blooms for You.  With the flower pot with Heart shaped Flowers. Cut small enough for a card, And can be resized for any thing.  Would make a cute Valentines card or just a general Love you card.

This is my first luminary. And just love it. The size is 4 x 4 so will fit around a votive or larger candle.  I included the vellum layer file as well.  After this picture, I though about crumpleing up the vellum to give it a distressed look. I think that would look awesome.  You can use this for valentines.  Or Wedding and change to any color, or just a every day look.

Hope you like my files. 

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