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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Feed Burner Post and Grab Bags

 Sorry no post for a few days, Im busy trying to figure out my new laptop with Windows 7,  man is it confusing coming from XP.  But im getting things moved over, software installed, and trying to find update drivers for stuff.  Lots of work.

So thought I would just check in and see how the feed burner post are going?

I had set this up last week, I think, and set it up to deliver my post between 3-5 am.  As im up most of the night till 3 am, and usually type my blog post at night after 12 when every one is in bed and the emails are pretty quiet.
So how is it going?  If you signed up, are you getting the email updates?  And at what time are they being delivered?  I think the are off, but need your input on delivery times. So I can check that out.

So if you could, Let me know what time your getting your delivery. Also, if the delivery day matches the post date.  

VDBC:  We have a great discussion going on at the forum on how I store my stamps.  If you want to check it out, stop on by.  Dont forget to register so you can post. "Stamp Storage" How do you?

Also, Dont forget about the January Grab Bag,  for just $7.  The reveal is on the 15th and the price goes up! So get them now.

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