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Monday, January 18, 2010

Creative Team Sample RM00041

Here is a beautiful card done by Aussie Caz.  She used my Valentine Card RM00041 to make this card,  I love how she used the entire file in this one.

On the front is the Heart mesh in Gold paper and the eyelet scalloped heart with one title.

And then on the inside, she used the included second title and all the extra hearts from the mat cut out.  That was clever.

Thank you Caz for using my files.  Its always awesome to see what others do with my files.

Okay, so no post in a few day,  I have had the flu since Wed. last week, and been in bed since Thurdsay.  Not feeling to posty.  Just keeping up with email and the forum.  But im out of bed today and feeling better. Still worn out but on the mend.  So im hopeing to finish my layout, yes, I said layout,  I started a 2 page layout last week, and got sick the next day, Hm!! wonder if that is what made me sick, LOL!   I dont do layouts.  Just kidding.  Im sure its this wacky weather we have, it was 16 on night and we had the air on the next day it was in the 70's,  That's Florida for ya, But would not trade for snow at all.  LOL!

I did manage to take apart my daughters veil and redo it to her likeing.  She bought one, and sorta liked it.  and now she loves it.  Pics to follow after wedding, Remember, Im sworn to no pictures till after.  We have a few weeks left. So check back then. 

Okay, off to try and get my house clean, amazing no one does any thing while your sick in bed. Jeez!.

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Caroline said...

Hope you feel better soon Sharon, I know how you feel. Although not the flu, I had a really bad sinus attack yesterday... and our Temps went from 43C to 21C ... no wonder we get sick!