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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Checking In!

Just thought I would check in, I havent posted in a couple days.  Im  here and there. Doing so much.  I had the flu for 5 days, got over that, was feeling pretty good for a couple days, then yesterday, I woke up with a head cold.   Yep, that is normal for me. One of my many medical problems is CFIDS.  So I have a low immune system and when I get sick, I keep it for a while. 

Im working on getting past that, loaded up on cold med this morning and my daughter and I did some Wedding shopping this morning for last minute stuff like table cloths, few more flowers, Glass Letter for Cake topper, Wedding Album, Still cant find floating candles, so guess I need to order them online, Looking for 3 inch round ivory, every one only has white.

Then came home, and went floor shopping and got new wood floor for the house (DH decided this is the week to do it. Is he nutz! Yep!), then to harbor freight for a new 40 tooth carbide tip blade,  and some other errands.

Then went to look for a house my Daughter and Fiance are looking at to buy. Now home and making dinner.

So yep, Im exhausted!  What a day.

I have so much going on in the next few weeks, I will be here and there over the next few week.  And hopefully back in full swing of file designing and making cards, and Wedding layouts in a couple weeks. 

Just wanted to let yall know why im MIA a bit for the next few weeks.

But in the mean time, make sure you stop by the VDBC, they have all kids of stuff going on, Like, This weeks Challenge,  Using the files in the Jan grab bag, If you have it, make you post your creations.

Also, we have the Birthday Card Swap Sign up.

Also, dont forget, The January Grab bag will only be on sale until Jan 31.  So you better hurry, you dont want to miss this one time event. These files will be grouped together.

Stop by and Say Hello!

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Caroline said...

oohhh! I hope you feel better soon Sharon!