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Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Sale and Grab Bag

If you got the newsletter for the VDBC forum.  I posted my sale for New Years day! Well, wanted to let you know, I went ahead and set it early.  So All my files are on sale 50% off from now through the next few days. (Discount shows in cart)

And dont forget to pick up the New January Grab Bag.  A $27 value for only $7.  The reviews so far have been awesome!  So stop by, read the post below for more details.

Have a Safe and Happy New Year!

"Announcement" ! Are You Ready for This?

It's Here!  It's Here!   "January Grab bag of File"

January's Theme is
Love & Hearts

This months designers are..
Card-i-ology Creations, Darcy's Designs,
RS Mobley Designs
and a few additionals from Chris Durnan.

There are over 10 files with many cuts included for titles, month of January, card front, luminary and so much more....
There are no basic boring shapes in this set.. lots of layers and cuts in each file.

Three designers each month from the "More" Team
will collaborate in a different themed grab bag.
You can purchase this grab bag filled
with files for $7.00 until the 14th of the month.

This set will only be offered together for one month.

Retail value for individually
purchased files is $27.00 !!!!

On the 15th of the month, we will reveal the package
and increase the price to $8.00

This set will never be wrapped and bundled
together again with different designers
 after the month of January!

So get it at such a great value before the end of the month.

Files are immediately ready for download.


Files offered by Card-i-ology Creations are in the following formats
AI, GSD, KNK, SVG (single layer) & WPC

Files offered by Darcy's Designs are in the following formats
KNK, AI, WPC, SVG (single layer) & GSD

Files offered by RSMobley Designs are in the following formats
KNK, AI, GSD, SVG and WPCv14

Files offered by Chris Durnan are in the following formats

Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Shades of Blue and Yellow!

Change of plans for today, since we woke up to frost on the car.  We decided, it was not a good day for the beach.   So I went some where I have never been instead.  And let me tell you, I was in heaven, even though I couldn't make to see the whole thing.

Where Did I go?  You guessed it, IKEA.

  Wow, what an amazing place.  First we, went up stairs and ate lunch, then down stairs to shop in the Market place.  I couldn't believe how cheap the prices were.  I was a good girl. I only spent $19 plus lunch.  I bought a big blue Ikea bag for .59 great for the beach, LOL!  A new trash can for my scrap table, pack of 3 cork trivets to set hot pans on, 2 packs of 24 cream color floating candles and a pack of nice white napkins for Daughters wedding. 

I would of loved to seen the whole place, but I couldn't walk it. I asked if they had scooters, but they dont, But she did tell me they have wheel chairs, but my arms aren't strong enough to move myself with my fibromyalgia.  So we only did the bottom floor, and will do the next floor next time.

But I had fun, and loved that place.  Now only if I had the funds to really enjoy it, LOL!

Be on the look out for some Awesome News Soon!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Wedding Invitations are DONE!

Ha, Made you look! LOL! (Sorry, no pictures!)

Okay, so we finished the Wedding Invitations today.  Sandy's Reverse Print and Cut worked wonderful. And man, are they heavy, they have many layers. Have to see how much they cost to mail. Good thing we are only mailing 2. The rest are hand delivered.

Alright, so as you may have guessed, this is not a traditional wedding, My Daughter and Fiance are Country and Western, like to hunt, every friday is Bonfire night with all the friends you can gather. This is a small wedding for all their close friends, and just the parents of the bride and groom. That's how they want it.

I can tell you, this will  NOT be like those Red Neck weddings you see on TV. It will be nice and casual evening wedding. With lots of lights and candles.

I can't tell you all the details, I have been sworn to secrecy till after the wedding.   I can't share any pictures of the invitations, Flowers, or any thing else we are making till after. So in about 2.5 month, I can post pictures, and I can list the file for the Wedding Invitations in the store.  

One invitation was given out last night, and they loved it, and said, they should of had us make theirs last year. So that's a good sign.  LOL!

Does any one know where to find embossed white wrapping paper, I bought some last year to wrap the friends wedding present in, and it was beautiful and now, cant find it any where, I think it was made by hallmark.  I need it for a project, and cant find it any where. Still looking.

Have a great night, off to work on some thing else.

CT Sample using RM00009

Here is a cute little Birthday card using my Hobo Clown file RM00009.  Love the yellow glittery paper and the cut ribbon with stars.  And cant forget the pattern paper. So cute! Great Job! Caz

This file and all the rest of my files are on sale 25% off for the remainder of the year. Dec. 31st.  Discount shows in cart.You can find my in store RSMobleys Designs

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Do you need a laugh?

You have got to read this poem that was posted on the JustRite Stampers typepad post.

I laughed so hard. Here it is.

Twas the night before Christmas,
I’m glued to the tree.
I’m wondering what Santa brought just for me.
Could it be cardstock or ink pads or lace?
Or some stamps, I said, with a smile on my face.
And that’s when I heard him ... “Hi Santa” I said
He replied, “You know ... good girls should be in their beds”.
“I know I should Santa and now I’ve been caught.
But I was just so excited to see what you brought”
“Well, let’s take a look in this room where you work”.
He shook his head quickly, and left with a jerk.
I heard him exclaim as he put it in gear.
“You’ve got enough crap, I’ll see you next year!

Here's hoping that Santa doesn't see your craft rooms and that tomorrow he brings you lots of  GREAT NEW TOYS!!  
Merry Christmas from the JustRite Team!!

Did you laugh as hard as I did?


Creative Team and Sample

I now have 3 members on my Creative Team.  I have Jill C., You can see her first sample with my RM00002 Trick or Treat Overlay. She does some awesome works of art.  Next I have Sally Penny.  Works of art are to come. 

And my newest CT Member is "Aussie Caz" and here is her first sample with my file, RM00029 Christmas Overlay.

All these ladies do awesome work and I cant wait to see what they do next.

Oh, Dont forget, My sale runs till Dec 31.  You can purchase my files at 25% off till the 31st at my store RSMobleys Designs

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

To you and your family.

Its a busy day here at the Mobley house.  We got baking really late, so today is a busy day baking.  Need to finish wrapping presents.  And start on the deviled eggs for tomorrows dinner.  DD already went to Krispy Kreme Donut this morning and waited in that long line to get donuts for tomorrows breakfast. They kids have always wanted donuts for breakfast, so they could rip into the gifts.  Well, they are now 24 and 20 and still want donuts for breakfast. Hey, that's all right with me, one less meal to cook tomorrow.  And nothing is better then Krispy Kreme donuts.

Need to finish baking, and take a goodie basket to my brother and my sick neighbor.  After dinner and the house is clean, I can rest, and start organizing all my new nestabilities. Merry Christmas from me to me, LOL!

Have a wonderful day with our Family and Friends.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Card #2 with new file in store

This card was inspired by a file request by one of my Creative team members.  She asked for some thing with a Door and garland. may be 2 little trees.

So this is what I came up with, I do love it.  Its very detailed, and took me a long time to design and change. To make it a better cutting file with fewer parts.  If you know me. You know I love details, and paper piecings.

This file has,  A red door, with a framed window and bottom door pannels.  Door frame is in 2 layers, Garland drapes the door frame, with red bows,  Wreath hangs on the door window with red bow.  2 Small trees in brown planters with red box,  And I added to black lamp post with yellow lighting, and if you look close you can see white light bulbs inside.

I used white card, with Red mat and White mat embossed with cuttle bug folder.   Red sheer ribbon on the side.  Let me tell you, when you have embossed cardstock, its hard to get it to stay put, but if you use score tape, its wonderful and keeps its hold.

Here is a close up, you can see, I used different textures of bazzill paper.  I used Christmas Red stickles on the red bows, and dots on wreath.  I used Silver Jelly Roll pen on the light bulbs in the lamp post.  All the bows adn wreath are on mini pop dots.

This card is stunning in person.

I just added this card to my store, and it included in my sale that last till the 31st.  "Chrismas Door"  RM00038

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Card

This is one of my newest files, I recently loaded to store. I always test cut my files first. And use actual colors I want the finished file in, that way, I have a finished cut file when I'm done.

So this is one card I made with my Holly Jolly Tree Card RM00035 file.  This file as well as all the rest of my files are on sale 25% off till Dec. 31.  This card file is now on sale for $1.87.   

I cut this file out of the Recollections Gem stone pack, its such a beautiful shimmery paper.  I used cuttlebug embossing folder for the back ground, Red card stock and Red Ribbon.  Pretty easy card as the file is so beautiful. I didn't want to add to much.

Hope you like it. Off to finish test cutting my last 2 christmas files.

Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sale and Store updates

In honor of Christmas on the 25th.  I have put all my files in my part of the VDBC store on sale. 25% off from today till the end of Dec.  Yep, that's 2 whole weeks of shopping savings.

All my files include AI, GSD, KNK, SVG and WPCv14

This even includes all my collections at an already low prices.  So if you missed out on my 3 free 3D snowflakes, you can now get the set of 3 collection for 3.74(Discount shows in cart)

Also all my Newest files are on sales, I just added several Christmas files to store yesterday.  So if you need some Christmas cards.  I added 3 new ones to store. These would also make great layouts for your Christmas pictures.

                         Merry Christmas Cardinal Card  RM00030


                                   Holly Jolly Tree Card RM00035

If your in need of a christmas Door sign, or Window display, or may be on a tray.  How about one of these new files to store.

                                 Season's Greetings Sign RM00033

Oh yeah!  Can't get about this one.   Think about those picture you have taken where you have caught your little one getting in to some thing, or doing some thing they shouldn't.  Or Maybe sitting on Santa's lap asking him a question.  This would make a adorable layout for those pictures.

                                 What's The Cut Off For Naughty?    

Be sure to stop by and check out all the other files in my store on sale.  I will be adding a few more in the next week,  So keep checking.

Also, I have added a new Subscribe by email link on the left under the blinking Christmas picture. Make sure you sign up to receive my post via email every morning. 

Thanks for stoppy by!
Happy Holidays!


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Email Notification? Update!

Im still working on this for the best solution for you to get my post. And think I got it figured out.

I had the put the box there to put your email in, and had a friend test it, she said, that you had to do several steps. and send conformation back and all that, so I changed the code to the one that is there on the left now, above the feed burner box.  Just click the link, and put in your email address, and a passcode and thats it, Right now, I have it set to send post first thing in the morning. Will see how that works out.

Let me know if you have any problems with it, Im still learning this blogging thing. and with every ones input, I will get it figured out sooner or later, LOL! 

Hope you get my post.

I found this on What a follower is,  I just checked my Blogger page, and it shows me the list of blogs im following,  And down at the bottom, is a list of post, Note, not every one has this, they are slowly adding it.  But note, I dont get email notices of post as a Follower.  You can read more about it here:

I do sub to google reader so I get the post there, but again, have to go there to read post.  Which I dont do often.
Hope you get my post.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Email Notification?

I have had several people contact me lately to see how to get notification of my blog post.  Well, I thought if you clicked the follow button that would do it, but I hear it isn't.  So I have the subscribe button to post and comments on the left.  So if you have done that, and you get this post. Please let me know, So I can pass it on.

Will those get you email post?  What else can I put there, so you can subscribe to email notices, I didnt seen any thing in the add a gadget part.

Im still working on this, and will let you know what I find out.

Thanks for continuing watch for my post.


Chrstmas Ornaments and Freebie file

Hope you all had a great weekend,  I was pretty busy making new ornaments for my Christmas tree and then working on the homemade Wedding Invitations. now half done.

I seen this posted on one of the KNK groups. And just fell in love with them, So had to give it a try. And have to say, it was really easy, and I think they turned out beautiful.
Here is the website that was posted on the KNK group. Crafty Gift Glitter Ornaments

I used Clear glass ornaments with a iridescent glow, White ribbon with clear beads already on it, Sheer organza ribbon, White vinyl to cut the words. Future floor wax and Martha Stewart Blue, Silver and White iridescent fine glitter.

I did this and made 12 and all went well on first try, So I will tell you what I did.

I bought the 4 packs of clear bulbs at Michael  50% off.
Take the plastic cover off and sit the bulbs upright in the tray.
Remove the clip and cap, carefully.
Squirt some "Future Floor Wax" in side one bulb.

Swirl around with thumb or tape over then, sit in try, for a second, to let the floor wax run to the bottom, then swirl again, making sure you don't Shake or you will get bubbles.

After the second swirl, pour in to the next bulb and wait for it to stop dripping.

Then immediately pour in your glitter, make sure you use enough.

Cover the top with tape and your thumb.  Shake and turn till all is coated.  Set in tray.

Now take the one in tray with "Future Floor Wax"  swirl, set in tray till it drains to bottom, swirl again, pour in to next clear bulb till it stops dripping,

Take ornament with glitter in it, and pour the excess in to the one you just swirled.  And shake, Add more glitter if need be.

Continue. Till your done.

 Some other tips.  Get the big jars of MS glitter, One will do several ornaments, and still have left over.  If you use the little bottles that come in the sets.  One whole bottle will only do 4 with tiny bit left over.   Use fine glitter or the nest size up, but don't use regular chunky glitter.

For the ribbon with the beads, I bought it at Michael in the bead section, its like 9 feet or some thing. Use a coupon on it.  Take a hot glue gun, put glue around the cap, attach the ribbon, and go around, mine only had 3 strands of beads around, So I cut it off, and moved around and places the beads center of the ones on there, and hot glue the ribbon on, so now I have 6 strands of beads and looks better.

Then take 2 strands of ribbon, and make a bow. and one more to make the hanger,

If you want to put vinyl words on your ornaments, I suggest doing that first.  Before you glitter.

I have included the file I made with the words on my ornaments.  Now, I have only cut these in vinyl and it was a little tricky to weed and apply, so go slow, and use caution.

RM00106 Ornament Vinyl Words  Freebie , AI, GSD, KNK, MTC,  SVG &WPCv14  (File Now In Store Here)

I love how these look, so think  I will cut out of paper and edit if needed,  and will post that later.

Hope you make some and post back.

Thanks for stopping by!

I hope this is easy for you to understand, Sorry, I forgot to take step by step pictures.  If I make some more, I will take some pictures.

EDIT: This file now in store.

Friday, December 11, 2009

JustRite Stampers Storage

If you are like me,  you love Justrite Stampers, and have collected many sets.  Well, in the past month, I have bought my first 6 sets and some will be here tomorrow. 

So I figured I better get them organized, as most come in blister packs, and no way to keep them together after they are open.

I got to thinking about it, and decided to incorporate it in to my current stamping system.  Using the clear DVD cass.  And it works beautifuly. This is how they look inside the case. this is 2 different cases just to show you how they fit.  I used score tape on the back, and the stamps stick to it. 

I then cut the front package to fit the front of the case, and used double sided tape to adhear to the inside. So I know what the stamps are.

Then I used my lable machine to put the name of the set and the size block it needs on the side.

I can now stand them up on th shelf with the rest of my stamps. I have in these Super Jewel Box King DVD Cases.(4th one down on that page)  the more you order the cheaper per case they are.

And when, im ready to pack up and go to my friend Jill C.  House,  I put them in this cool carry case I got on clearance at walmart for 3.00.  All my justrite stamps, blocks and fonts fit, even room for embossing powders, cards, heat gun.  Oh, The white label on the wood stampers, I put on there the size font it will take on the outside,  the one in the picture shoes 6pt. & 15 pt border.  Others say, all size font center, design border only.

How do you like my Justrite stampers storage.  How do you store yours.

Thanks for stopping by,

Thursday, December 10, 2009

How to make your own Holly Berrie KNK file Tutorial

Here is how I do it,  Turn on grid, turn on snap to grid, select the pencil icon select first, (Edit Node), and make one point, go up click, over click, and back down click, and continue around, so it matches the top. (Pic 1) With snap to grid on, it will place the nodes perfect.  

Next, click apply, select the image, go to arrange, convert to polyarc (pic 2) now your nodes are circles,

and just start draging the lines in to your likeing,  (pic 3)

Now copy and paste, to make second leave, you can rotate, and weld if you like (pic 4) turn off snap to grid.  Select your color.

Circles, select circle tool,  make one circle, copy and past to make 2 others same size.  Select your color (Pic4)

Turn on fill,turn off grid,  to see your finished product, and move berries.

If you want, mat,  select whole image, Tranform, out line,  check the box, outline,  and click the up arrow, make sure you select a different color. and you will see your mat grow. 

 Password is: rsmobleysdesigns_IAGTU
Down load file here HollyBerries 


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cloud 9!

Yep! that's what im on after buying this paper kit, well, make that the last 4 they had, LOL!

I had to run to biglots this morning, and they had so much cool scrapbooking stuff. But, being on a strick budget, I had to restist buying it all.  And had to choose wisely.  Well,  I picked up this beautiful Christmas paper kit my Cloud 9 Designs called "Christmas Joy!.  It's so beautiful, yep, its red and green, but its the darker colors, like vintage and I like that.  This kit, has 273 pieces. 

You get::
6 double sided cardstock grade patteren paper
1 sheet of Alphabet & Number stickers
1 sheet of Rub-on elements and stiches
1 sheet of shiny rain dots
6 double sided Cardstock Quote cards
3 Sparkly Diecuts (Poinsettia and Reindeer)
2 feet of silk ribbon (1' each of red and green)

Its some of the prettiest paper I have ever seen,   Can you guess how much the kit was,  Get this.  $1.50, yep, that's it, so I got the last 4 for $6. Not bad right,  Im thinking of using this for my DD Christmas cook book of our favorite christmas recipes.

I couldnt find this paper kit online, took a picture, hopefully you can see it okay.  I did find the matching stickers and stamp set, but dont think I need those.

If your by a big lots stop and check them out, ours (Plant City, FL) had several good buys I passed up. Like, Beautiful paper kits $5.  Already finished baby boy and girl scrapbooks 8x8 i think, for $5.  Heidi grace embossed fancy chipboard 1.50, matching stickers as well.  Marth stewart ribbon pack of 6 2yard rolls (total 12 yard or 36 feet) $3 a pk,  Different colors.  I had to pass.  I did get one roll of 5 feet of MS silk white ribbon for $1.  So spent $7 on scrapping today, I was a good girl.


Monday, December 7, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

I just wanted to post and wish my Daughter and her Fiance a Happy Anniversary.  Today is their 3rd year Anniversary.  And yes we have a wedding coming up in the near future.

Sunday they went to our local state park and had the engagement pictures taken.  With a photographer that is just starting her website. Name of her website is  Lisa Hunt Photography, (Click link to see photos of Melissa & Hector)  and looking at the picture she has added so far, They are beautiful.  She is trying all kinds of photo editing to see which we like best.  One of these pictures will be on the Wedding invitations.  I think there are more pictures to be added so keep checking back.

Aren't the pictures beautiful, and they look so happy. 

Love you Melissa & Hector.


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Freebie Poinsettia 1& 2 file

This isn't the file I had plan for the freebie.  I woke up not feeling to well. So decided instead of missing the freebie today, I would just take one I really like from a file Im working on.

So for today, here is your freebie file.  This is 2 different poinsettia flowers, the flowers are the same but the green leaves are different, I couldn't decide which one I liked better, so I used both, but in 2 different files, LOL!

Each one has 2 red layers to cut in 2 shades of red,  and 2 green layers to cut in 2 different shades of green.

Now, you may think this is a simple file, but think of every thing you can do with it.  Off the top of my head, Im thinking, of how lovely these would be if you cut them larger and pop dotted the layers and put them on your christmas tree.  Or even get more creative and use a hole punch in the middle and slip over a White, Red or Yellow light.  How pretty would that be.  You can also use on your cards or scrapbook pages.  The project im working on, I used my score pal to create lines in the leaves, and used cuttle bug folder as well.  Just to change it up.  Will post a picture in a few days, when Im feeling better.


So what can you do with this file.  Poinsettia 1 & 2 
Password is rsmobleysdesigns_IAGTU No time limit on this file for now.  Enjoy!

File includes: KNK, GSD, AI, WPCv14 and SVG set.

Also, I dont know if im getting out there to AI, WPC and SVG users. So please pass my blog link (Not the file) to others so they dont miss this file and other.


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Notice: Missed Freebie Files

First let me say how honored I am that you all love my files. It means a lot to me to know you all appreciate my work. 

I have had a lot of emails asking for missed freebie files. Especially with the set of 3 snowflakes.  I have been sending the ones missed in the set, and have sent out many for the day 1 didn't have internet most of the day and only posted one for 12 hours.  Please forgive me, But I cant continue to do so.

I usually post freebie files at midnight, just because, Im always up cutting or designing at that time, and let them stay for 24 hours.  I also post it here on my blog, at the VDBC forum, and on 4 KNK groups.  (If you have another group you would like me to post at, leave me a comment with the group)

If your are not at one of these places I post, and you dont want to miss my postings, Please click the follow up on the left, You will receive emails from me when I post.  Or you can add me to your google reader.  Also, if you are on digest on the yahoo groups. Please click the follow up on the left so you dont miss my post.

Thank you for your understanding.  I will have another free file for you in a few days as soon as I cut it, I dont post any thing with out test cutting it first.  As I want the best possible cutting file for you.  I only test cut in KNK, so if you have any issues at all with other versions, Please contact me so I know what to improve.

Thanks again,

Baby Boy Card

I had the honor of attending a baby shower of a friend.  She is expecting her first child in Feb. A baby boy, no name yet.   I made this card for her.  She is also a scrapbooker so I hope she likes this card.

I used my new Justrite Stampers Baby Stamp Ensemble set. I got on sale for $5.00.  Its so cute, I also used my Spell binders Oval Nestabilities and Scallop Oval.  I watched this video on how to center your Justrite stampers just perfect with the Nest. As they were made to go together. Check out this video, it works so good. I still need some practice with the sizing of the nest with the stamps but not bad for first try.

The card was inspiration from this card I fell in love with it.  So had to make one similar.

I used blue DCWV for the card.  Stripe paper is Target dollar bin, Winter blues Christmas paper. White cardstock is Joanns, and embossed with Cuttle bug embossing folder "Baby Words".  and lightly inked with Adirondak Denium blue. Grass stamp by Rubber Stampede "Prairie Grass" and ink SU Mellow Moss and Certainly Celery.   Stamps images are from Autumn Leaves "Mindy's Zoo". These are so cute!  Images are colored with Tombow water color markers on water color paper. And heat imbossed. I colored a couple images and pop dotted the heads. Blue bear ribbon is from dollar bin at Michaels.  Other things used, Score tape, Score pal.

Hope you like it,

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Freebie 3D Snowflake3

Here is the 3rd snowflake.  This one has lots of details so cut slow.  There are little 6 point stars on this one, and detail points on the ends.

Sorry this one looks a little flat, My cat decided it was comfortable. LOL!

Freebie file includes : KNK, AI, GSD, WPCv14 & SVG

This file  3D Snowflake3 file can be downloaded until midnight tonight, Wed 02.

Thank you for downloading my free file.  Its no longer available and will be in store soon.

This is a side view so you can see the detail, Remember to cut this slow.

Remember, you can cut this larger and just use one piece as a spinner on a swivel and fishing line or ribbon.
Hope you like it.

New files in store

I posted 2 new, well old but new files in store. I Found these in my files, and converted them to all file types.

The first is the very first file I made when I got my KNK GE software. Its pretty simple but pretty if you like snowflakes, this title is for you. I cut it out and used star dust stickles on the snowflakes and on the tops of the letters, it so pretty, Hard to show that in the pictures.    Snow Flake Title

This next new old file is my first Christmas Overlay, as you can see, I created this back in 2007. But I have made 2 new titles, one for 2008 and 2009 so you have your choice of what year.

Also, If you have bought my Overlays before, then you know, I create file types for all size machines.  In the file zip fo this file, you will have a folder for KNK, AI, GSD, WPCv14 and SVG.  You will have 2 files in each one.  The first file with extention _1_ will be the normal file, with the whole overlay.  The second file with extention_2_ will have the split overlay, so that you can cut this on your smaller machine, like the Robo , WB, SIL ,Cricut or KNK Element.  And still get a full 12 x 12 overlay.  For example in this picture, the cut is in the middle and underneath the Holly at the top and the present at the bottom.  No one will ever know you cut it on a small machine.

Look for more files in store in the next few days.