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Friday, October 30, 2009

Where did this week go?

I cant believe this is friday already, Its been a busy week for me.

I was added to the store on Monday, loaded a few files I have converted, Tuesday worked on more files, Wednesday posted a freebie and loaded a few files to store, Thursday posted another freebie, loaded files to store, and went to a closing stamp store auction. And here we are on Friday. What am I doing today, I set up my picture album on VDBC forum, and working on files. And also set up a slide show on the right of my files in store so far, so I have been busy.

I was looking at my files to see what fall files I have, and, what, I only have 2, how did that happen. So I'm working on one and thinking of ideas for others but have no ideas. So help me out, What kind of file would you like to see for fall. If I use your idea, you get the file for free before it hits the store.

If you missed my freebies this week, I have them on sale in the store, this is a set of 3, the 2 from this week and one from several weeks ago as a collection, you get all 3 files at a discounted price "HERE" or if you missed one, you can get it "Here"

With Halloween tomorrow, don't for get to take pictures. I have a special on my set of 4 Halloween overlays that will make a great addition to your scrapbook. Its like buying 3 and getting one free. So check it out.

Im off to work on some fall files, or try to think of some thing any way.

Oh, dont forget to sign up to follow my blog on the left so you know when my next free be is.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Free Pumpkin File

Here are the pumpkin files I told you about earlier to go with your Trick or Treat file I posted earlier today.

This one will stay up till Noon Thursday as that's usually what time I get up, LOL!.Then I can put it in store. And get started on Fall files, I have one already that is Im favorite and cant wait to get it in the store for you.

No longer Available, Can now be found in store at VDBC forum


Free File Today!

Happy Hump Day every one! Man, week is half way done, I never know what day it is, thank goodness I have a google calendar on my desktop side bar, or I would really be lost. LOL!

So I have been working hard on converting more files, Its a long, slow, hard process using several free soft wares, But I'm looking a for a Windows version of Adobe Illustrator CS2 to buy if any one is looking to up grade to CS3 or CS4 and wants to sell your CS2 version, Let me know. I can't find one any where for Windows.

Okay so on to free file. This is part of one of the overlays I have just posted in store. I started out with the spider web a few weeks ago, and my plan was to offer a part of each overlay every week, Well, I ended up getting really sick and was in bed for 5 days, and didn't want to post file with out test cutting so I asked for some one to test it for me as I knew there was one part that might be a problem, (really small letters) and yep, It was a problem. So I didn't get it fixed or retested till last week, but then DH had surgery and he has been a handful on top of Signing up to be on the "More Team" at VDBC, So I have been really really busy, and just got the file converted last night.

So here is your file for today. Please let me know if you have any problems with the conversion. I'm learning to convert and don't know if I have every thing right. Your feedback will help me create better cutting files for you.

This file has a title "Trick or Treat" and a cute little Trick or treater in a ghost costume. File includes, " KNK, AI, GSD, WPCv14 and SVG set" and is available till midnight tonight.

I will try to get some pumpkins in the next free file to go with your Halloween pictures. Make sure you stop by "My Store" and check out my Halloween Overlays, I have 4 in store

File no longer available. Can now be found at VDBC Forum

Enjoy! Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, October 26, 2009


It's Official!

I can finally tell you my great news. You may have already guessed by some of my post, and some changes on my blog, like the new header. Well! If you haven't guessed it already. I will tell you now.

I have signed up to be a member of the "VDBC More Team" to design digital cutter files for cutting on all cutter machines. You can see my files in my part of the store "RSMobleys Designs"

Im am trying to learn all these new software's in order to convert my KNK files to other file types. So if you buy one of my files and it don't look right. Please let me know so I can fix it. Currently, I have KNK, AI, WPCv14 and SVG sets available, and I'm working on reducing the size of GSD to offer later.

I love to design in my KNK Maxx software when Im feeling up to it. And love my KNK Groove. I'm mainly a card make(merging stamping with my KNK files) and don't scrapbook but that may change now, LOL!. So I'm always looking for Ideas to help me create. So, If your looking for some thing, let me know, I take special request, and you will get the file free before I upload to the store.

I'm still working on getting settled in this new role as a designer and figuring out all these software's and how the forum works, I promise to be more active there as soon as things settle down.

I couldn't have made it this far with out all the help from Chris Durnan and Lori McDonald and the rest of the "More Team"

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, October 23, 2009

My New Software

Should be here today, by 2:00 so that's any time now.

I bought Adobe Illustrator CS2 on ebay for a really good price I think, they even overnighted it for me. So I could have it by today. So I can install and start converting my files.

I have been working so hard on converting my files, but Ink-scape just wasn't cutting it for me, I mean, it was not making files the way I wanted them(size of DXF is so huge even with editing nodes). I like my files to be very detailed, but simple enough for all users to cut. So im going to give this a try and will let yall know how it goes.

I woke up with a headache this morning, Not a migraine, thank goodness, just brain pressure from high brain fluid, it should drain through my shunt in a few hours but that triggers a different headache later today. But what this tells me is we have a storm front coming, when the barometric pressure changes, So dose my brain fluid, go figure.

Wait!!!,, knock on the door.... Yes, IT's HERE!! I love my mail man, he was across town, got a call for overnight to my house, he went got it and brought it to me at 1:20, He is go good.

Woo Hoo! Now to get it install and see what I can do with it.

SO! Have yall figured out what my announcement will be yet. I was hoping for today, but I pushed it off till Monday or Tuesday, So I could work with this software first.

Be on the look out for a post in the beginning of the week,

Have a great weekend, off to play and deal with this headache.

Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I Won 2nd Place!

Do yall remember my post about my card "Bushels of Blessing" back in Sept. This was my first card entry and first sheet load sketch card so I was excited to hear I won second place.

The contest was with Sheet Load of cards. I won a $10 gift certificate to Jessica Lynn Original Digital stamps. Woo Hoo!

You can see the winners beautiful card here. Congrats! to Dana.

Now off to take care of DH, who had his 2nd Cochlear Implant today. He is doing okay right now, but the pain meds from surgery are wearing off, and starting to feel the pain of the drilling in the ear bone and from the hole in the skull to place the unit, he will have bad pain for about a week, then it will get better. But its a long 3 months of recovery and doctor appt every week.

Oh, This was not the announcement I have been telling yall about, That announcement is still coming, and Im shooting on this weekend, if I can get every thing done in time.

Sorry about the repost, had to fix a bad link I missed in preview. Added pic of card.

See ya soon!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

New blog header

Okay, its not the greatest, but "IT"S MINE" LOL!

I downloaded the free version of paint.net. Its a scaled down version like Photo shop but free. You can do layers and stuff, Its pretty cool. I have never used this or photo shop and have never done digital scrapbooking even though I have been collecting free digi kits for over a year, Don't ask why. I guess just because I can, and some day will learn it, may be now, since I have this cool program.

So made my new header for my blog. I used my picture of the card I made and had at the top of my blog, I still have the card as my avatar and its also in the slide show on the left.

But I learned how to take the flowers off the pic and move them around and layer them. I just used a shading effect to get the back ground close to the color of the painted pearls flowers on my card.

I think it looks okay for now, but may end up changing it later. Im in the middle of some thing huge, and have no time to mess with it, but I did change the color of the titles and stuff so it matches a little better.

Getting ready for DH second Cochlear implant, pre op is Monday and surgery is Tuesday and he will be home for 3 weeks. Lord knows I love that man, but yall know how men are babies when they aren't feeling well, and he will be in pain and on meds for the first week or so. So you know how the next 3 weeks will be.

Have a great weekend, Announcement coming up soon!


Thursday, October 15, 2009

What a beautiful day!

One because im actually out of bed today, I have been in bed since Saturday with a bad cold. No not swine flu, I just get sick like this when I leave the house more then once a week. Im working on my 3rd box of puff plus tissues, But feeling a little better to get out of bed.

I saw the most beautiful thing this morning. I have been thinking of my Christmas cards for this year, and I want to do a cardinal. And I was just standing at the kitchen sink, and seen the brightest red Cardinal in my tree right by the window, So beautiful. I also see that my Hibiscus that have not bloomed at all this year are now in bloom.

Seeing these beautiful things this morning give me hope that im on the mend as I was able to get out of bed and see these beautiful things.

Now just need to clean my house that has been neglected for the past week. Man it dont pay to get sick. I still have several files to test cut and get working on my christmas card and finish wedding invitations.

Hopefully this weekend I will get caught up as we canceled our camping trip as im sick, and Monday starts our next few months of doctor visits, Monday is preop registration, Tuesday is surgery for DH second cochlear implant. He will be off work for 3 weeks. Wish him well.

Man, so much to do. So little time.

Back soon,

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Not So Crafty This Week!

Well, I was hoping today was the day to get out of bed, but it's not looking to good so far. I have been in bed since Saturday with the flu I think, but not 100% sure as, this happens every time I leave the house more then once in a week, and yep, I had lunch with scrapping friends 2 times last week, and went to the grocery store and Joanns. And now I'm paying for it, So it must be a CFIDS flair up. As no one else is sick I know.

So, I was hoping to post a free file for y'all this week, but I don't like to post with out test cutting first. I did have Nancy test cut it for me(Thank you so much Nancy, that was sweet of you), as I had some small parts and wanted to make sure they cut easy, But they didn't, so I changed the file but have not test cut it yet to make sure its easy to cut. So hopefully in a few days, I will get to it.

But while I'm laid up in bed, it gave me time to play with my KNK software and I made 4 Halloween overlays this week, Just need to test cut.

Im also still working on that big announcement. Its a big decision for me. So taking my time with it. I will keep you posted.

Back in a few days hopefully,

Thursday, October 8, 2009

How do you ship UPDATE

I did some checking online and a couple trips to the post office, and here's what I found out. This is what you need to ship a 12 x 12 layout for $4.95 or $4.80 online.

The post master said, to use 0-1092 Priority mail box (Not flat rate box) and leave it flat, and it will ship for $4.95 at post office or $4.80 online.

I think this one will also work and not be so big 0-1097 Priority mail box (Not flat rate box)

I also found about this letter template on this blog "Clearly I Stamp"

It helps you see if your cards are subject to surcharge. And it has a slot. You put your card through it, if it fits, its fine, if not, you pay a sure charge. This template is free at your local post office, but you helps if you print the picture, take it in and ask, if they dont have one, they will search for it and call you when they get one in, I went yesterday, they didn't have it, they found one and had it delivered to them, and called me this morning.

Got to love all the free stuff you get from the post office to help ship your items.

Hope y'all find this information helpful. I'm back to resting, this has been a rough week for me, my Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and asthma are acting up this week, so I'm extremely tired.

I need to test cut my 2nd over lay and finish working on the 3rd and 4th.

Happy crafting!

"Shout Out To SheetLoad"

Have you seen this months Sheet Load of Cards issue. All I can say is WOW! I loved my first issue last month, and love this month even more.

These issues give you the choice of making one card or making 10 at a time. It gives you all instructions on supplies needed to make either. And several sample cards made by some talented people.

Be sure to check them out,
Sharon M

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My New Stamps

Today I spent the day with my friend Jill, we went shopping and had lunch at our favorite place. I was really good and only bought 2 stamp set and one pack of black 12 x 12 card stock for a the 2nd Halloween overlay I made yesterday, I realized, I only have 8.5 x 11 card stock from my days of cutting on the craft robo, so looks like I will have to stock up If I keep making Overlays. LOL! I will have a free file for y'all after I get it test cut.

I think I told y'all before, I have an addiction to Inkadinkado stamp sets, One because, they have every thing from cute stamps to fancy stamps. I love the images that have big spaces to color.

Today I bought Inkadinkado 98973 "Beauty Stems from Here" On sale at Joanns.

I also bought a set of adorable christmas stamps. Man, I have a lot of Christmas stamps, but none like these. This is set Inkadinkado 99599 "Christmas Season"

NOTE: With this set, it only shows you 11 stamps, there are actually 20 stamps in this set. Not shown on any site. Also in this set is, Script "Merry Christmas" Scripts Happy Holidays", Candy cane, Holly leaf with berries, Vintage looking Santa, Vintage ornament, 2 snowflakes and a holly swirl. This set of 20 stamps was 12.99 at Michael's and with a 40% coupon it was 7.79. Not bad at all.

One other thing, have you noticed, there are not that many blogs that specialize in these Inkadinkado stamps. Why is that? When I get caught up on some things, I have in the works, I will start using all my INK sets and post them here so others will have examples. But if you find any blogs or links with samples using these Inkadinkado stamp sets. Please leave me a comment with the link to the blog.

Back to working on my 3 & 4th Overlays. Sneak peaks and announcement coming later in the week hopefully.

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

How do you ship

a 12 x 12 layout? I see them on ebay a lot and the shipping is pretty cheap like 4.00 but how do you ship those. Do they make some thing for 12 x 12.

Okay don't fall out of your chairs, but I'm asking because I'm thinking of Ideas for 12 x 12 layouts and want to know how to ship them.

Any one ever buy one off ebay or etsy, how did it arrive.