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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wedding Favor Tags

I was trying to make a Wedding Favor tag and debating on buying "JustRite stamps" but thought I would give it a try in MS Word, using word art, I even looked up some tutorials on step by step. And let me tell you, its not easy.

So I posted on my local scrapbooking group. Asking for help with MS Word. You all know Ileana from Paper threads Well, she is on our local group and said I should be able to get this done in KNK software.

So I got the trusty manual that Sandy wrote, (Which sits right next to my laptop every day) And started going page by page, and sure enough. I found what I needed. On page 42 in the Groove Maxx Manual 5.6 Fitting Text to Curves using the Fit Text to Arc function. It worked perfect.

I used the free scalloped circle file I posted last week for this, And just altered the size to fit my needs (Got to love that about KNK) You can't do that with one punch, you have to have several.

I did a print from KNK and it looks perfect, I have to say, that was pretty cool! Never done that before.

So I just did a screen shot with "KKC" (King Kong Capture)of the file in KNK with color on, so the names don't look real clear but they print just perfect.

This was my first try at this kind of thing, and have to say "It was really fun" I see many more tags in my future. LOL!

So what do you think of the Favor Boxes Tags designed in KNK.

I plan to cut out the sage scalloped circle, the cream circle and the white circle, and the to Sandy's Reverse print and cut trick. Wish me luck on that, Never done it before. But I trust Sandy's Advice.

The bell is from a font called DBFormal Affair from
"Lettering Delights". I just imported it in KNK and mirrored the image and welded to get 2 bells.

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Wedding Invitation Update

Yesterday we spent the day working on cutting the rest of the Wedding Invitation parts that could be cut on the KNK. So Far we have cut 420 parts on the KNK and 20 parts by hand, cut 2 sets of ribbons for each invitation. We still have to hand punch the border of each card, print all the information on all the cards, take picture of the couple for the card, and assemble every thing.

There is a lot of work in this card. Each card is pretty heavy. So its a good thing we only are making 20, Very small wedding. Very Immediate family and Very close friends, that's the way she wants it.

So far we have used:
30 sheets of 8.5 x 11 White Card weight cardstock
48 sheets of SU 8.5 x 11 cardstock
20 sheets of SU 12 x 12 cardstock
20 sheets of Bisque Satin paper
3 rolls of Organza ribbon
2 rolls of Satin ribbon

Don't ask how much this cost, I will just tell you it would of been cheaper to get a set of invitations at Joann's or Micheal's with a coupon, But my daughter wanted unique and personalized, So I'm happy to do it.

When you see the finished Invitation you will see why we used so much paper. It will be beautiful and still simple like she likes it, No cuttle bug allowed on these, Dang!

Here is a sample of the 8.5 X 11 paper I was cutting, notice there is no extra on these sheets, I used every available inch of this paper and every sheet we had.

And here is another example

So next we are working on the Wedding Dress, It has a long train but it does not bustle, it has a loop to hook on your wrist. And she don't like that, So we are going to make it bustle.

Then I have to get working on Wedding favors, 3 different ones. And a surprise. If she lets me I will post pictures. If not, Y'all will have to wait till March.


Monday, September 28, 2009

Free Spider Web KNK File

Last night I was working on a file for Halloween using Sandy's "Design your own spider web" video. You can read about it and see the video "HERE" and check out part 2 "Here".

I decided to post a piece of the file I was working on for now. (I will have more later from another file im working on) So here is spider web that sits in the corner, it has a little spider that sits on the web and one that hang. I used Black Diamond stickles on the spider and Xmas Red stickles for the eyes. Did I mention, I DONT LIKE SPIDER! But these are cute on paper.

Here is a peak at the finished file your getting. Using stickles.

And here is a finished pick of the hanging spider, he is not attached so you can hang him any where on your card or layout.

I know there are many spider webs out there already, but whats one more.
You can download the file "HERE" and the pass word is rsmobleysdesigns.

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Free Scalloped Half Circle KNK FIle

While working on converting my files, I found this one I made for a Recipe swap last year. Thought I would post it for y'all today.

You can resize to any size like for a 12 x 12 layout or for a card. This file is for a Half Circle with scallops with oval holes and includes 2 mats. Also I included a whole scalloped circle in this file, you can use as a journal tag, or put on a card with a stamped image, or to stamp your phrase.

Here is the Recipe swap I did using this file, it has just the scalloped half circle in it. Also, We call this Potato pot pie, but really its shepherds pie. We just mixed it all together when the kids were small so they wouldn't pick around the veggies. LOL! And they called it Potato pot pie, so there ya go.

If you want the file you can down load it HERE Password is rsmobleysdesigns

I would love to see what you do with this file. I will post it here if you give permisson to post your pic.

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

I'm looking for a SVG file tester

I have been working on converting all my files to other file types. And I use Inkscape to convert from KNK to GSD and have a SVG file in the process.

I know that the Cricut SCAL can use these, not sure what other programs can use that file type.

But I's looking for a File Tester that has experience working with SVG files. That can look at my file, test cut it, and give me suggestions on how to make it more usable.

One problem I cant remember to fix is how to get the insides of things to show with color on. This simple test file has this. So if you know how to fix it.

Please contact me at rsmobley 85 @ gmail. com (Note: NO SPACES in email)

Thanks for stopping by,

Scrapbook Storage is Done!

Okay, believe it or not, my scrap area in the dinning room is a lot better. Really it is.

Nothing stacked on the table, Only my cutters and pin holder nothing under the table, Every thing has a place, even a place for my Cuttle bug and all the dies and embossing folders I keep in the Paper sticker binder, check my scrapbook organization on the left to see that.

I even have a place for all my KNK and Robo mats, before they were on the table, and the cat kept laying on them, so then had to wash and respray them. Now they are on the top of the tall set of wire cubes on the right side of the picture.

I left the 3 cubes high in one section as its the perfect height for the scrap rack. The shelf we took out was wider then the cubes, so we had enough extra room to move them over, and put and extra row of cubes in for more storage.

I had to move my drawers as it was to wide, so moved my stamping station(the white shelves) on top of the 3 cart roller its the same width and now have the only magazines I kept (Paper Crafts Mag) because they are mostly cards. I am getting rid of all my scrapbook magazines, as I don't scrapbook. My Scrap paper organizer(File box) is on second shelf. Yes, I keep scraps , and use them all the time. I use these in my KNK or for punches before I grab a full piece of paper, I have them sorted by solid colors and then by pattern paper colors. And holiday papers. It really works good.

Moved the drawers next to the stamp shelf. it fits perfect there. I even have a place for my Scrap tool bag, that usual was on the floor some where. Its now on top. And I can now display the cards I make on top of the ink shelf. And I have a shelf for all the stuff I buy that needs to be organized, like cataloging every stamp I buy in a binder and finding a home for them. And all the new cuttle bug folders I just got, I need to label those and put them in a PSB binder, I think I'm ready for Binder #2. LOL!.

I do love my new scrap storage, it much neater and I can get more in there. This is a picture of the finished scrap area with all the cubes. Really it is much neater.

And this is a picture of my whole goal. Better storage organization and to hide it, as its in the dinning room and you see it the minute you walk in the door. Some day I will move it to the spare room. But it works good right here. I used 2 new sheets and cut up the middle to allow them to open or pull back, I use 2 curtain rods I had in the closet, I just bent the part that attaches to the hooks on the wall so they wrap around the wire cube, then used zip ties to hold in place, it works pretty good and the curtains slide across to open.

So what do you think, does it look better, I think it does.


Friday, September 25, 2009

What's Keeping Me Busy! Update1

My DH put all my cubes together for me and helped me move all my stuff around and I put every thing where I wanted it, although I worked 10 minutes and rested 1 hour, it took me all day yesterday and today to get that part done. I'm just really struggling these days between the bad Asthma and my heart not pumping fully, I get so winded so fast.

But any way, my scrap area look bigger, seems like I have more room, EVERY THING has a place now. Nothing but my Blue CraftRobo and my KNK Groove is on my table. Nothing stacked up under the table either. It looks a lot neater. So that part is done.

But if you know me and my OCD issues, I have to be extra organized, so I have to label all the new bins my DD bought for me yesterday. And also sew a curtain for the front of the storage bins to hid every thing. I will take a pic now before and then again after Curtains.

Tell me, How is it that when you start organizing one thing, it turns in to the whole house, Yesterday, My DH decided to rearrange my kitchen, Don't know what that was about, but it works, he moved all the pans from the bottom cabinet to a higher up cabinet so I dont have to bend. Wasn't that thoughtful. He moved my 2 door brown shelf from my scrap area to the kitchen, and now using it as a pantry to hid all the paper towels and stuff that was on top of the fridge and the stand up freezer, He knows how things out of place bother me. You see, 3 years ago we sold our house, and moved from a 3k square foot house to a 1600 sq foot mobile homes, so we have stuff every where. LOL! We gave a lot to my son when he moved.
And working on downsizing again and giving stuff to my DD when she moves after the wedding.

Off to rest and work on labels and curtains, Will update with pics soon.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

What's Keeping Me Busy!

Organizing Again! Will it ever end?

I'm on a roll converting my KNK files to GSD. About 3 a night. I have a lot to go yet. I'm having trouble converting my GSD to KNK so if I don't figure out how to convert them better, I'm just going to recreate in KNK and convert to GSD. Does that make sense?

Oh, I did buy a TH ruler at Micheal's yesterday, I'm not a huge TH fan, most his stuff is to wild for me, but I love his ruler, and a few other things like Alcohol inks, and stuff, Im just not to wild about all his metal embellishments or Stamps. Just not my style.

I would love to get the cube storage system that Jenn posted on her blog, She got them from Ikea for $200 but its just not in my budget any time soon. So I took my brown 2 door cabinet out of my dinning room scrap area, and just going to add 2 sets of 6 wire cubes to the set of 6 I already have. So this way, more will match and I can just put a white sheet over the front to hide every thing. I only had to buy one set of Wire cubes as I already had a set in the spare room not being used. So total cost $14.

Here is a pic of before.

I will post a new pic when Im done, hopefully by the weekend, my area is a mess with every thing out of the closet. I need to get it done so we can work on invitations next week, and post a sneak peak.

Happy Organizing

So Many Blog!!!!!

I'm so lost in the blogging world. I'm looking at so many blogs to see what fits me and my style. I have a few I'm watching, some I'm playing with, and others I'm still looking for. I have singed up for so many newsletters, and subscribed and following so many I'm now lost and having to create mail rules in outlook express and setting up folders in Google reader.

I have a couple sketch blogs I'm going to try. I have a couple digi stamps sites I'm trying.

But yet, I'm still looking for a place that fits me. I came to the conclusion, I should look for blogs to go with the stamps I have the most of. Okay, so I have an addiction for Inkadinkado stamp set, especially when I get them at Joann's @ 40% off so that's only like $5-$6 a set. Which works for me as I'm on a no scrap budget.

But so far. I'm not finding to many blogs using these stamps. If y'all have any links to blogs or forums using INK stamps.

Please let me know. I would love to see ideas using these stamps.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How Exciting!

My card was posted along with several other great cards on the Whimsie Doodles blog.

I love these digi stamps. As soon as I get caught up on some thing, I plan to buy some more images from them.

Today was a busy day, we did some wedding shopping, got some great deals at Joanns, they had the flyers wtih all those 40% off coupons and they let you use them all, so we used 8 coupons today and saved close to $40.00

Then went to a dress shop to look at Brides maid dresses, We looked at fabric samples, color samples, then looked at catalogs to match the color and fabric, then looked at actual dressing in those. They had One dress we picked in the catalog and found a dress we liked better that was not in the catalog and one dress they didnt even have. So making a decision is pretty hard. So thinking about it for a few day, as we have to get the order it, it takes 10 weeks to get the dresses in. Going to do other checking and see what we find close to the ones she likes.

Did I mention how tired I am, pooped is more like it. Off to rest and work on converting more files.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Core'dinations Color Cardstock

What do you think about Core'dinations card stock.

Is it a must have. I like the sanding and tearing effect. I do this with other paper and cat eye inks, but this would save a step.

How do you know what kind to get, is there one better then the other? Let me know what you think about this stuff. I'm looking to order some. And want some reviews first.

Oh, I may have an announcement later this week, And no, I'm not going to be a grandma yet. So keep checking.

EDIT: Sorry, link didn't work,

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hang In There!

I made this card for my Father-In-Law. He has had a lot of medical problems, He has been fighting cancer and now just had surgery for a perforated bowel. So made him this card with this adorable digital stamp from Whimsie Doodles Digital Stamps you can check out there blog here. This turtle is "This bud's for you".

This is my first digital stamp, and I have to say, I like it. I also figured out I have an addiction to sewing my cards, to me, they just don't look done with out that little feature. I borrowed a friends TH ruler, and yes, I have to get one. Thanks a ton Jill.

Isn't this turtle the cutest thing you ever saw!

I made a KNK file for the log, and printed 4 images of the turtle, so I could piece him to make it look like he is hanging on the log (Hang In There!). I left him with the rose and used stickles (yes another addiction). I colored the turtle with Tombow Markers, and did water coloring on this image. Used pop dots to give dimension to the head,arms,legs and rose.

The blue paper is from paper adventures. And I used Kelly's tip on using the swirls cuttle bug folder. Stamped the trees in back with half a stamp from Inkadinkado. The bottom sea grass is 2 stamps both from Inkadinkado (oh Yeah! this is another addiction, I have a lot of Inka stamps). Just stamped at different heights with 2 SU inks, Mellow Moss and Certainly Celery. Ribbon and punch, and Saying I printed on computer. Another of Kelly's tips. And I just love it. I never have the right saying stamps and now I do.

In this picture, you see a black marker, I only used that to run along the edges of the cut out image. so it hides any little white spots from cutting out of white paper. Gives the edges a clean look.

Stamps: Inkadinkado 96438 (2&3 of 3), 4 tree stamp Inkadinkado 93174 x
Ink: SU Mellow Moss and Certainly Celery
Markers: Tombow N15, 772, 723, 942, 026, 126, 133, 076, 098
KNK Groove: Log File
Other supplies: Fiskars lg and xl oval punch, Needle & Thread, Score Tape. TH Ruler. Paper trimmer

EDIT: Sorry for a re post, I just proof read this and man, my spelling is bad, and I don't catch it if spell check don't. Still trying to figure out how to edit with out re posting. Any clues?

What Im Working on!

Well, I am trying to convert my KNK files to other formats and its not going so well for some reason, I have done this before, but it was about a year ago. But I have not played with inkscape in a year and it appears I have forgot every thing. Which does not suprise me. My memory is so bad. Lets just say, "Im not allowed to leave the house by myself".

If yall have any suggestions on how to convert a KNK to GSD, EPS, SVG, AI with out using inkscape, Im all ears.

So the past few days, have been rough and its holding up the conversion process. So im going to take a break from it and make a card for my father-in-law that just had surgery. Will post that when I get done.

Have a great day! Woo hoo! weekend is almost here.

Oh, We did our first booking for a camping trip in Oct. One month to go.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Paper or Stamp First?

Im trying to get back in to the groove of crafting again. And have figured out a few things. Im working on a couple of things to help me a little more. But I just thought of a question while looking at some stamped cards.

So here it goes: When working on a card

Do you pick your stamp image first?

And if you do, Do you pick your paper and color your image to match the paper.


Do you color your image first and and find paper to go with it.

I tried picking paper first, then picking and coloring the image and it didnt look so good, so had to choose a couple different paper to go with the colors I already colored.

So just wondering if y'all have any suggestions for me. Picking pattern paper is so hard for me, I think because, I don't buy paper kits or buy a lot from a lines of paper. So I'm working on that with some help from a good friend.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

I Love My Score Tape!

I read about this on the SCS forum, and how every one likes it better then the Red Line tape. This tape is as strong and you can tear it with your fingers and there is no static cling so if working with beads, they wont stick to your fingers.

So I decided to give it a try, so ordered some for my daughters wedding invitations for the one pocket. Well, I tried it yesterday on the card I posted a few post back. And it held wonderfully. Usually when I sew paper, its hard to get it to stick to the card stock. Not this time.

And whats great is, you get 27 yards on one roll. And the cheapest place I found it is at Scrap booking Alley and right now its on sale for $3.45 for the 1/4 tape (most popular size) and even better, No tax or shipping. This only last till end of Sept so go get it now.

I think I like it better then my ATG gun.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Thank You Sandy!

Today I was working on a file and I needed to make sure, the sizes of the template were noted to keep the file the same size. I was using the Notes function which I love. But I needed some of the measurements to be side ways.

So I asked Sandy about this and she has a great way to do it using the the Object Dimensions Icon instead. She even made a video of how to use it. Check it out here.

Thank you Sandy for all you do for us so we love our machines as much as you do.


Bushels Of Blessings

I started this card yesterday and didn't like the paper, so left it, changed it out this morning. Stamped and colored my image, and still didn't like the paper, so chose a 3rd. I do like this one, I hope y'all do as well.

I made this card to enter the Sheet load Fall Challenge. This is my first sheet load card, and first entry card.

I hand sewed the outer frame. I have got to get a Tim Holtz ruler or the SU Mat Pak as how im doing it now, is a little hard. So this is what I do, I get a foam craft sheet, a ruler and a paper piercer. I mark the 1/4 from the edges, then start making the holes punching every 1/8 mark. It works pretty good if your paying attention. Note, if your not, you miss the right mark and your holes are off, cant tell you how many times that has happened. LOL!. Then I used metallic thread doubled up and a needle to sew the edges.

Here is my card: (I used my new light tent box to take these, they dont look to bad)

Here is what I used some things not in pic.

Versafine Onyx Black ink
Stamp is by Great Impressions #J42
Tombow markers 055, 076, 126, 847, 946, 977, 990, 991, 992, 993.
Fiskars Oval squeeze punch-Large and Xlarge
Cardstock is DCWV, Joann
Score Tape, Brads, Rhinestones
Dont know who pattern paper or Ribbon is by

Hope you like it as much as my Dear Husband does.


KNK Groove and Chipboard

Today I learned how to cut chipboard on my KNK Groove with the help of Sandy and some other nice folks on the KNK Maxx group.

I used the blue cap blade and a pressure of 100 and it cut pretty thick chipboard like butter I did 2 cuts the first time to make sure it went through, but the next time, I did just one pass cut, and it still cut like butter.

I don't know the weight of the chipboard I used, but I can tell you this. I used a Iams Dog bone box. Yes, I do save all our dry food boxes, like cereal, Instant potatoes, hamburger helper boxes. And for even more thicker boxes, I save the frozen casadia boxes, they are really sturdy. And make great books for the Bind it all.

Hey, when you are on a no scrap budget, you have to make due and you recycle at the same time.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Light Tent

I mentioned before, I'm having lighting issues with taking pictures. We swapped out all our light bulbs to those energy efficient funny looking bulbs. Although they work good, they don't give good lighting when taking pictures.

So I did some looking and found directions to make a cheap Light tent. Its a box with a light on top. And it lights up the box inside so you can take good pictures with out any thing in the back ground.

Its pretty easy to make, but it took me 4 days, because I did a little part every day as I have had no energy the past week. So im taking it easy and just trying to get some energy back, this happens when you have CFIDS. Maybe next week will be better. And I will be able to make some cards and see how well the box works.

Here is the link to the directions on how to make the "Light Tent".

If you make one or have made one before and used it. Let me know how well it turns out.


Monday, September 7, 2009

Digi Stamp Organization?

I know I have been out of the crafting loop since we started working on our camper. But now that im trying to get back in to it with Wedding invitations, and designing KNK files.

I have heard a lot about this Digi stamp thing. I think this could be good for me, as im on a no scrap buying budget with DH job cut back. I found some cut blogs with free digi stamps and am going to be adding these links to the side of this every thing crafting blog.

I know with KNK files, we organize them by themes as each file has information either in the file name or in the file itself on who made it.

I just received my first digi stamp and its a Jpeg. And I want to know how we are to organize these, as they dont have information like who its by. SO do we store by designer. Or by theme, I would hate to use an image and not know where it came from.

So how do you organize your digi stamps?

Also, what program do you use with these, do you just print the pic, or use paint, or what? I need to do more reading on this new to me craft.


Friday, September 4, 2009

Card Sketches

I need some inspiration to get me going again on some cards. And would like to add a bunch of links to my side bar.

So if y'all have links to card sketches you just love, let me know and I will add them to my side bar.

Also you can add scrapbook layouts as well, I will make a section for those as well.

Thanks for stopping by.