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Monday, August 31, 2009

I Need a New Blog Counter

I'm in search of a new blog stat counter. I don't know if you can see mine on the left or not, half the time its not there. So I don't know if it even keeps the correct count.

So I'm looking for a new Free blog stat counter, with reports, like what search brought people to your blog, what locations people are from, how many hits per day, peak times and stuff. This is why I liked blog patrol but half the time, it wont show on my blog.

If you have a free blog stat counter you love, please leave me a comment and let me know so I can check it out.


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Paper Circle Ball File

I have seen several of these made in to Christmas ornaments, and as Flowers or Trees stuck in a cute Flower pot. So I decided to make a KNK file as there are lots of circles. And with the KNK file, you can re-size it to what ever size you need. This one makes a 5 1/2 wide ball.

Here is my first try, it turned out pretty good, Still working on the light issues. I added stickles to all the flower dots, it pretty in person, If I can get a better picture, I will change it out.

Hope you like it.

This is my first shared free file. So I hope it goes okay, let me know if you have any problems downloading it
This file is now available in my store RM00006 Paper Circle Ball Ornament

How To Do it yourself!

If you would like to try this on your own, its super simple. Here is how.
Open KNK, Select the shape tool icon on the left. Select the circle and make a circle shape. Click off

At the top. 2 middle boxes, Change the number to what ever size you want. This file is 3 inches. So enter 3.00 and 3.00. You should now have a 3 inch round circle.

Go back to the shape tool, select the Polygon shape. Make a Polygon. The top 2nd box, you should see a number 5 change that to 3 and click off. You should now have a Triangle. And move it over circle.

You will have to drag the corner square to size the triangle so that it just touches on all 3 sides.

Now, to cut. You click the triangle and change color, lets say Red. Then at the top, double click the red box, this will open a window. Check the Pounce box at the bottom and enter these setting recommended by Sandy McCauley. Dash 0.07 Space 0.15 and click change.

You should now see a Red dashed Triangle. If so, you can now cut it.

Line up the circles on your sign blank, you need 20 so use the array function, you may have to cut them several times to get 20. When I cut it, I cut the dashed lines first (I guess from my Robo days, LOL) But I know you can do both at same time in KNK Maxx.

Hope you give it a try, it really is pretty easy. I just gave you lots of information to help you understand.


Friday, August 28, 2009

Sneak Peak!

Here is a sneak peak at part of the monogram frame. Does it look familiar? We are using the Fiskars lace boarder punch on the card, and my DD wanted 2 frames to match, but we don't have this pattern in a corner punch, Im not even sure they make one do they?

So what do you do, You punch a piece of black card stock, download it to your computer, Import in to KNK and trace it. Then use the Ginsu knife to cut it apart and use the parts as needed. So we now have a couple frames in the card to match the front boarder. Still need the letter and bottom mat, but waiting on that card stock to come in. So im about as done and I can get till that comes in.

Pic not so good, Bad light issues. but you get the idea. This frame for the mono gram is only 2 1/4 x 2 1/4, the lace part was a bit tricky to cut and pick out as its real small, but looks good to me.


Another Day of Cutting!

I'm a day behind, as Wed, I developed some kind of itching rash, my hands were so itchy, so I took some benadryl. And I guess it don't work well with my 2 asthma meds. Man was I sick, dizzy, weak and sleepy. So I'm better today. So got to work.

I cut 6 parts total of 120 pieces today, it was pretty challenging. I had bought this pack of paper from Big Lots for 2.00 about a year ago. Its all the same, but I knew I would use it for some thing great. So my daughter loved it, its Cream in color, but has a shiny satin look to it. Its called "Bisque Satin - Belle Bouquet" by Paper Adventures. There were 19 sheets in the package, I needed 20. I looked all over the net, found pink and lavender in this same paper but no cream.

So I had to do some maneuvering of the file images to use the little space left to make a piece of the card on each of the last few sheets. But I got it done. Enough for 20 with no scraps left, Whew!

Here is pic of the 12 x 12 to show you how important it is to know how to do the orientation of the blade on the KNK. You can cut right to the edge of the paper. Not the greatest pic, I need to change the light bulbs over my table. But you get the idea of the pattern in the paper, its really a pretty cream color.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Day of Cutting On My KNK Groove!

Today, I started cutting parts of my Daughters Wedding Invitations that I have on hand. We ordered some Stampin Up card stock last Saturday and waiting for that to come in about 2 weeks. So far today I cut 7 parts each one times 20, good thing its a really small Wedding, It was originally 50 Invitations now only 20. I have 16 parts times 20 left to cut. Yes there are a total of 23 parts just to cut. This is not including, the printing, Picture, 2 colors of Ribbon and Velcro tab and the punched border. I will cut 2 more parts tomorrow, then will have to wait for SU card stock to come in.

Let me tell you, This would of been a ton of cutting by hand, and cant even tell you how much room for error there is in that cutting. But Im so happy to say, I didnt do it by hand! I made a KNK file for 22 parts of the 23 parts to cut. The main card has to be cut by hand, because it needs the full 12 x 12 cardstock. (Its a trifold card.

I had to do several "Test" cuts so I could make sure the blade adjustment, pressure and speed were just perfect. I am using a paper I have never cut. (Georgia Pacific 110 wt "Card" Card stock, Pressure on 250 and it cut perfect). If you have a KNK machine, I really suggest you use the test button, its better then wasting a whole piece of paper and have to redo it. I use Scraps of paper to do the test, its either a Triangle or a Rectangle cut on your machine. Then make a note of your setting per what brand, thickness weight and color of the paper. You need pressure setting. Speed depends on how detailed your image is.

I'm still learning the Trailing and Over cut thing on the KNK. I'm getting better at it. But I do miss my Craft Robo and KNK GE, you didn't have to adjust these things.

I did learn some thing new today with this machine. I always had this problem with cutting multiple things at one time, the cutter blade would travel and cut where ever on the paper. So I was reading the manual, and tried the "Select by vector" feature, and it worked wonderfully.

But, I have to say, I love my KNK Groove, It is super easy to use, the software is wonderful. And it has made this project super easy.

In fact, since I can only cut 2 more parts tomorrow. Im going to try some thing else I seen, make a file, cut it and see if my daughter likes it. She is very picky and not girly so its hard to get these things done. lol I also found this pattern for the 3 tiers wedding cake card box. And wanted to make it, but she don't want it. Who knows, Maybe I will make it any way, and maybe she will love it. LOL!


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

1st Grade Card

I made this card for my special little niece. She starts 1st grade this year. Seems like just yesterday she was born and now she is a big girl. I spent her first 3 months of life with her and my SIL. They live in NY still and I miss them very much.

Front of Card

Inside with picture frame

I made the card front with paper from DCWV paper stack, The words on front are Typist font by Quickutzs, dont know who the tag is by, it was in my "scrap rack". Inside is more DCWV paper and, tiny brads and Words, Jensyn 1st Grade, is a easy KNK file I made and cut on my "KNK Groove". If you want to know any thing about this software or machine, Contact Sandy McCauley. She is wonderful and has so much knowledge.

I stitched the front by hand using this cool new tool I picked up on clearance at Walmart for $2.00 for both (usually 8.99 for both). They are "Cutter Bee Bug paper piercers". I knew they were for piercing paper. The package says to use on soft foam or mouse pad. But had no clue they would work on my "Score Pal". And they did, they worked great, the single you can use on any line. the double you use on the #2 and its gives you a double line 1/8 apart. Then you just get needle and thread and hand sew. Its a lot easier then digging the sewing machine out of the closet every time.

Score Pal and Cutter Bee piercers.

Front card pierced

Back of pierced card

Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Baby is Getting Married!

We are very happy to announce that our daughter is getting married. Wedding date is set for March. They have been dating for 2.5 years and he his a wonderful young man. He has waited for her to finish high school and Tech school. He gave her promise ring for Christmas, and the day she finished Tech school, he asked her to marry him.

We are very happy to have him as part of our family, although Daddy is having a little trouble with his baby girl growing up. But he has a great time Fishing and Hunting with Hector.

This is a older picture of the two of them from last year. This is a scrap book page I had made in a album I made for them for Christmas. The Vine Frame is a KNK File I made. Picture was takes at the zoo.

My Daughter asked me to make her Wedding Invitations so they would be home made and personal. So she found a template on line for a try fold card, I changed it up to fit our needs. Im now making it in to a KNK file, so there is no room for error cutting all the cards and mats. Just ordered the card stock in the perfect shades of Sage. So this is my next project. Look for pictures later.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's been a while

Since I have posted on this blog, Its been a busy few months around here, with my husbands Cochlear ear implant, all the tunings, Next surgery is in 6 weeks, I have been sick but getting better finally. I have been keeping up with my Camping and gardening blog as we were working on the pop up. But since that's about done. I think im headed back to crafting as I have a new project to work on.

I wasn't to sure, I missed scrapping, and I didn't. As I don't work well with pictures, but I look at it not as scrapping, but as crafting and card making, (No pics req. LOL!). So we will see how well that goes.

I hope to be posting crafty stuff to this blog soon.