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Friday, March 27, 2009

Birthday Card

I received a beautiful Birthday card from a friend, Kelly Mahany (Now Landers). You all know her from "The Wishblading Well". If you haven't been by her blog "My Bucket Overfloweth!. You really should stop by. She is so talented, and all her cards are so amazing. She just won the cuttle bug blog challenge and posted a really cute free KNK file for every one.

I love the colors she used in this Birthday card. Purple and lime green work so well together. A few years ago, I got another Birthday card from a different friend, and it was also my favorite, guess what colors, yep, Purple and green. lol!

Thank you so much for the card Kelly, and the nice note inside, Im glad we keep in touch as well.

I stopped celebrating my birthday 2 years ago when I turned 40. Geez! that means I'm now 42. I feel 65 and look it with all this gray hair. And no grand babies yet. I'm still waiting for that. Next week is my 24th wedding anniversary, we were going to the beach for a week, but Hubby is saving his vacation for his Cochlear ear implant, he just got approved and is waiting for the surgery date. So we will have to plan 2 weeks at the beach for next year, our 25th anniversary. Woo hoo!, I love the beach.