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Monday, December 28, 2009

Wedding Invitations are DONE!

Ha, Made you look! LOL! (Sorry, no pictures!)

Okay, so we finished the Wedding Invitations today.  Sandy's Reverse Print and Cut worked wonderful. And man, are they heavy, they have many layers. Have to see how much they cost to mail. Good thing we are only mailing 2. The rest are hand delivered.

Alright, so as you may have guessed, this is not a traditional wedding, My Daughter and Fiance are Country and Western, like to hunt, every friday is Bonfire night with all the friends you can gather. This is a small wedding for all their close friends, and just the parents of the bride and groom. That's how they want it.

I can tell you, this will  NOT be like those Red Neck weddings you see on TV. It will be nice and casual evening wedding. With lots of lights and candles.

I can't tell you all the details, I have been sworn to secrecy till after the wedding.   I can't share any pictures of the invitations, Flowers, or any thing else we are making till after. So in about 2.5 month, I can post pictures, and I can list the file for the Wedding Invitations in the store.  

One invitation was given out last night, and they loved it, and said, they should of had us make theirs last year. So that's a good sign.  LOL!

Does any one know where to find embossed white wrapping paper, I bought some last year to wrap the friends wedding present in, and it was beautiful and now, cant find it any where, I think it was made by hallmark.  I need it for a project, and cant find it any where. Still looking.

Have a great night, off to work on some thing else.

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Ret said...

This sounds excited Sharon & with the candles and all, I know it will be very beautiful. Can't wait until you can share!! hehe