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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Shades of Blue and Yellow!

Change of plans for today, since we woke up to frost on the car.  We decided, it was not a good day for the beach.   So I went some where I have never been instead.  And let me tell you, I was in heaven, even though I couldn't make to see the whole thing.

Where Did I go?  You guessed it, IKEA.

  Wow, what an amazing place.  First we, went up stairs and ate lunch, then down stairs to shop in the Market place.  I couldn't believe how cheap the prices were.  I was a good girl. I only spent $19 plus lunch.  I bought a big blue Ikea bag for .59 great for the beach, LOL!  A new trash can for my scrap table, pack of 3 cork trivets to set hot pans on, 2 packs of 24 cream color floating candles and a pack of nice white napkins for Daughters wedding. 

I would of loved to seen the whole place, but I couldn't walk it. I asked if they had scooters, but they dont, But she did tell me they have wheel chairs, but my arms aren't strong enough to move myself with my fibromyalgia.  So we only did the bottom floor, and will do the next floor next time.

But I had fun, and loved that place.  Now only if I had the funds to really enjoy it, LOL!

Be on the look out for some Awesome News Soon!

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