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Friday, December 11, 2009

JustRite Stampers Storage

If you are like me,  you love Justrite Stampers, and have collected many sets.  Well, in the past month, I have bought my first 6 sets and some will be here tomorrow. 

So I figured I better get them organized, as most come in blister packs, and no way to keep them together after they are open.

I got to thinking about it, and decided to incorporate it in to my current stamping system.  Using the clear DVD cass.  And it works beautifuly. This is how they look inside the case. this is 2 different cases just to show you how they fit.  I used score tape on the back, and the stamps stick to it. 

I then cut the front package to fit the front of the case, and used double sided tape to adhear to the inside. So I know what the stamps are.

Then I used my lable machine to put the name of the set and the size block it needs on the side.

I can now stand them up on th shelf with the rest of my stamps. I have in these Super Jewel Box King DVD Cases.(4th one down on that page)  the more you order the cheaper per case they are.

And when, im ready to pack up and go to my friend Jill C.  House,  I put them in this cool carry case I got on clearance at walmart for 3.00.  All my justrite stamps, blocks and fonts fit, even room for embossing powders, cards, heat gun.  Oh, The white label on the wood stampers, I put on there the size font it will take on the outside,  the one in the picture shoes 6pt. & 15 pt border.  Others say, all size font center, design border only.

How do you like my Justrite stampers storage.  How do you store yours.

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