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Thursday, December 10, 2009

How to make your own Holly Berrie KNK file Tutorial

Here is how I do it,  Turn on grid, turn on snap to grid, select the pencil icon select first, (Edit Node), and make one point, go up click, over click, and back down click, and continue around, so it matches the top. (Pic 1) With snap to grid on, it will place the nodes perfect.  

Next, click apply, select the image, go to arrange, convert to polyarc (pic 2) now your nodes are circles,

and just start draging the lines in to your likeing,  (pic 3)

Now copy and paste, to make second leave, you can rotate, and weld if you like (pic 4) turn off snap to grid.  Select your color.

Circles, select circle tool,  make one circle, copy and past to make 2 others same size.  Select your color (Pic4)

Turn on fill,turn off grid,  to see your finished product, and move berries.

If you want, mat,  select whole image, Tranform, out line,  check the box, outline,  and click the up arrow, make sure you select a different color. and you will see your mat grow. 

 Password is: rsmobleysdesigns_IAGTU
Down load file here HollyBerries 


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Caroline said...

Thanks for the great tutorial, I was only thinking of this yesterday, so great timing! thanks for the freebie