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Monday, December 14, 2009

Chrstmas Ornaments and Freebie file

Hope you all had a great weekend,  I was pretty busy making new ornaments for my Christmas tree and then working on the homemade Wedding Invitations. now half done.

I seen this posted on one of the KNK groups. And just fell in love with them, So had to give it a try. And have to say, it was really easy, and I think they turned out beautiful.
Here is the website that was posted on the KNK group. Crafty Gift Glitter Ornaments

I used Clear glass ornaments with a iridescent glow, White ribbon with clear beads already on it, Sheer organza ribbon, White vinyl to cut the words. Future floor wax and Martha Stewart Blue, Silver and White iridescent fine glitter.

I did this and made 12 and all went well on first try, So I will tell you what I did.

I bought the 4 packs of clear bulbs at Michael  50% off.
Take the plastic cover off and sit the bulbs upright in the tray.
Remove the clip and cap, carefully.
Squirt some "Future Floor Wax" in side one bulb.

Swirl around with thumb or tape over then, sit in try, for a second, to let the floor wax run to the bottom, then swirl again, making sure you don't Shake or you will get bubbles.

After the second swirl, pour in to the next bulb and wait for it to stop dripping.

Then immediately pour in your glitter, make sure you use enough.

Cover the top with tape and your thumb.  Shake and turn till all is coated.  Set in tray.

Now take the one in tray with "Future Floor Wax"  swirl, set in tray till it drains to bottom, swirl again, pour in to next clear bulb till it stops dripping,

Take ornament with glitter in it, and pour the excess in to the one you just swirled.  And shake, Add more glitter if need be.

Continue. Till your done.

 Some other tips.  Get the big jars of MS glitter, One will do several ornaments, and still have left over.  If you use the little bottles that come in the sets.  One whole bottle will only do 4 with tiny bit left over.   Use fine glitter or the nest size up, but don't use regular chunky glitter.

For the ribbon with the beads, I bought it at Michael in the bead section, its like 9 feet or some thing. Use a coupon on it.  Take a hot glue gun, put glue around the cap, attach the ribbon, and go around, mine only had 3 strands of beads around, So I cut it off, and moved around and places the beads center of the ones on there, and hot glue the ribbon on, so now I have 6 strands of beads and looks better.

Then take 2 strands of ribbon, and make a bow. and one more to make the hanger,

If you want to put vinyl words on your ornaments, I suggest doing that first.  Before you glitter.

I have included the file I made with the words on my ornaments.  Now, I have only cut these in vinyl and it was a little tricky to weed and apply, so go slow, and use caution.

RM00106 Ornament Vinyl Words  Freebie , AI, GSD, KNK, MTC,  SVG &WPCv14  (File Now In Store Here)

I love how these look, so think  I will cut out of paper and edit if needed,  and will post that later.

Hope you make some and post back.

Thanks for stopping by!

I hope this is easy for you to understand, Sorry, I forgot to take step by step pictures.  If I make some more, I will take some pictures.

EDIT: This file now in store.


Caroline said...

Thanks for the freebie, gorgeous project!

Jill said...

Another beautiful project Sharon. Thanks for the free file- I know your tree is just spectacular with these on them!

Lisa Avolio said...

They are beautiful. Your instructions were easy for me to understand. Now I'll have to go shopping!

Cherbear said...

Beautiful ornaments and excellent instructions. Thank you for the word files!