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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Files : Hunting, Camping, Fishing Decals

I just added some new files to store today. I personally love these. I had some request from the really outdoors loving guys in my family. So I got to work on a few.

I have some other in mind, so if you have any request, Let me know.
Click the title of the picture to purchase these files.
Each file Includes: KNK, AI, GSD, WPCv14, SVG and My Vinyl Instruction Sheet.

The 4 I loaded today are:

Turkey Fever

Deer Scene

I'd Rather Be Fishing

I'd Rather Be Camping

Im still looking for creative team members. So if you use my files, send me a picture with approval to use, and I will send you a free file of your choice.

Please do not copy or trace my files. All pictures, files, project are covered by my TOU.

Sorry for the repost, I forgot to check the links to make sure they were working. Goog think I checked, 2 had one to many spaces. All working now.

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Kelly Landers said...

All these look great!! The scenery on the deer one is my favorite! But of course I love the I'd Rather be camping one too, because frankly I would rather be camping right now!! LOL!

Sharon said...

Aw! Thank you Kelly, I know, I'd Rather Be Camping right now as well. Dont look like its going to happen till spring. Im working on another file, can you guess what it is, LOL!